Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone Review

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone Review

I’ve bought this product last month. As compared to dr. Dre studio, mixr’s sound is flat. It plays sound broad sound variety. I’m extremely satisfied.

To start with, I have to say that I am very bass conscious and these MIXRs definitely blew me away. I do have to say that they are little uncomfortable in the beginning as they can be clasping around your ears, but once you break them in (I’ve had them for about 4 months now) you won’t even understand they are on your ears.

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone Review

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone Review

The sound quality of these headphones is unbelievable! The bass is crystal clear and worth every cent. They are a little tough to break in initially, however after a few days of usage they fit like a glove. Truthfully, these are far better than the Beats Solos they’re also extremely elegant.

Great sound!! Excellent fit!! The sound quality is fantastic. Fits snug and easyon the ear, plus you can easily eliminate the ear pieces from your head so that you can conversant with the environment.

This headphone sounds just like the pros, and isdeveloped nearly. No concerns though, the bass does not overpower the noise; however the bass is very nice. Fantastic set of headphones.

This pair of earphones blows away all of the other pairs I have ever used/owned. These earphones are very adjustable and comfy. These are really powerful earphones; they are better than Beats in my point of viewtheir light and difficult have a strong clamping power which could injure your ears likewise good luxurious ear buds their amazing would absolutely acquire again specifically from Front row Electronics. Hope this helps cheers.

I’m no audiophile, but I absolutely love these earphones. Numerous complaints have to do with tightness on the ear but attempt other headphones, since the comfort on these are outstanding! Let’s go through why these headphones excel. I received these Mixrs as a gift a couple of weeks ago. I should state, these earphones sound better than my Studios.

Remarkable shipping was here in only 3 company’s days. It in fact was brand brand-new, never ever been opened and factory sealed and they are authentic genuine beats! Greatest deal you will ever get! If you want high quality earphones this is where it’s at. I’m amazed that for just from the audio gadget it’s getting music from, they have good loud sound. They are for bass listeners for the noise produced is heavy.

The Beats Mixr is a bit unpleasant initially, however after that it feels excellent. I love wearing these and choose them over Skull Candy despite the fact that these are a bit pricey. They are extremely bass heavy, makings them great for gigs. So why are you waiting here reading my review? Try out the headphones! I immediately fell in love with the color and design of the headphones but what set it for me is the sound it gave. These headphones have the amazing noise of Beats Studios with the noise-blocking feature without the batteries, merged with the DJ-style performance of the Studio Pros.

If you enjoy surround sound, this is certainly good for you! The very best headphones are right in front of your noses! Beats did a great job designing this, and an even better task with the sound. Purchase them and you will certainly be satisfied. They are alsoa remarkable present to purchase! These headphones made the music on my phone a lot much better. These are the very best earphones around. The sound is unbelievable. I bought these as a vacation gift for a family friend and everybody likes them. Lots of consider these to be the very finest HD Headphones available right now.

It has amazingsound quality, incredibly long lasting, and very comfy to wear for a long period of time they are very lightweight. When they were on sale (bit expensive typically) and I have no regrets making this purchase, got a terrific deal on here. They definitely are high quality and I love these products.

These are Beats’ 2nd best sounding headphones, the first isthe Solo 2 however this is Beats best product.These just make paying attention to music enjoyable, even old songs you have heard 100 times sounds energizer by the Mixr. Are they the most accurate sounding headphone? Nope! Increased bass and slight treble boosts, but darn they just get you going. They are extremely well constructed and there is a little bit of clamping pressure that will fade a bit over time, but it contributes to the sound isolation. These are the most efficient headsetsI have ever owned. These headphones get loud with practically no power! Any gadget can make these things rock. If you are aiming to buy a pair of long lasting, great looking headphones that sound great I would offer these a possibility. If you want a bit tamer variation that is a bit more comfy, try the Solo 2.

I purchased a couple of cheaper headphones before I decided to take the plunge and buy the Beats. These produce great sound and stay on my ears. If you aregoing to purchase Beats, I would buy this set. It has almost all the boom of the old earphones and nearly as in your face as the old beats while being more clear and well balanced like the newer beats. After listening to these, the Solo 2’s soundslike they have no bass at all. Still if you can suffer through it, I personally findthese to be the best sounding Beats on the market.

It has fantasticsound quality when I am producing music or paying attention to it. Convenience is really bad so I just extend it by using the MIXR box and extended by putting and holding each side one cup from one side and the opposite too. It is hard to describe it however generally I stretched it so the next day it will be more comfortable to wear it than injuring my ears. Had these for about 7 months now and then today, for some factor I see my headband was breaking off. Yes, I dropped a couple of times and it still okay to utilize it and now, I can’t even wear it though I can still listen to it however it will be extremely uncomfortable to wear it. So I might go purchase Pioneers or Sony earphones due to the fact that they are a lot economical to purchase than Beats. I still love them however,I’m in a circumstance where I am going to school and have to save money for my automobile insurance and all and rather purchase little cheaper headphones than Beats headphones. Soon I will get the Beat Studio if I can get the money so I can listen to it while I’m producing. I do not think that MIXR ought to be use for DJs.

Mixrs in comparison to the Solo HDs are better in every way. (Durability, sound quality, portability) Moreover,Mixrs are extremely uneasy initially, however after you wear them in and extend them out a bit they in fact end up being rather comfy. This is my second pair of Beats headphones however,this pair is a different model. They are superior in noise and noise cancellation. I cannot hear anything when wearing them and paying attention to music. When in a noisy place, I am a DJ and this is extremely key that I can hear the music. Thanks for a wonderful gift!

The headphones have excellent BASS, as excellent as it gets. The noise on Call of Duty Ghosts is merely insanely amazing. The explosions and weapon fire must like you are in a genuine battle. Thisis why I decided to get the mixrs asmixrs have all the cool bells and whistles such as swivel ear cup. Do not go by looks though go by sound quality, resilience, and functions. The ear cups come off and have absolutely nothing to do with sound they are simply cushions.

It plays sound broad sound variety. The sound quality of these earphones is incredible! These headphones have the fantastic noise of Beats Studios with the noise-blocking feature without the batteries, fused together with the DJ design performance of the Studio Pros. They absolutely are high quality and I love them. These are Beats second best sounding headphones, earphones first are the Solo 2’s, however Beats are much better. If you are looking to buy a pair of resilient, good looking headphones that sound excellent, I would offer these a possibility.

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone Review

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone Review

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