Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 Closed Supraaural Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 Closed Supraaural Headphone Review

I’ve been in the market for a great portable headphone for rather a while now. With every portable I’ve attempted I’ve felt that I was making some sort of compromise in concerns to sound for the benefit of a compact and little headphone.

Beyerdynamic DT 1350 80 Closed Supraaural Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic DT 1350 80 Closed Supraaural Headphone Review


These feel appearance and feel like high quality headphones. They come with a two-year guarantee and I’ve heard excellent things hence far about their client service ought to you require it. The little earbuds are one of the extremely couple of things not made of metal, however they do not feel low-cost in any method.


I’ve never ever attempted an on-ear headphone that didn’t harm my ears. That stated, they appear to be getting more comfy each time I use them as the pads soften up a little and adhere to the shape of my ears.

To compare them to 2 other significant gamers in the portable market, I’d state they are a little more comfy than the Vmoda M80s and a little less comfy than the Sennheiser HD25s. There has actually been a lot of talk about the 1350s from individuals stating these are picky in terms of getting a great seal on your ears, however I have not had that issue.


Merely the finest sound seclusion I’ve ever heard from an on-ear headphone. These are not noise-cancelling headphones. They obstruct out sound passively by forming a great seal in between the earbuds and your ears. In general, I’d categorize these as mainly neutral sounding. The noise is distortion-free and really tidy fine-tuned, I’d state. On the M80s, I felt that the general noise was great, however that the treble was simply a little too soft.

Guitars sound great. If you listen to jazz, then I believe you’ll like the noise of trumpets on these headphones. Subjectively, the AT are plainly bigger cups (2.6 inches size, approximately as determined on the outdoors) and generally the cushions rest on my external ear pointers and lobes. The BD being smaller sized (2.2 inches) rest on the ear itself more – more comfortable for me.

AT appears a little lighter and the lambskin cushioning is softer whereas BD has a firmer cushioning and is much better in feel (other customers state the sealing home is crucial to the sound quality and bass though I feel the bass is possibly much deeper on AT). I plainly choose BD cushioning of the 2, AT being a bit too spongy.

AT is a more wood and plastics gadget (the reddish wood is a dull red matt and not as glossy as I had actually seen in some pictures), whereas the BD is a more strong tough plastic-type case and metal surface: of the 2 BD plainly looks the more expert strong sturdily constructed headphone – it is stolidly German! The AT is absolutely the more breakable of the 2 headphones and has to be more thoroughly managed in transit. The BD has a noticeably enclosed noise print, practically a cone-shaped noise however I feel it is more medically chillier and more precise. I discover myself turning the volume up on the BD for a “fuller” sound whereas the AT merely yields a bigger noise print with instruments much better laid out around you.

I would most likely select the BD total for my requirements as a regular leaflet as the seclusion homes on the BD are certainly much better than the AT and I do not want to interrupt fellow travelers. The clearness of sound inside an airplane is most likely to be much better too from the closed BD cups.

That stated, my child and I both choose the warmer noise of the AT! I believe the distinctions in sound signature are such that I will keep both. In looks both ready looking (check out major looking and not fashionable bassheads aka Beat, no disrespect meant!). The AT looks the more classy and conservative phone however the wood surface of its cups does look small and somewhat un-woodish mock woodish (maybe the appeal is not deep-red sufficient). The BD is all clearly steely and Germanic major.

When they did arrive I simply had to open the box and once again, I looked into the pouch and saw those small cups while I carefully shook my head from side-to-side. Even so, I chose to attempt them.

Then when I began to listen to them and likewise to feel how they formed to my years, I saw that they were rather comfy. I chose to keep utilizing them and sheepishly, I recognized that I had actually profiled these cups in an unfavorable light. I purchased the track off iTunes and it sounded to remarkable on the 1350s that it made me get off my newly-turned-40 booty and begin dancing! There is likewise no piercing treble glare associated with a lot of signs and headphones actually shine. These headphones expose simply like my B&W 800 series Nautilus speakers, which is an achievement since those speakers are world renowned by audio market professionals and customers alike.

For these headphones to not be active sound cancelling, they truly separate you from sound exceptionally well, however without the audible background sound that active sound cancelling headphones have. They likewise do not leakage noise out of the motorists. I have no idea how they did this, however this is a plus particularly with individuals tape-recording in a studio.

Exactly what’s incredible is that as soon as you discover the sweet area, the little chauffeurs of the DT1350 have outstanding noise for its class. They have an exceptional capability with well tape-recorded music (especially classical and jazz) to transfer the listener into the music location, changing the tape-recorded efficiency into a virtual “live” efficiency. Since they have actually been created for expert usage in loud environments, these headphones likewise do an outstanding task separating ambient noises, and have no leak even at high listening levels, passing the “pleased spouse test” with simplicity!


The DT1350 after one year of day-to-day usage has actually ended up being “I nearly forget I’m using them” comfy. The building, consisting of the earbuds, is completely of metal.

The movable two-piece headband, combined with the earbudsextenders and horizontal swivel, offer a boundless mix of positions for getting the DT1350s sitting simply. When the ideal fit is discovered, the DT1350 remains embedded in that position, making it simple later to obtain the headphones in the listener’s distinct “sweet area”.

This headphone is created for fledgling audiophile individuals or headphone enthusiasts who are looking for a little compact sealed set that provides very first rate noise and cost. At $299 a set the phones are at the expensive leading end of the “compact” headphone market and are a good worth if you are searching for a usually sincere recreation of hyped as compared tosound bass and piercing trebles.

The sound phase represented by the Beyerdynamic DT1350 is not incredibly broad however there readies depth of noise. I utilize these in addition to AKG 702s, Focal Spirit Ones, & Sennheiser HD600s, linked to an Arcam rPac and a Sound Device USB-Pre2. Fantastic headphone with exceptional construct quality. The headphones are really comfy thinking about the reality that they are over hear. Over time I began to usethem for DJ gigs/practice, and then when my complete sized cans broke, I began to utilize them for pro audio and recording. When it was time to select up brand-new portable headphone I chose to attempt this design.

Creating and making a headphone that determines high on the precision scale is not (or must not) be all that challenging. I have no concept exactly what a ‘Tesla’ headphone indicates. Perhaps they form a bad 80’s metal band when they get older.

Going through my go to screening recordings the BDs handle to do an outstanding task with 50s and 60s period Blue Note sounds, however still play good with bass heavy reggae and electronic music. Not every set of headphones can handle those 2 extremes well, it takes some severe dyamic variety and functional grace to do that.

They come with a bring case that is protected with Velcro. The headband can be pulled apart to much better fit heads; this is an excellent function. My Samsung Galaxy 4 drives them rather well and considering my recordings are mp3 – 128, they sound excellent. The only unfavorable, however simply somewhat, is the sound seclusion. The DT-1350s are truly excellent at it however not as great as sound canceling phones.

As soon as I attempted the phones, I was impressed on how smooth and clear the noise was. I was worried with some of the customers that the phones did not have bass – this is not the case. Singing voices sound specifically excellent. They will not make bad product noise great. The sound quality is terrific really neutral compared with other headphones I have actually utilized so do not anticipate frustrating basses. I utilize these with my smart-phone and computer system and the 80Ohms are no concern.

Other than a couple of really little quibbles with the cable television, I cannot envision a portable headphone doing as much as ideal as the 1350s handle to do. I alsohave a portable and little headphone that takes a trip well without making any significant compromises in terms of noise.

Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 Closed Supraaural Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 Closed Supraaural Headphone Review

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