Beats Studio 2.0 Wired OverEar Headphone Review

Beats Studio 2.0 Wired OverEar Headphone Review

These are without a doubt the finest earphones I have actually ever owned. I have actually been listening to MJ’s Invincible and was revolted with how dreadful it sounded through essentially all my earphones. I got these ones on an impulse after discovering a terrific offer on them and am so pleased to have them. Work excellent for reducing the distraction at work (colleagues talking, phones sounding) and allowsme to concentrate on significant jobs at work with little to no diversions.

Beats Studio 2.0 Wired OverEar Headphone Review

Beats Studio 2.0 Wired OverEar Headphone Review

The rechargeable batteries make needing to bring batteries a non-needed headache along with having the ability to see and press a button just how much battery I have actually left until navigating a night or working from house is an excellent possession. These are one of the finest earphones. Has punchy bass, the highs and the lows are all best. These are strong, high quality, and large earphones. Do not listen to the other reviews. These are one of the finest earphones. It comes with a USB Charging cable television, 2 audio cable televisions, and one charging adapter.

I’ve never ever cared for beats since they were overpriced earphones, however I constantly desired quality over ear earphones so exactly what did I do I purchased them! I will not purchase another set or anything else in the line of beats due to the fact that I still believe their costly however these I will value for the base and noise.


  • – Incredible noise. I’ve had Bose, I own high end Sonys and although these Beats are more prejudiced to the low end, they are still my preferred noise.
  • – Let’s be real here, they look amazing. You will be pleased at how incredible they look on.
  • – Portability is great. They fold actually perfectly & included a tough little pod bring case. The case can even fit their battery charger so you constantly have it close by.

I’ve utilized them while cutting the yard, and it cancels the sound completely and permits me to pay attention to my music without me having to turn it to mind numbing noise in order to counteract the sound of the mower. The rate is tough to beat! I will not invest cash on inexpensive earphones, just to have them break or harm my ears.  I have not found out the sound canceling function yet, due to the fact that I’m still able to hear my Co employees talk when I utilize it at work. I still enjoy it nonetheless. I like the champagne color and I enjoy how comfy it is on the ears, and it does not injure my hearing either.

I’m no audiophile, however to me these sound terrific. They sound even much better as soon as you break them in for a while. Even my beautiful managed FLAC Final Fantasy albums sound great. These are likewise extremely comfy to use for long durations around your head or neck. Not to discuss this sunflower yellow is unusual and extremely intense, so you get lots of glimpses from passerbys. Even a fellow sporting a set of red Beats kept looking. I check out a lot of reviews, and some of them stated these earphones were overpriced, overhyped, or that you might get much better earphones for less. Feel totally free to go shopping around if you desire, however simply go ahead and get these if you desire the finest looking and finest sounding earphones.

The bass is remarkable, now you can hear the vocals and everything simply as you’re expected to. And anybody sitting next to you cannot hear your music either when you have them on yyour headyou cannot anything other than your music. The ear cups and headband are extremely comfortable and I can use them hours at a time without my ears and head starting to hurt. Extraordinary bass reaction without having to enhance the bass EQ to get exactly what I’m constantly looking for in the bottom end when listening to playback of a brand-new track. And I like the color.  They sound for aggressive and vibrant. The mids, lots of would concur, are missing out on compared to the Beats.

Looks: this ought to not play a big function, however to some it does. It regards to appearances, although subjective, my personally tastes prefers the Beats, although M50s have some killer colorways, and the M50x have much shorter cables and are made to be more portable.

Construct: The M50x band has a little less clamp; they have actually upgraded the cushions on the M50x; the beats appear a bit tighter on the head, and I sweat much easier in them againstthe m50s, however simply bya little bit. There are photos of scary stories on here about the Beats breaking which is VERY worrying, and I actually hope that does not take place to me.

I’m a medical trainee and I invest the majority of my day with my earphones on while studying and these are extraordinary- they cancel sound varying from the background sound of the library to the loud street noises. They sound remarkable. I pay attention to everything from Brahms to Eminem and have yet to discover something that does not come through the very best I’ve ever heard it. The earphones are likewise extremely big and soft, so they were comfy enough that I didn’t have to take them off to rest my ears or anything. Strangely enough, I likewise discover that the bigger I run music through these earphones the crisper the noise is.

If you simply require a set of good earphones, I do not suggest these due to the fact that you can get a quality set for under $100. If you’re intending for earphones that you would use for a long time and have active sound cancellation functions, this would be an excellent buy. OVERALL these are a good set of earphones to get! I extremely advise these earphones to anybody who’s in the spending plan of purchasing Beats and desires to reveal off to buddies that they actually enjoy music. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT PUT YOUR VOLUME TO HIGH A LOT BECAUSE IT MIGHT DAMAGE THE HEADPHONES.

The sound phase is extremely well done on these. It makes for a more satisfying listening experience. I can where them for hours on end without getting tiredness. This is my very first set of high dollar headsets, I enjoy listening to music and stream radio over the Internet, however I usemy routine headsets that came with the iPhone. The noise is dazzling, the noise canceling function works like an appeal.

I typically utilize these in workplace and was a bit concerned about its sound leak. I would concur that noise does leakage however not as much that it disrupts the coworker sitting next to me. These Studio earphones are without a doubt the most comfy earphones I’ve ever tried, and the noise-cancelling works effectively without triggering pain on my ears. The Bose QuietComfort 15 have a heavy “pressure” that uses to my ear that makes me seem like I’m 30,000 feet in the air on an airplane. I am no specialist on earphones however I do own lots of them around 10. These will not surpriseyou in terms of sound quality and if you compare it side by side with numerous of your earphones, you might reach the conclusion that these do not sound that fantastic. I diddiscover myself utilizing these more than numerous of my other earphones since listening to these brings out the psychological intent of the music.

The primary point it is that these earphones are truly excellent for enjoying your music. The soundfrom this headphone iscomplete and terrific. The noise is not weak, the bass is treble and sufficient. It does feel like something that willbreak in a year. If you experienced an issue where it breaks, it is most likely since you got bad product.

Beats Studio 2.0 Wired OverEar Headphone Review

Beats Studio 2.0 Wired OverEar Headphone Review

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