Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

These headphones sound fantastic, and they are the most comfortable ones that I have ever worn. Solid worth for the money! They are most likely the very best choice from the mid-price variety of AT’s line-up. Comfy, excellent noise at highs, mids, and bass. Hard to beat them for the price. We use them for our church worship service. Very good quality for the rate! These headphones are really comfy and the cable is plenty long. Outstanding service coupled with fast shipping! Headphones are of a great quality. Its sound quality is best. I believe these headphones provide excellent value for money. I’m very impressed by the sound quality. Everything was just as expected. Long cable television’s as well. Do not have any issues up until now.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

The BEST headphones on the market for studio, in the right rate. Really comfortable and sounds excellent! Outstanding noise cancellation, extremely comfy, with good long chord. The Audio Technica ATH-M30x are outstanding sounding headphones in the sub $100 variety. I desired headphones that would sound terrific, be well constructed, be portable, and yet be economically priced. These headphones completely fit the bill. I liked the removable cord, but I liked the V-shaped noise in the M30X so much so that I think it sounds much better than the M40X. The M30X is super-lightweight, and I’m quite delicate to heavy headphones resting on the top of my head. I haven’t found any headphones that are as light, as inexpensive, as compact, and that have as great of sound quality as the M30X.

The sound quality is unsurpassable, and these headphones are leagues beyond the greater priced Sony studio displays. The best part of this headset apart from the remarkable sound quality is the comfort the heavily cushioned, full-size cups provide. They sound fantastic whether I am listening to music or podcast. Both of these types are produced crisply and easily. These headphones are really comfy to use for long durations (3 hours or more) and they are sturdy enough that you will never ever feel as though you can’t take them with you. Bottom line: I think that the ATH-M30x’s are completely appropriate for all, even for the most nitpicking person. My primary usage is monitoring my field recorder (Zoom H4n) as well as the line out off my 5D Mark III. For this purpose, this set is exceptional. I decided to utilize the set for some individual music listening and that’s truly where these headphones shine. I choose them over my Sony MDR-7506. If they sold these traits with a detachable cable television like the M50x, then I think I ‘d be set.

Excellent sound and comfortable around the ears and much better than my beats headphone. I love the fact that the audio cable television is longer than the typical headphones. These headphones sit extremely comfortably on my head. I had them on for 4 hours approximately straight on a flight and they were remarkable for it, I barely even knew that they were on. Sound canceling capabilities are great too. Due to the fact that they were indicated for a studio; it’s between 9 and 11 feet long, only problem is the long cord! Not too bad though if you wrap the cable around your hand and simply put it in your pocket. All in all, I like these things and for the cost, I would extremely recommend them.

These headphones are the best for the cost, sound fantastic, and are comfy. I will state however that for some individuals, the headphones are a little tight, if you are wearing glasses or get uneasy with some pressure on the sides of your head, you may want to stay away from these. I was trying to find some good headphones that wouldn’t be too costly and had actually seen that people normally like this company, so I chose to pre-order these. Though people who have owned much better headphones will possibly say that these suck, I think they are an excellent purchase. The build quality is remarkable. Nothing about it feels cheap to me and they are comfy and extremely light. The only thing that I might desire more is noise cancelling, which these do not have; however, they are a snug fit so there is some decrease in sound just not for all the city sounds.

ATH-M 30x

  1. Relatively inexpensive for performance
  2. Remarkable sound quality for sub $100 headphones
  3. Provides a fantastic spectrum of highs and lows
  4. Very long cable television
  5. Light weight
  6. Can wear for extended periods of time
  7. Great build quality

Great sound quality and I can use the headphones for several hours before I begin to feel any pain. The padding helps dampen sounds to any around you so you can pay attention to music/movies/etc at fairly high volume, without stressing over anyone else hearing the echoes, and so on. After a few hours, I did observe that my ears would get slightly sweaty from being confined by the earbuds and the skin around my ears would be slightly worsened, but that’s a little cost to pay for the high quality.

Simply put, earphone convenience innovation has actually come a long way since 2004 (the last time I bought headphones). I’m sure there are literally headphones that have crazy excellent sound technology, however if you’re not one of those individuals who are comically consumed with sound quality, then these headphones are highly recommended. They replaced those dreadful ear buds I had, and besides being way more comfortable, the sound quality was noticeably enhanced. This is the very best headphone that I have ever had. Vocals, bass, and greater frequency all sounds actually good. Every tune sounds so much better than before. These are DJ headphones, so a lot of DJs wear them with one side on, but I don’t mind. The cable television is LONG!!!! This is the only bad thing that I can state about these headphones. Bass quality is besto, not too heavy and not too light.

Noise cancelling is excellent – I have small ears so it works just alright for me. However, I make sure that larger ears can be fully covered too. The construct quality greats, comfy around the ears, fits great around my large head without it seeming like I am being squeezed. The leather-like touch is good. In warmer weather condition, the sweat develops – not cool. There is a long cord, I think 9 feet total is the length; at times, the cord gets in the way, but to me, its a good attribute to have. Rather have more than less. Overall, this is a strong buy. For under $100 – this headphone cannot be beaten by any other brand.

These sound great. The sound staging is actually excellent, considering the money you pay for these. Apart from that, these headphones cater to all prerequisites for a high quality headphone. These headphones supply a good sound with clear highs and great bass reaction and for the rate, I’m pleased with the purchase. Very pleased by it! I bought it for guitar practice and I need to say, the headphones are extremely comfortable and well made. Excellent sound, professional grade for good price Compared to beats solo headphones, these are a lot better. They are over-ear and the sound quality is a lot better. They are less expensive too. Great buy for your cash! I’m very satisfied. They fit, and the sound is exceptional, perfectly well balanced, great imaging, speed, and naturalness. They are a pretty good value.

I utilize these for paying attention to music and skype chats. I was a little concerned about going a couple tiers down from the flagship design, but for the causal listener, these are terrific. The sound quality is worlds above than the ear buds that come with your phone or anything you can buy in a corner store. I have no recommendation to compare these with, considering that they’re my first studio headphones, but they do sound great. Great studio headphones. I bought these headphones for my other half for his studio to make Christian hip-hop. They are so clear and true to sound, I recommend these headphones for studio functions. Excellent quality! Moving from my old over-the-ear headphones to these is like going from old standard-def video to high-def. Superior sound quality and the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. I just recently had them on for 4 hours practicing guitar in my house studio and I never ever felt uneasy while using them. Excellent sound quality and I can use the headphones for several hours prior to feeling any discomfort. Clearly, headphone convenience innovation has come a long way since 2004 (the last time I purchased headphones). I am sure that there are literally headphones that have crazy excellent sound innovation, but if you’re not one of those people who is concerned with sound quality, then these headphones come extremely recommended. Apart from that, these headphones tick all the requirements for a good quality headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

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