Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBL Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBL Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

These headphones got an abundance of well-deserved appreciation, and I can only confirm that the M50x is a fantastic buy! They fit, trendy, and sound excellent for the price range and the intended purpose.

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones Review


To my ears, the M50s prefer the lows just a little bit more and produces a pretty warm sound signature that I personally like. These are closed-back headphones, so some individuals might find the sound a bit muffled compared to open-back headphones, but that is the nature of this beast.

Construct Quality:

These traits are strong. They do not use metal like the brand-new Sennheiser Urbanites, but the plastic is really high quality, and regardless of all the hinges and movement, the M50s never feel flimsy. The padding is soft, comfortable and the band is very flexible, but at the very same time, tight enough to provide a great seal.


Here is where the M50s really shine. These headphones are designed to be utilized on the go. They are one of the two foldable over-the-ear headphones. They also work with low power output devices such as smart devices and mp3 players. The interchangeable cable system is remarkable because it allows for simpler storage. Lastly, the noise and the capacity of these headphones enables one to listen to low quality mp3s on your iPhone streaming app along with high fidelity FLACs through an amp in your home, and one finds both experiences enjoyable. M50s make your bad files sound great and allow high quality audio to truly shine. Very few products can do that.

A great sounding headphone that looks great as well. I have owned a few mid-range headphones and these are simply as good as all the others, but look way better in my opinion. Can you do better? Yes, but it will cost you. Can you go cheaper? Yes, but then it’s not worth listening to fantastic music! Construct – While I may not have had these very long, they seem even more powerful than the ATH-ANC7s that these are changing (my ANC7s lasted about 6 years). I’ve dropped these a couple of times onto carpeted floor on purpose and they were not even affected. The leather is soft and the tough plastic is created to hold it together. The adjuster/band part that causes the top leather location could absolutely be constructed of metal, as that is the part that generally breaks with over-ear headphones.

Convenience – These headphones are a dream to wear. I’ve had softer ones on previously, but these are damn good, and I like that the cushion is the very same oval shape of ears, which is something that a lot of manufacturers cannot seem to comprehend. I utilized these on a long flight and experienced no pain whatsoever.

Design – They look good, but they do not stop there. The ear pieces twist and turn in several manner in which I fail to explain without correct assessment. However, I like that they fold well for travel (and they fit like this in the nice leather travel pouch that they provide with it).

I certainly recommend the ‘blue’ variation, as the brown stands out well without saying “hey look at me i have expensive headphones!! ” … like every person that buys Beats … but that’s another story. The brand-new logo design on the sides is slick and I’m a fan.

Sound Quality – Mids and highs are complete and crisp. Some headphones do not have that heat that these headphones have. Listening to any great metal riff I might hear the warmth of the mids surround me perfectly. Like I said earlier, the bass is not that excellent. It’s excellent enough for studio quality, and everyday listening, but if you’re used to heavy bass, then this may not be the pair for you. It wasn’t such a huge deal that I would eliminate a star from my score, but more of individual preference.

And as a final note, the cable televisions that are provided are excellent. I usually use the coiled cable television, which is long when it stretches, enabling me to move about the space in fact without getting rid of the headphones. Kudos to Audio-Technica for making the cord removable (THANK YOU!) because I’ve had too many cords go bad on headphones and after that, end up trashing the whole set after several irritating repair efforts.

These headphones are fantastic. I have had the for the much better part of a year now and I am absolutely in love with these headphones. I pay attention to everything from alternative to techno to rock to metal. It’s tough to imagine a much better pair of headphones for the same rate. I would certainly buy them again. I purchased these headphones for a family member who wasn’t able to buy them where he lives. I own a set of Beats headphones and after listening to music with the Audio Techs, I am gonna offer my boy the Beats and acquire my own Audio Techs. The Audios are hands down a much better sounding headphone. Amazing Headphones! I have the previous version as well (ATH-m50s) and this are an okay upgrade to them, the bass is much better and the pads are much more comfortable! I reside in a warm country, and I used to sweat a lot with the old phones. However, with these, I don’t sweat as much, which is a fantastic change for me =]

All in all the item was delivered to me on time and was loaded actually well, I take pleasure in the 3 kinds of cables that it features and the design is really cool, even the cables are colored dark blue! These headphones are NOT noise canceling headphones; BUT! they work okay on the airplane and dull out the plane noise quite effectively. The sound quality, as many reviewers mentioned, is flat, without any extra bass. The noise is fantastic for viewing programs on the airplane and listening to music. The headphones are super comfortable. I’ve worn them for more than 10 hours directly with no discomfort. In addition, NO batteries are needed, since it does not have the noise canceling function. If you do not care about the brand and do not plan to make a style statement using Beats Studios on the airplane, then these headphones are for you.

After listening to about 50 different pairs of good quality high-end headphones, the only one that truly stood out was this. I attempted the AKG’s, the ones which Quincy raved about, they felt extremely unpleasant, and, they didn’t have the rich complete bodied sound that these ATH50x’s have. These are incredibly comfy to use, when you’re using them for 10 hours, they better be, the bass, isn’t booming, it’s a nice flat practical sound, perfect for mixing. I did my research in a big way, and i wouldn’t change these for anything.

Simply a little more expensive from the first black color version. It is a great investment if you want a monitor earphone. It has a really crisp sound and its average in high, mid, and the bass. Wow! These headphones are incredibly comfy for long listening sessions. The sound is remarkable, like the sonic equivalent of the best chocolate you’ve ever consumed. I work in a loud sales workplace and typically have to put my head down and focus on getting computer work done. These headphones eliminated all the space noise and they provide an amazing sound phase, even at low volumes. I got the limited edition blue headphones, and they sure look sharp! I’ve owned numerous Grado headphones in the past, but I needed to upgrade to a closed earphone now that I am working in a shared environment. These phones blow all the Grados I have previously owned in terms of both the convenience and sound quality fronts.

The sound quality is awesome and build quality is even much better. I hear details in my music that I’ve never heard before and I have a great deal of expensive earbuds and headphones. The Beats by Dre series does not hold a candle to the sound of Audio-Technica. Neither do the Bose headphones. You can hear a singer inhale during a live performance and it will give you goose bumps. Comfortable, streamlined, and sexy design, coupled with beautiful sound quality. It includes three different cables for different uses, it also includes a leather carrying bag and an auxiliary adapter. Tiesto and AvB sounded different and must better. You can see how high level of production they are at nowadays. If you like to listen to indie music, the level of production is obvious with these headphones, from 4 track standard recorder to some mammoth studio powered Pro tools suite.

These are genuinely exceptional headphones in every way. They sound great and feel and look just as great. I’m not a specialist audiophile, but I do enjoy music. I check out the outstanding reviews on these and they were precise. These headphones reveal the music the way most artists would have desired … crystal clear, but not overpowering in any way. Not a ton of extra bass and no shrilly highs. These headphones pass the test with flying colors!

Best headphones in history in an overall sense, I’m talking about price range and quality of sound. The fact that I’m using them as I compose this review states a lot, I do not like taking some time to write reviews, but I do believe that people need to know that if you’re going to spend cash on any studio quality 200 dollar headphones, then search no more. These are closed-back headphones, so some people might find the sound a bit stifled compared to open-back headphones, but that’s the nature of this monster of a headphone. The sound and the potential of these headphones allows one to listen to low quality mp3s on your iPhone streaming app as well as high fidelity FLACs through an amp at house, and discover both experiences pleasurable. These headphones are NOT noise cancelling headphones; BUT, they work fine on the airplane and dull out the aircraft noise quite effectively. I’ve owned a number of Grado headphones in the past, but always had to update to a closed earphone, now that I am working in a shared environment.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBL Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBL Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

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