Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p Headphone Review

These earphones have rich bass with fantastic highs and excellent mid range. I have great deals of more affordable headphones around the same price like Sony, and some other generics, and these headphones are far above.

Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p Headphone Review

Undisturbed enjoyment of music on the go, the closed design of these on-ear Beyerdynamic earphones efficiently attenuates disturbing ambient sound and allows the effective bass and comprehensive highs come into their own. This model fits perfectly and easily with its smooth and soft leatherette ear pads. I have owned a pair of Beyerdynamic earphones. The one thing I find incredible is that here in Malaysia, no one understands any of these brand names, but on the other side I’m a leper as I appreciate quality earphones and quality audio.

The bass department has lots of oomph and detail, and you can hear the bass layering when the music demands it, highs are not as airy as the HD800 and of course I wouldn’t anticipate these to be.

These on-ear earphones boggle the mind! They are extremely comfortable for on-ear earphones and the noise, if you haven’t currently got my gist, is exceptional. Often I need to stop what I’m doing, close my eyes and attempt fathom how music so good can from these earphones.

The bass is extended and punchy and not puffed up and the highs are bright and sparkly without being shrill. One can also includea terrific desktop amp and these headphones.

There is no creaking when you rotate and twist DTX 350p, the folding joints are not as loose, and adjustable headband has better locking control to remain in location. It actually felt like a premium quality over P21. I’m entirely persuaded this is a design defect, asthey broke at the very same area both times, and the plastic is quite thin at that part of the headband.

I have to state that these are really rather comfortable to me. Not only is the headband comfortable, however so are the ear pads. These are “on the ear” pads, however they are large and cushioned.

I intend to enjoy it for a long time. Now, I desire to find a longer electrical cord so that I can have more variety to move with the earphones on while at my computer.

This was an enjoyable surprise considering I am not a fan of the oversized earphones that are all the trend the past couple of years. I still choose the more discreet style ear buds. The cushioning of these Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p earphones are comfortable enough that I barely notice that they cover the whole ear. Obviously, the most key aspect is the sound quality, which was likewise excellent. Music was clear and crisp and the bass was loud without sounding distorted at any point. The Tap Tech function was alsoa good touch, enabling one to resume and stop briefly play with the slight touch of a button at the back of the left headphone.

These earphones sound wonderful! For thisrate, I admittedly wasn’t anticipating to be as pleased as I was. They sound and work terrific with video games like Osu and social apps like Skype. Nevertheless, music is where they truly shine. I compared these to a set of Beats Solo utilizing an iPod and I really liked these better.

These are fantastic headphones for the price. I wear glasses and have actually had concerns with other headphones pushing on the temple pieces and causing pain.

They look fantastic and they are very light and comfortable to wear for extended amount of times. The cable television is intertwined, that makes them fairly tangle-resistant. The cable pulls out with just the correct amount of torque, thereforethe headphones are not most likely to be swindled of your head prior to the cable television separates.

The sound quality is fantastic for thisrate, and the bass is excellent. My ears do not get hot while using these, they really feel cool on the ears, and the ear pads are really soft. I have to say, these are actually rather comfortable to me. I have actually worn them for a long time at a stretch, and I’ve never felt the very first signs of pain with them. This was a pleasant surprise considering I am not a fan of the large headphones that are all the trend the previous few years. The cushioning of these Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p headphones are comfortable enough that I hardly observe that they cover the whole ear.

I am truly pleased with these headphones. They look terrific and they are extremely light and comfortable to wear for prolonged time periods. The cable television is braided, makings them reasonably tangle-resistant. The cable television pulls out with simply the correct amount of torque, so the headphones are not most likely to be duped of your head before the cable detaches. I have lots of affordable headphones around the same cost like Sony, and some other generics, and these earphones are far better.

Features Lightweight, collapsible earphones with nylon travel case are ideal for travel Excellent sound seclusion Dynamic and comprehensive sound quality Travel case came with an Available in black or white. I have testedBeyerdynamic earphones, and I never taken them with a grain of salt their “writing on the box” given that they are usually accurate about explaining a sound signature and headphone functions. They are remarkably comfortable for on ear headphones and the sound, if you have not currently got my gist, is excellent.

These sound terrific, particularly when driven by a quality headphone amp. The presentation and soundstage are a bit forward of exactly what Sennheiser provides, however not so noticeable as to conflict with more sweeping classical pieces. Even on high-energy rock music, they shine. Hard to know if the earphones deserve it or not considering that the cable was short. Looking online, I see others have the very same concern.

I attempted these Beyerdynamic’s just due to the fact that I desired totally closed phones that looked great. I truthfully did not anticipate to keep them and decided my wife would like the white at her workstation. I am thankful I did.I enjoy the appearances and so does she and now that she has actually used them, I am purchasing a number of more of these systems this month … they’re that excellent actually.

Earpads are changeable by spying them off and the pleather headband cover is likewise detachable. When the headphones are off, adjusting the height works much better. The plugs are absolutely larger than those that are on-ear buds however compared with other earphones they are typical. At the same time, for the general consumer, if every headphone sounded this good. Good soundstage for a closed back headphone, simple to drive inloud volumes on any gadget, good clarity for a warm bass emphasized headphone and effectively comfortable.

These headphones look extremely cool, and I feel that if you leave the customized one pro side plates in, then they would look DJ esque. Nevertheless I love the customizable side plates, they allow you to add so much variety to your headphones. The sound is extremely, extremely excellent. I have a house taping studio, and I do not desire to hear any background sounds when listening to a track.

The adjustable bass range takes it from super bassto nearly non-existent. Bass practically appears restricted at the lower settings though so opening them up and letting the bass bump away is the way to go. If at all, the different settings do not alter the treble much. These earphones work simply fine without an amp but feeding them some additional power takes performance to the next level by including additional punch to the high-end and a bit more bass. Mids are a weak point of this headphone however I don’t mind that. I purchased it for the high and lows.

This cable had a loose connection almost right from package (less than 1 hour of listening time) and believe me I am extremely mindful with my newly bought products so I understand it was not my doing. The cord is still usable but if moved even slightly half of the audio seems to disappear and I am left with what sounds like music coming from another space behind me. After thoroughly researching earphones, I selected these based upon an excellent review in Steriophile publication. They sounded great and better than all the highly rated headphoneson the market i.e beats, sennsheiser, bose, and so on. The bass function is an included perk permitting modification to taste and the rate was impressive. Clean, smooth sound, fantastic thru a tube amp.

The noises is good and crisp. I utilized it on my Xbox one controller and i played for 5+ hours, and Ididn’t feel any pain at all. Overall these headphones have actually been respectable and on their site you can buy brand-new parts to customize them so I can at least buy new ear piece instead of a whole brand-new system although after much searching I cannot discover any of the parts on Amazon so you will have to get them off the beyerdynamic website.

Beyerdynamic 715883 is one of those earphones that appear to either be loved, or abhorred. There appears to be little happy medium. I just recently obtained a set, and I should say I was not sure exactly what to get out of these cans. Many peoplecomment about the anemic bass, and sibilant treble. Others rave about wonderful convenience and build quality. You can think of that even before listening to these earphones I had notions of what I might hear. I anticipated a bright, aggressive noise with a big soundstage. Exactly what I was welcomed with from these headphones was not what I thought, for much better or worse.

Comforton these earphones is fairly average. I can normally wear them for about 1-2 hours prior to my ear start to harm. In truth these nearly act like on ear earphones. I say this due to the fact that your ear will most likely touch the inner felt of the headphone. The pressure is light and truthfully I forget this is taking place, until my ears begin hurting. It is a pity Beyer might not have thickened the pads about 1cm more and the issue would be repaired. Finally, they also can get warm, which is great during these cold Minnesota winter seasons, however I do question how they will fair throughout the summer season in sweltering heat.

This headphone alsocomes in 2 different designs. These isolate extremely well, particularly with sound leak. The shorter cable television can constantly be extended, so even if you desire to utilize it at home, you can always extend the cable for more length.

These sound terrific, especially when driven by a quality headphone amp. Top to bottom, highs, lows and mids, these headphones reproduce all types of music consistently. At the exact same time, for the basic customer, if every headphone sounded this great. These headphones work simply fine without an amp but feeding them some extra power takes efficiency to the next level by adding additional punch to the high end and a bit more bass.

Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic 715883 DTX 350p Headphone Review

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