Beyerdynamic AT1350-A32 Audiometry Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic AT1350-A32 Audiometry Headphone Review

I’ve been in the market for a great portable headphone for a while now. With every portable headphone I’ve attempted I’ve felt that I was making some sort of compromise in concerns to sound for the benefit of a compact and little headphone.

Beyerdynamic AT1350 A32 Audiometry Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic AT1350 A32 Audiometry Headphone Review


These feel appearance and feel like high quality headphones. The metal buildings offers them a good weight (while not being extremely heavy) in the hand and the feel of something that’s going to last a life time. The little earbuds are one of the really few things not made of metal, however they do not feel inexpensive in any method.


I’ve never ever attempted an on-ear headphone that didn’t injure my ears. The 1350s are no exception. That stated, they appear to be getting more comfy each time I use them as the pads soften up a little and comply with the shape of my ears. I can quickly use them for an hour or longer without any significant pain, and I’m positive that they will continue to enhance with time. To compare them to 2 other significant gamers in the portable market, I’d state they are a little more comfy than the Vmoda M80s and a little less comfy than the Sennheiser HD25s.

There has actually been a great deal of discuss the 1350s from individuals stating these are picky in regards to getting a great seal on your ears, however I have not had that issue. One little bit of suggestions is to use them somewhat better back on your ears than you would typically believe is appropriate. These ended up being like little suction cups on your ears as soon as you get that seal.


Just the very best sound seclusion I’ve ever spoken with an on-ear headphone. These are not noise-cancelling headphones. They shut out sound passively by forming a great seal in between the earpads and your ears. I’m paying attention to them as I compose this review, and I cannot hear any keyboard clicks at all, which is stating something because I utilize among those super-noisy mechanical keyboards that you can speak with throughout your house. My partner is enjoying TELEVISION in the space, and I do not have the tiniest concept exactly what is on without taking a look at it. I cannot wait to obtain these on an aircraft or train to see how they carry out in those environments.:

In general, I’d categorize these as primarily neutral sounding. The noise is distortion-free and extremely tidy fine-tunedI’d state. On the M80s, I felt that the general noise readied, however that the treble was simply a little too soft. On the HD25s, I believed the treble was simply a touch too brilliant and the bass was simply a little bit too loose. The 1350s do not have any of these problems to my ears. Soundstage is undoubtedly not a strength of these headphones due to their closed nature and little size. That stated, I do not discover it doing not have at all compared with other headphones in the very same class. I’ve utilized them for a number of motion pictures and an episode of The Walking Dead, thus far and have actually been completely pleased with their efficiency.


They are some of the finest mids I have actually heard in a headphone, even much better than the Sony MDR-R10. While being rather forward they are not honky or crowded in any method.


The bass is where this headphone sounds various than the T1. The included body likewise makes this headphone more flexible and can be utilized with bass heavy categories.

My Music Preference:

Jazz (vocal and all instruments, trio/band formats) along with classical. I would like abit more bass for a portable than with an audiophile grade headphone, to partially make up for external sound when paying attention to jazz, however more neutral noise for classical. From a portable, I would like a strong mid variety efficiency for those jazz vocals however sufficient information at high-end and affordable bass meaning.

The Headphones:

Subjectively, the AT are plainly bigger cups (2.6 inches size, approximately as determined on the outdoors) and generally the cushions rest on my external ear suggestions and lobes. The BD being smaller sized (2.2 inches) rest on the ear itself more – more comfortable for me. AT appears a little lighter and the lambskin cushioning is softer whereas BD has a firmer cushioning and is much better in feel (other customers state the sealing home is crucial to the sound quality and bass though I feel the bass is maybe much deeper on AT). I plainly choose BD cushioning of the 2, AT being a bit too spongy.

AT is a more wood and plastics gadget (the reddish wood is a dull red matt and not as glossy as I had actually seen in some pictures), whereas the BD is a more strong tough plastic-type case and metal surface: of the 2 BD plainly looks the more expert durable sturdily constructed headphone – it is stolidly German! The AT is certainly the more fragile of the 2 headphones and has to be more thoroughly managed in transit. The BD has a noticeably enclosed noise print, nearly a cone-shaped noise however I feel it is more medically chillier and more precise. I discover myself turning the volume up on the BD for a “fuller” sound whereas the AT merely yields a bigger noise print with instruments much better laid out around you.

I discover it really hard to pick! I would most likely select the BD total for my requirements as a regular leaflet as the seclusion homes on the BD are certainly far better than the AT and I do not want to disrupt fellow travelers. The clearness of sound inside an airplane is most likely to be better too from the closed BD cups. The included travel pack and plugs work bonus and the AT would have closed the space more had it been more included here!

That stated, my child and I both choose the warmer noise of the AT! I believe the distinctions in sound signature are such that I will keep both.

In general, I believe these are keepers’ as the noise is fantastic; the fit fits, as they do not sweat your ears, and they’re simple to dismount onto your head above your ears or rest on your neck, as the cups turn flat. When I might utilize these throughout a video webcast, another perk is that they do not over-power my baldhead and that’s essential.

My summary goes like this:

  • * Sound quality is exceptional
  • * fit is extremely comfy with simply sufficient securing force and headband adjustability
  • * Metal building is better than low-cost plastic
  • * Mobility is impressive with a properly designed storage/carry case and devices

They sound wonderful even simply linked to my iPod or iPhone. The bass action strikes listed below 10hz, which is extremely remarkable, and the total discussion is really pleasurable. I purchased the track off iTunes and it sounded to remarkable on the 1350s that it made me get off my newly-turned-40 booty and begin dancing! For these headphones to not be active sound cancelling, they truly separate you from sound very well, however without the audible background sound that active sound cancelling headphones have. They likewise do not leakage noise out of the chauffeurs. I have no idea how they did this, however this is a plus specifically with individuals taping in a studio.

By the wayThey do not sound great right out of the box. Simply like my B&W 800’s, they require to be broken in. The highs and mids are well balanced, precise, and clear; and the sound phase is rather excellent when the source is well tape-recorded in stereo (binaural recordings best show this). Exactly what’s fantastic is that as soon as you discover the sweet area, the little motorists of the DT1350 have outstanding noise for its class. They have an exceptional capability with well taped music (especially classical and jazz) to transfer the listener into the music location, changing the tape-recorded efficiency into a virtual “live” efficiency.

Since they have actually been developed for expert usage in loud environments, these headphones likewise do an exceptional task separating ambient noises, and have no leak even at high listening levels, passing the “pleased better half test” with simplicity!

Beyerdynamic AT1350-A32 Audiometry Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic AT1350-A32 Audiometry Headphone Review

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