Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

I understand that the “Beats” sound can be polarizing for some people. I like these headphones albeit they have some drawbacks. The Executives let me hear the vocal as I would hear it on my studio screens. I can even hear the kind of microphone that individuals utilized on the recording by utilizing these headphones. Yes, bass is highlighted on these however it’s WAY more subtle than other set of beats, and once again, it is well within factor of how a subwoofer would be tuned in a studio.

Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

The benefits:

  • + Signature “Beats” sound without the ludicrous quantity of bass on all the other Beats designs.
  • + The Active Noise Cancellation suffices, and yes, it might be inferior to the Bose QC-15s however certainly the noise cancellation suffices to peaceful a great deal of outdoors noise, especially low rumble. All you hear is the music when you reach 30% volume
  • + I like that they run on AAA batteries so I can go on long flights and keep my noise going. I simply require to load additional batteries.
  • + The construct quality is exceptional. These things are sturdy and the leather is butter.
  • + Great looks. And I believe the red cable television is employer.

The noise is outstanding. I pay attention to an actually wide range of music, and they all sound excellent on these headphones. I heard information in my old music that I did not observe previously. I will state this however, if you are not an audiophile, and are not aiming to be one, do not let the unfavorable remarks about the audio quality sway your choice to obtain these. These will sound fantastic to 98% of humans who pay attention to them. The noise cancellation is really excellent. When your music volume is above 40%, you will not hear discussions going on around you, and you will be left alone to focus on your music. They made my ears and jaw hurt. They can make your ears warm though if you utilize them in a hot environment.

Based off of many abuse tests I’ve seen on YouTube, (I have no strategies of torture-testing my own set), the Executives held up effectively. If you drop them various times, suggesting they will still work even. If you are the compulsive type who dislikes getting your things banged and scratched up, these might not be for you as they can reveal marks rather quickly. I was shocked at the fantastic noise and good fitting set of head phones. I need to state I am really satisfied with these headphones. I bought the Bose headphones and was not pleased with them. That truly is not so bad because the noise is life like!! Good option. Me considering that I take a trip a lot choose simply to keep additional AAA batteries in my bring on bag

When the music begins you can hear it at all. Noise is great Good balance, not too much bass. I normally listen to rock, pop, reggae, hip hop and they all sound excellent.

Noise Cancellation:

When you turn the beats on, you hear a ringing noise which is truly unusual since when they marketed they discussed how they simply cover the ears to counteract the noise of the outdoors world. Other then the irritating ringing when on mute or when you initially put them on they are fantastic! I have a 3 years of age little sis, a thirteen years of age bro, and a naggy mommy and I cannot hear anything when these are on!

Battery life:

I need to confess, when I firstpurchased these I was like “I need to turn them on?” The battery life is really long lasting. As soon as I’ve had them for 3 months and I am have been listening to the latest hit songs and I’ve just had to alter the battery.

Sound Quality:

I enjoy how even with the bass decrease the noise is still incredible. You can hear everything in a tune, whether its hip-hop,r&b,dubstep, all sound exceptional.

Additional functions:

Beats Executive headphones are developed for travel. They’re light-weight, comfy to use, and fold flat for simple packing. They likewise include a in-line control & mic cable television which works actually well throughout call, you can effectively hear the other individual and the sound quality from your end is terrific.


Fantastic leather feels fantastic on my head and does not slip a lot and wont chock you when they are around your neck (if you fold down the speakers). I use them for hours at a time actually and i feel no pain at all. I did not precisely delight in the fancy appearance that Beats typically provide off, however these appearance so stylish and simply fit so well with the method I live that I cannot withstand using them 24/7. Noise cancelling on airplanes works terrific, and most crucial (to me) – sound quality is leading notch. There’s a lot of other Beats headphones that are thought about (and priced) to be elite, however to me they do not sound that terrific or noise is modified in a method that numerous individuals like however is not real high quality. The Executive are various – noise is extremely well balanced and music simply sounds much better.

You get a good case and the headphones are well constructed. Battery life is alright however much better bring an extra set with you so it does not abandon you in a middle of a flight when you require it the most, as far as i might inform there is no indicator that the battery will abandon you. The active noise cancellation is constantly on and is powered by 2 AAA batteries which last a long time, however if your batteries go dead you have no noise at all so load an extra set. The noise cancellation works ok for repeated noises like an aircraft engine or a motor. The thing that did shock me is that the noise cancellation appears to work much better for low frequency sounds than anything else. In many of my other unscientific tests, these minimized ambient noise by around 50% the Bose preformed much better than this general however I should state that I was really amazed with how well these removed the low end noises.

I heard about how headphones have actually altered over the years. I questioned if the headphones might assist to remedy my problems or if they would simply enhance the noises. I attempted lots of kinds of headphones over the years. I normally simply acquire low-cost ones from 5 Below or Target. I attempted a set of my Dad’s Sony headphones until. A couple of months ago I reached out to Beats by Dre straight through a contact kind on their site. I asked them if they understood anything about whether their item was excellent for deaf/hoh users however they weren’t actually sure. They came off as bass heavy (too be anticipated provided the hallmark noise of beatsaudio) and rather muddy through the midrange while rather brilliant in the high frequency varieties. The noise cancelling function likewise left a lot to be preferred as the circuit was extremely loud and provided a breathing impact. Well, there were.

Remarkably, I discovered my response from beatsaudio. Their beatsaudio executive headphone was my response with the noise I had actually been looking for. While it took me a couple of versions and $800 worth of headphone purchases to discover it I however have actually discovered my headphone nirvana. Next isthe incredible impact from the noise cancelling circuitry. External soundwas substantially lowered even prior to ever listening to a note of music. The bass heavy, extreme brightness and muddy midrange are all gone and changed with a smooth and really refined noise throughout the whole frequency bandwidth. This certainly is an alright headphone for individuals of more critical tastes who aren’t looking to blow out their eardrums with ground shaking, mind numbing bass.


  • * Solid Feel.
  • * Noise Cancelling.
  • * Detachable Headphone Wire.
  • * Extremely Comfortable.
  • * Mute button on ideal ear cup.
  • * Nice Design.
  • * Folds well (2 methods).
  • * Magnetic battery door with ribbon to hold it on.
  • * Good soft headband (i believe pleather).
  • * Good soft ear cups (i believe pleather likewise).

Something I right away discovered when letting others attempt it was, even at complete volume it was difficult to hear the music they were paying attention to while our other headphones do little to keep the noise to the listener. If the batteries pass away, I will state that my last set might work without the batteries (making the noise canceling function non-active) while these will not produce sound. It does not take something that’s not there and state well how about some more bass here and lets muddy this! Ill state that once again: They are OPEN and really clear sounding. Unlike a lot of headphones out in the market there not a V. Headphone amps can be useful for some sets, and these might utilize them somewhat on phones (depending on the phone) however on my LG Optimus phone (no unique DAC in that) they sound incredible with Jazz and every well taped tune I’ve put at them. And I cannot stand headphones that have overwhelming or muddy base. I like CLEAN SOUND. I’m not sure why there are so numerous unfavorable reviews for these headphones. The noise is fantastic. The only factor I didn’t offer it a 5 star is since of the hiss when the noise is turned down low.

Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Beats Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

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