Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones

Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones

I had these headphones for about 2 years till I lost them and was trying to find the specific very same ones, they work fantastic for me while working; as soon as you put them on you forget they are even there (constantly set the volume low to prevent issue to your hearing and remain knowledgeable about your environments, simply stating).

Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones

Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones

I like the fact that they do not have a sponge on the speaker because the sponge gets damp with sweat, they never ever harmed my ears as reported by others possibly since I do not attempt to put them too far into the ear, simply let the speaker sit loosely near the ear canal believe me, it’s not going to move, the cable is a little long and needed to connect a knot to reduce it however besides that they are best,

I simply purchased my 3rd & 2nd set of these headphones/earphones to change the initial set I purchased 2 years back in a retail shop (and for which I paid 40% more). I discover them extremely comfy to use for prolonged durations of time (cycling, strolling, lawn work, and so on). I likewise like to “open” function of these as they sit simply at the ear canal opening without the stuffy sensation that earbuds can frequently provide.

I do desire excellent noise with good highs and significant bass without being “boomy”; these earphones carry out completely in that regard. They likewise supply clear noise while still enabling you to be mindful of other noises occurring around you.

Merely put, this is the finest set of headphones I’ve ever utilized ever. The noise is clear and it fits in your ear snuggly and does not fall out when working out.

These little headphones aren’t bad at all! The strong one-piece rubbery plastic ear loops are a much better design than the Sony ones that broke. The headphones are comfy to use and they do not fall off no matter how much I move around.

I was interested in this type of headphone since I got ill of my earbuds continuously falling out in the middle of runs. After checking out some reviews, I chose that I didn’t require to toss a lot of cash at “higher-end” headphones, and the reviews of this design made it clear that if I was going to go with a low-cost set, this was the one.

I’ve not had any concerns with these headphones. The idea of having something behind my ear had me stressed that I’d continuously feel it, however after a couple of minutes of using these I forgot they were there.

I left my glasses on and then simply put the headphones on over. Now, I’m not an audiophile (and if you are, ideally you do not trouble with reviews of $7 headphones), however I’m pleased with the noise of these headphones. The bass is simply all right, however that’s great by me.

I was worried that the headphones might not be long lasting, which is why I waited to publish a review. I’ve had mine for about 6 months, and I’ve not had any problems. I do not see any wear and tear that recommends that these are going to head out anytime quickly.

They remain in my ears the whole time and are reasonably comfy in light of there being no cushioning, however that does not trouble me. I had my last set for about 3 years, and the noise in one of the ears just recently provided method.

This is without a doubt the very best set of headphones a runner might request. The cable has lots of slack so you’re not pulling on anything as you move. Since the design does not have the tough support to loop around your head, I’m able to keep them loosely in my bag, and still not have anything large in there using up excessive space.

I’m not a “hardcore audiophile” however I’ve owned at one point or another nearly every significant headphone brand name’s finest midrange headphones as well as a range of high end amp and dac options for listening to music. That’s actually all I do in my complimentary time is find music, so think me when I state I care about great audio.

At $~ 6 a set you might virtually think about these “non reusable” by contrast to almost everything else. If you live a way of life that discovers you in positions where good earbuds might get lost or harmed (or even taken) these are one of my all time preferred “worth item” discoveries

They cover perfectly around each ear in a method that looks extremely natural. Second, they have finest well balanced noise of all 4 sets.

Where the skull candy flops around, these stay put nicely through typical movement. I do not believe they would be completely protect for extreme exercises, however many daily movement with them will be great, and they are definitely safer and secure than any plain earbuds I have actually ever attempted.

I have medium-sized ears, and these were an ideal fit. I’m quite sure these would fit both bigger and smaller sized ears however, as the earpiece essentially turns up until it is in contact with your ear, then remains put.

If the rubber funnels can make the low-cost tiny speakers of earbudssound as great as Sony, then envision exactly what they might do with my Philips earphones! I moved the little rubber funnels on the exterior of these, and put them in my ears.

Earbuds sort of push in on the entryway to your ear hole and that can get aching if you have to keep pressing them in. These sit outside of your ear hole and let simply the tiniest ideal quantity of street sound in so you can hear peopleand bikes and whatever.

This item is likewise good due to the fact that they remain protected on your ears due to the hook design. If you’re regular a simply desire a great set of earphones that’ll last you some time and still have great quality noise, order up!

The cable that comes with the headphones is long enough to extend from the PC to my chair, however not so long as they hang down and end up being an annoyance. And most importantly, the air vents on the ear bud piece produce a remarkable sound quality and clearness. There is little to no “muffling” or that “talking-inside-a-drum” noise.

The mike is just required rarely and the shell of the earpiece was really lightweight; in truth one side simply fallen apart in regular usage and the other split in between my ear and my pillow, leaving an extremely sharp edge. These enhanced Philips phones are simply as tough as the old ones, however the noise, particularly the bass is much enhanced. I attempted them out under my hearing protectors while cutting the yard and was extremely pleased with the noise.

I bought a set of Sony MDR-Q22LP for my sibling and attempted them out (excellent sounding earphones, more bass, comfy and elegant). I chose versus them b/c they were kinda large and the over-ear design, while comfy, dripped noise (not into making myself a public nuisance).

Sweat does have the tendency to run in my ears on the hot days, which is going to occur with this kind of ear bud, however I can clean it away without getting rid of the hook around my ear, so I deal with it.

The Sennheiser were my explore purchasing more costly buds in the hopes that they’d sound far better. Regretfully, while they did produce good bass, they were woefully peaceful, even with the integrated in volume modification. The location where the cable television turns into the jack was very weak and ended up being exposed and frayed within a couple of months of workplace usage.

The Sony MDR-AS20Js in fact sounded respectable, however the unusual complete ear loop design made them actually uneasy. The wires on these appeared simply as vulnerable as the initial MDR-J10’s as an ear began eliminating not long after I began utilizing them at the health club.

Not just do these have excellent rage of noise, however they’re the most comfy buds I’ve ever used. Now, comprehend that I have odd shaped ears obviously, and not everyone will like the method these feel.

Simply gotten my 2nd set so I can leave one at the workplace and utilize the other at the health club rather of bringing them back and forth. I’ll upgrade if either set passes away.

The hooks are comfy and keep the headphones completely in location, no matter how quick I’m moving and how much I’m bouncing around. I’ve attempted numerous various headphones with comparable designs, and the fit varied from good to dreadful (Skull Candy, I’m looking at you).

I likewise value that these are not an in-ear design, so you can still hear approaching automobiles and other things you may not wish to miss out on while running.

Simply put, these are low-cost, comfy headphones that offer good noise. I’d pick something better for simply relaxing and paying attention to music, however for running, I would not think about anything else.

Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones

Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones

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