Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Best headphones I have actually ever had. Have had grado, sennheiser, bose, Sony, and many others these blow them all away at a fraction of the cost. Do yourself a favor and choose these, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Really excellent headphones for the price!!! Frequency reaction on the low and high is enhanced a bit, so keep that in mind when you’re using these for audio blending. I changed to these from my Senheiser HD 280 Pros and I’m delighted with the change. I likewise like the way the cord locks into the headphones and the 3 different types that it features. These are well developed and I think they are ideal for my usage. Really nice sounding. Remarkable clearness of high frequencies, good lows (do not anticipate thumping bass from an iPod). The discrete separation of all frequencies is remarkable: you will clearly be able to distinguish each noise, instrument, and voice in ways I wasn’t expecting from these.

I cannot keep in mind the last time I owned a set of over-the-ear headphones. I purchased these primarily for viewing TV late at night, as I reside in an apartment and did not wish to disturb my next-door neighbors. These are an incredible set of headphones. I tried Beats in the shop and was not impressed enough to drop that kind of money on them. I like how these come with 3 different cords. They’re easy to take a trip with, comfy, and won’t slide off your head. They also look great while using them. Do they have the “design” element and color selection like Beats? No, but they still look great.

Desired a terrific set of headphones & searched through reviews for several weeks before choosing the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x unit. They have actually surpassed my expectations. I have very high requirements when it comes to audio devices.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of these headphones is just extraordinary! These headphones have excellent sound balance to them, bringing out a big quantity of information of the deep bass, the midis, and the high treble. These headphones allow you to hear each specific instrument, each background sound with exact accuracy and clarity.

Develop Quality:

The construct quality is also great. They are made primarily out of plastic, yet are extremely flexible and durable.

Convenience Quality:

Another concern somebody may have is the convenience, but these are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever used. After many hours of use, you can’t even inform they are there. You might even sleep with these things without discomfort on your ears (Unless you do not like something touching your head at night; however, that is just a choice at that point). The size of the ear cups is big enough to be appropriate for people with large and small ear lobes alike. The top portion of the head is also very comfortable as well. When you wear them, you merely cannot inform anything is on the top of your head.


It comes with a very wide variety of movement with 180-degree turn, and vertical maneuverability. They can also fold up into the headphones too for simple storage.

Cable Quality:

Another function I really like is how these traits come with three different removable cables (Two straight, one coiled), however they can lock into the headphone with a simple twist. Excellent thinking on their part. Also, the cables are great and thick, making them difficult to break even from somebody tripping over them, and even aiming to intentionally cut them for that matter.

Lovely sound quality for their price range. I utilize them for music and video gaming and they provide a truly excellent sounds cape. My partner has owned a pair of ATH-M50’s for well over a year and the only thing we have to change on them is the ear cushions as they have actually flattened from daily usage So no grievances at all on toughness.

Actually good pair of headphones with terrific develop and audio quality. When I first purchased these they harm my ears continuously when I put them on for over a duration of 30 minutes, but from long term use, they have actually molded to my ears and are one of the most comfortable set of headphones I have ever worn! Excellent task Audio Technica! I am over the moon about these headphones. There are no muddy bass or piercing highs– simply a clean, clear signal exactly as recorded. These headphones have actually made a big distinction in my house voiceover company.

Do not get Beats by Dre! Get these headphones; saves you some cash and get genuine quality. If you desire GREAT sound isolating headphones with a punch sound and for a quite reasonable rate, then get these. Terrific sound quality, Extremely comfortable, seals out surrounding sound, very compact, very good develop quality, looks great, with extremely high quality. Best headsets out there, also deserves the extra bit of money over the ATH-M50’s the x variation is simply extremely improved.

Just the best value for cash in headphones. Everyone I let listen to them are extremely satisfied with the sound quality. These headphones have solid bass without being overpowering. The spatial spread of the noise is very good. I’ve never heard that before. In Rush’s album Moving Pictures, I heard clear traffic sounds at the start of “Camera Eye”.

The seller is extremely accountable and is always there to help you. My concerns about the item are responded to by seller so clearly and quickly. The headphones work well, just as the description states. It sells a very power bass, but provides you an indifferent sound from regular ear buds on highs and midis. It is made with great quality and comfy to wear. You cannot demand a set of earphone to outstand on every level. In general, I am pleased with this purchase. Excellent pair of studio displays. If you’re simply searching for an overwhelming amount of bass, then don’t get these. Sounds are exceptionally crisp and sound cancelling is good, but not a lot that others cannot get your interest if they have to.

Very comfy for hours, amazing sound. This is my very first set of quality headphones. I don’t understand if I got utilized to them or they “broke in”. I will legitimately stop or pause it and look around my space to make sure that sound behind me is actually absolutely nothing. Many of the time it is nothing … The only trait I don’t like is the headset sits a little in a different way than many headsets I have actually owned and I feel that the earpiece is simply a little bit small.

Great over the ear cans. Seems like you are in your own world, when you slip them on for some fantastic music. Not noise-canceling, but definitely smothers sound if that’s something you want for at home. Pretty fantastic headphones, when specifically considering the price. If you prefer detail and clarity, then these are terrific. The sound stage is really good, it’s wide and nice, at least to me anyhow. Lovely abundant clear noise, they are definitely best for making music and I like it how it includes a 1/8 to 1/4″ adapter, so I can utilize it anywhere. Good snug comfy ear pads too. Thank you Audio Technica for such a great product!

The sound quality of these headphones is just incredible! These headphones have excellent sound balance to them, Bringing out a huge amount of detail of the deep bass, the mids, and the high treble. Really good set of headphones with great build and audio quality. Do not get Beats by Dre, get these headphones instead, they save you some money and you get real quality. If you desire GREAT noise isolating headphones with a punch noise and for a quite affordable price, then get these.

These headphones perform like any high quality headphones should. No obnoxiously loud bass(unless that’s what you want) with warm rich mids and noticeably sharp highs. They are really comfy and can quickly be worn for hours due to the fantastic build quality and feel, which these headphones have. Absolutely recommended for anyone and everybody, you would not be disappointed and you can make tracks sound however you want, with no problems.

Great sound and ergonomics at a really reasonable rate. The variety of connecting cables is a good plus. It is a great set of headphones, which does not carry hype like more gaudy options. I am exceptionally satisfied with great set of headphones for an excellent price. The cords are proprietary but they provide three different types, as other individuals said. Would recommend for those aiming to invest less than 200 on a set. FANTASTIC product! I did wind up returning them due to the fact that they were a bit too large for what I wanted to use them for. I did battle with that due to the fact that the sound quality was leading notch.

I use them every day. They’re outstanding. I am not a music buff by a long shot, so there are most likely better headphones. However, if you are trying to find something in the realm of quality that Beats provide, then this is a cheaper choice. I have had these headphones for about 30 hours and since then I have been wearing them on and off for about 14 hours. I can say, the more use you put into them, the better they would sound. In the beginning, the soft leather-like ear cups may feel a bit tight, which generally is a huge deal, but it feels much better with more wear.

They don’t need batteries like Beats/Bose, and even though they aren’t noise canceling, the seclusion works just as great as the Beats sound cancellation – minus the annoying buzz of the Beats. This headphone is absolutely different from those cheap headphones and earphones. When I started to listen to music with this cool headphone, I cry thinking of how excellent the sound is! Sounds great and feels great to the ears! It’s a closed-back design, so your ears might get a little warm after hours of use. The folding design makes this really convenient for travel. While they’re not noise canceling, I do not have any problems ignoring children on flights!

These headphones perform like any high quality headphones should. Extremely comfortable and can quickly be worn for hours due to the terrific construct quality and feel that these headphones have. Certainly recommend for anyone and everyone, you would not be disappointed merely due to the fact that of all the listening alternatives that are available through these headphones, you can make them sound how you want without any problems.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

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