Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones Review

Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B is most likely one of the very best active noise canceling headphones I have come across. They might not be as big a brand as Bose, Sony, or Sennheiser etc. However, these headphones are best ones off the lot! They are practically third the rate of a similar Bose noise canceling headphones but their sound quality will provide even the Bose (which is thought about to be best in the market) a run for its money. The headphones can be found in a nice hard shell, which is simple to bring. The ear cups are soft and nice and the quality of the headphones is very remarkable. I have not seen Audio Technica selling their headphones at a BestBuy or other electronic stores, but if they were to cost the shops, I am rather sure they would have been the very best selling noise canceling headphones in the market.

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones Review

I bought these to shut out the party neighbors that have moved next door. I can now watch telly without having to listen to those doofs through the walls. What a relief!! Also have utilized them on airplanes and once again, I must say that they are great. Their noise-cancelling is much better than expected, and their overall sound is really good. Compared to the Sennheiser HD-280, for instance, I ‘d say that the AT phones are the winner, for me, by a clear margin, both in terms of sound reduction and in regards to overall sound quality.

One of the very best buys out there. In my viewpoint, it beats my buddy’s Bose. There are two chords with this item (long and short). These chords can be changed if they wear (unlike) other brand names. The chord is non-requirement (slim 3.5 mm) that plugs into headphone while the other end is a basic 3.5 mm with adapters  This is also the only item that when the battery passes away, the headphone will still work (albeit without any canceling). These headphones are sensational! It’s not actually the headphones’ fault that I can still hear them as much as the type of audio. A plane flew over today, and I tossed on my headphones without anything playing, and it got rid of the airplane’s sound practically completely.

Has different adapter wire so if one ever breaks, you do not have to toss the entire set of headphones can, just get another cable. Travel case contains everything you need along with the headphones. I would suggest to anyone who does not desire to shell out dollars, but I truly don’t think there will be that much enhancement over these headphones worth an additional hundred or so. The headphones canceled out all noise to a safe level; I might hear cabin crew announcements and remove the headphones for that. The phones come with exactly the types of adaptors required for the in-flight entertainment.

I work in a loud computer laboratory and purchased these headphones to wear throughout work. For this task, they do a respectable job, decreasing the sound of server fans by what I would estimate as 80%. I selected these because a) they are circumaural – they surround the ear, they don’t sit on the ear compressing it (which I find uneasy) b) they are a third of the price of the Bose quietcomfort 15 and c)I’m going to be leaving them at my desk, and would be _ extremely _ upset if somebody took headphones as costly as the Boses from me. On first use, if you’re not used to unexpected peaceful, the sound reduction feature is a bit disturbing. It feels a bit like having your ears covered up, but there’s absolutely nothing physically there. Strolling into a proper anechoic chamber does the same thing, but is a bit more unusual .

The method I use these headphones – to listen to music at peaceful to moderate volumes – is probably the ideal usage for them. The music still sounds OKAY; however, it’s plainly combating lots of external sounds, it sounds kind of muddled. For those who were looking at the ATH-ANC7 note that the distinction is larger ear cups, and removal of patent-infringing innovation (like peaceful white sound in the background). The white noise would certainly be nice when not listening to music, as the feeling of that kind of peaceful is a bit unpleasant at first for your ears. Totally exactly what I was searching for in the office, which is an open workplace with each person talking out loud, signing aloud their music and punching the secrets on the keyboard when something will not work appropriately. These earphones have cut down on exactly what I hear without music and with music, I can’t hear the conversation being made by my coworkers. My commute is very enjoyable now too, I can listen to any music and utilize the noise cancellation, and I don’t hear commuters holding conversations on their phone with each other, and I barely can hear the announcements!

These headphones are great, some of the best money I have actually ever invested. Almost as great as the Bose ones, however who wants’ to spend 300 on headphones anyways, not me! When I take these headphones off I am impressed that I had actually been listening to music at a lower volume than the volume of the office noises around me! These headphones are excellent, they shut out the sound so much that I had to take them off from time to time to make sure that I didn’t miss anything important going on when I utilized them in your home. The seller interacted well and the item was shipped and provided as promised. Thank you!

The headphones are outstanding. I previously owned an earlier design of the exact same headphones. Extremely comfy, even when sleeping on my side. Bought mostly to cancel significant building and construction noise where I live and does the job effectively. Would absolutely purchase them once again. I purchased these particularly for trans-Atlantic flights to visit my household in the United States. I am also an audiophile, and love excellent music. The sound cancelling function is outstanding and for the first time, I was able to get some sleep on my way home. They likewise made the journey more manageable by the top notch sound quality for the in flight films. It was almost like being there. At this price, these “cans” are a “no-brainer”, specifically compared to Bose. I checked both sets thoroughly and truly found no distinction. You are certainly spending for the Bose name? However, it remains to be seen how the Audio Technica will tear and endure the wear. I think it may be like purchasing a Ford compared to a BMW. Will they still be going strong after 10 years tear and wear? We will see. For the moment, though, I am happy with this purchase and thoroughly recommend them.

The AT noise cancelling headphones, merely great. Checked out about sound quality issues however have not come across any, the noise cancelling is dazzling. The little ear cups were discussed by some, I didn’t have an issue but I could see exactly what some customers would indicate, if you have large ears, try them in the shop before you purchase but I had no issues. If you’re trying to find fantastic noise-cancelling headphones that are half the cost of Bose, then these are the ones!! As far as background sound, you can hear little– however inadequate for me to provide these less than a 5 star score.

Quality of sound vs. cost is unbelievable. Audio Technica wins again in my books. Terrific sound canceling technology. I have actually been using these headphones every workday for over 4 years. I  could not be happier and if something did happen to them I would replace them with a brand-new pair. They are nearly third the price of a comparable Bose noise canceling headphones, but their sound quality will give even the Bose (which is considered to be best in the market) a run for its money. I have not seen Audio Technica selling their headphones at a Best Buy or other electronic shops, but if they were to offer at the stores, then I am rather sure they would have been the finest selling noise cancelling headphones.

The headphones cancelled out all noise to a safe level; I could hear cabin team statements and eliminate the headphones for that. These headphones cured that problem, and I am sure that the parents of this child value anybody with the headphones due to the fact that they decrease the hatred for the baby‘s noise.

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones Review

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