Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

For many years, I loved and trusted my Sony MDR7506 headphones for crucial studio mastering work. They are a great set of headphones indeed and were my primary design beyond all other brand names and designs. I tried the ATH-M40x headphones after reading the reviews on here. I am now a follower!

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

The ATH-M40x headphones are simply amazing. Their lows, highs, and mids are completely balanced, as they need to be for studio mastering work. Likewise, they are incredibly clear and exceptionally distinct. I never believed that any set of headphones would surpass my Sony MDR7506s. I have to say, to my awe, that the ATH-M40x headphones are now my favorite for mastering work as well as for simply plain listening to music.

The quality of noise is likewise extremely fantastic. Like I said, I have not owned a set of studio tracking headphones before. However, I can still hear sound bites that I was missing in songs that I’ve been listening to for many years. I would say it sounds best when listening to EDM/Dubstep/House/ Rock/Alternative music. If you are listening through your cell phone, ensure you go to your equalizer and switch off any previous settings that you have (bass, surround). I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and I simply have it set to regular. You won’t get much better headphones for merely under $100!! This headphone sounds awesome and has remarkable price. I used a Bose AE headphone before, which to me sounds excellent (great reproduction of noise, though doing not have in basss). The sound reproduction is outstanding (treble, mids, bass) and a delight to listen to music. Lots of reviews asserted that it was tuned flat, and that the M50x was tuned with slightly more bass. Personally, I believe these may be the best headphones ever, specifically in their cost level. They have an extremely flat soundstage and simply make music come to life.

Love them so much more than my Sony studio’s that everyone raves about. I’ve gone through two sets of those Sony studio headphones. The first I have no concept for as to what went wrong. A kitten got a hold of the wire that connects from one ear to the other ear, which is exposed and thin in my second earphone. Just incredible headphones! When the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x and ATH-M50x are available, it is really difficult to comprehend why somebody would acquire Beats headphones (any model). No contest whatsoever. I don’t believe the leading Bose can touch either Audio-Technica design in terms of pure sound. Simply fantastic. I would’ve liked having a third shorter straight cable, the coiled one is quite great as well. As you could probably see from the other reviews, they sound fantastic, I don’t believe that anybody is debating this. I have actually worn them for nearly 6 hours in one sitting on long automobile trips and such, and they are always comfy and fell quite light on the head.

ATHs are fantastic! They have more than merely met my expectations. The sound quality is beyond wonderful. When listening to music, I hear a lot more in the variety of the music. There are sounds in songs that I had never ever heard until I put these on and listened to those songs. Also while playing computer games, the sound is a lot more pleasing and I feel that I am on the planet of the game, which I’m playing. It boosts my experience significantly. Really very comfortable, I can use these head phones for hours on end and not even notice them at all. Excellent buy and I would certainly recommend these to anybody looking to buy them.

These headphones are excellent for this rate and let me inform you, I purchased plenty of cheap headphones before. Some of them didn’t even fit my ear or felt comfortable, but with these headphones, I forget that I even use them and they do not make my ear irritated for when I use them a very long time. These headphones, I feel, will last a very long time. The sound didn’t have fixes and there are no problems with the cord’s when they showed up. One function I love about the x series of Audio Technica is the removable cable; now, I do not need to fret about breaking the cable like other cheap headphones and ear buds. The sound on these headphones is exceptional and is clear, which most of the reviews stated! I do not really have anything to say about these headphones other than I wish there was a more much shorter length cable for everyday users who are always on the go. The sound is excellent, but it might be much better and that is not a bad trait I’m saying these have possible for a next line of Headphones from Audio Technica whatever they will be called. I’m anticipating purchasing the M50x later on which I heard the bass is great, but I wasn’t truly searching for bass when I purchased these but High Definition noise, which I got when I acquired the M40x.

They are really nice headphones and I have not been dissatisfied with their noise. They sound clean and have a fantastic variety in frequencies. I will say they squeeze your head a bit, however its reasonable when you understand that this is so they can isolate sound and offer the best tone. Bought these without hearing them first because of all the consistent fantastic reviews and wow, they lived up to every word. I’m able to rapidly pick out defects in recordings and can truly tell if someone has an excellent voice or if they are simply acting like it. Feels like I’m hearing exactly what the producers actually planned to be heard.

I generally purchased these for Gaming. Was not swayed by Gimmicky Head Sets. These surpass all expectations. Can hear every movement and foot step. I can also wear these for hours on end, with no pain. The sound is remarkable and not overwhelming. I would recommend these to any gamer. The very best headphones I’ve ever had. Whether I’m utilizing them on my computer system to play video games and enjoy videos or wearing them on a long airplane journey. I would and have actually suggested these to good friends. The only drawback is that you’ll have to buy the much shorter 3 foot cable separately. I would not consider myself an audiophile, but these are by far the best quality headphones I’ve ever bought. To me, it’s like I’m listening to songs and movies I’ve been viewing and listening to for many years, but for the first time.

Of all the headphones I’ve ever tried, these are the best. I do a lot of overdubbing with instruments and studio work and I rely on these to offer me the perfect idea of what everything actually sounds like. The near flat frequency action is a fantastic feature. The high frequency range is almost ineffective, however, still a good feature. The collapsible design makes these a lot more portable. The only bad aspect of these headphones is the detachable cables. They’re extraordinary for taking a trip and such, however you have to purchase the cable’s made by Audio Technica. These cable televisions are of terrific quality, but they’re also pricey and easy to lose, if you’re not mindful.

I’ve had these headphones for about a year now, and so far, they’re still sturdy and working amazingly. I used to to buy more affordable headphones every 3-4 months due to the bad design and materials that were used. In the long run, you’ll find it’s much more affordable than getting $20-$50 headphones 2-3 times a year. Highs are clean and sharper than many studio headphones consisting of the highly concerned DT770! The imaging is terrible at first, but provides them a couple of hours of break-in and they are excellent then. Exceptional headphones. If you are a casual listener of music, then go for the M40x.

These are exactly what I needed for my screen cast editing work. They’re comfortable for hours at a time, the sound quality is great and they’re well made. Terrific comfortable headphone!! The only disadvantage I see is the cable television being a 2.5 to a 2.5 not a regular AUX cable television of 2.5 to 2.5. In general the bundle looked nice, the headphones looks great and sounds amazing. You will not get better headphones for under $100!!

This headphone is awesome the price. These headphones are outstanding for this rate and let me tell you, I have purchased plenty of low-cost headphones in the past. Some of them didn’t even fit my ear or felt comfy, but with these headphones, I forget I even wear them and they do not irritate my ears when I use them a long time. The sounds on these headphones are outstanding and are clear as well, just like how many of the reviews stated!

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

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