Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms Review

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms Review

The convenience received from these headphones for me is superb and preliminary securing force reduces up after a couple hours use. After a few hundred hours of use, this earphone will feel like your favorite set of old pants.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms Review

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 ohms Review

I was incredibly pleased by the fuzzy and soft velour ear pads that nestled my head like a pair of cushioned ear muffs. Comfort might not be the greatest concern for a lot of purveyors of sound, but I ensure you, after a few hours of listening, they may change their mind. And it’s not just the ear pads that make this closed headphone feel comfortably on my cranium. There’s the soft padded headband that covers neatly around my crown, and at just 335g (about 11oz), the circumaural buildings feels tight and compact. I tried walking with them on the street, and was only delay by the length and thickness of the cable that I needed to tuck inside my pocket.

These earphones havegood mids compared to the 80 ohms variations and better control over the bass – fast and exact. Highs are typical Beyer signature. I chose closed back circumaural headphones because I’m a college student who was going to be in a tiny dormitory space with a roommate constantly repeating parts of my tasks over and over. I comprehend how annoying that’d be to others and wanted a set of earphones that would not leakage noise and they definitely do not!

I’ve owned several high end earphones and these are by far the highest quality and most comfy for extended usage. I might offer you endless specs and comparisons, but everyone will have their own taste when it comes to headphones. I got these headphones and they were not entirely sealed, however had the entire initial packing product on them, which led me to me to think that the company selling these through Amazon ran them for 50 hours so they would be broken in.

These are better thanbeats in different ways. The bass is cleaner and tighter, and these earphones are lighter and more comfortable, and theyto not have any disturbance with my MacBook or Mbox2 Pro. I have actually not yet utilized these to really blend yet, however I will in the extremely future because these are the only headphones that I can utilize today since I run out country. Sounds bounce and echo all over, making it extremely difficultto focus on work. These earphones are the solution; I can tune out the remainder of the office with relative convenience now. If just they had a microphone option so I could hear my phone and make calls with them.

These are over-ear earphones with a soft velour pad that is really comfortable, and sufficient securing force to negate most external sound. While they are not absolutely isolated, they are close adequate to allow excellent, and adequate, sound for monitoring and music. The soft vinyl headband cover is beginning to wear slightly from attaching it to my Versa flexharness; however that is to be anticipated and is not an issue. These appear a little flatter throughout a large dynamic variety, compared with the MDR’s, they remind me of old AKGs, but have plenty of power in the bass. The output is quieter than my Sony MDRs. They are extremely comfortable and light, I can wear them for hours. They aren’t the best earphones in deep space, but I think they are an excellent worth for their rate and quite ideal for serious audio production.

I have owned the DT770 PRO’s for about a half and a year now and have NO problems with them. They produce an extremely clear sound phase and when it concerns the different levels, bass is on the heavier side (which I like), the mid are very good and you can hear the changes when you have a high-end sound card on your computer, then difficulty which is clear and really clean. This is actually the very first $30+ headphone purchase I’ve ever made so I spent actually probably 12 hours total reading reviews and seeing videos to choose. I didn’t understand how real the entire breaking in thing is on high end earphones.

After talking with other producers and asking around, I chose to put Beyerdynamic’s DT 770’s on the top of my list of prospective headphones to purchase. Some designs I was weighing against these including Audio Techica’s M50, Sennheiser’s HD 598, and Ultrasone’s HFI-700. I did some studio on all of these earphones and technically speaking, the Beyerdynamic earphones were just ahead of all of them. They provide the very best frequency response of the majority of headphones, especially in the higher signs up.

These earphones are beyond incredible. To put itsimply, these are probably the most crystal clear headphones on the marketplace. There is definitely no adjustment of the sound, providing you true, natural sound to everything you pay attention to. You know how some headphones brand name themselves as “hearing music the way it’s indicated to be heard”? These are real to that statement; there is no EQ increase or built in nonsense manipulating the noise. There is no hissing of any kind or input issues. The high-frequency varieties are unrivaled to other earphones and you really hear things you never ever heard prior to in music.

If you’re going to use these with a phone or ipod than get the 80 ohm variation. I utilize these in house for video gaming and films which I have no problems with. The coiled cable television is wonderful! But it takes down the left ear cup a bit however I have actually gotten utilized to it. If something breaks, I also think everything on these headphones are changeable unlikethe cheap earphones which need to be replaced often. The mids are very good, though a little recessed. And the bass is exceptional. To me it’s not self-important but is very much present and smooth. When put to the test, not for bassheads but can deal with the lows. The treble and mids go hand in hand and in some way help control the bass. About the treble, again it does appear a little too good. I own a pair of Beyer 990’s too and they have the same treble. Maybe it is just the sound signature of that line of Beyer earphones. The majority of my music is on my iPod and I utilize a Samson headphone amp to assist power them. iPods are just inadequate for 250 ohm phones. I listen to almost all sorts of music and everything sounds exceptional with the 770’s!! Again, I need to tinker the EQ a bit to become the noise I want.

These earphones are absolutely fantastic. I will be tracking with these in the future and will eagerly anticipate it. This is the very first time that I have actually listened to music and forgot they were originating from my headphones. Definitely stunning, so comfortable, big choirs sounded remarkable, absolutely nothing got in the way as far as instruments and so on. Audiophiles understand what I’m discussing as they did notsound colored and no exhaustionafter hours of listening.Now I want an amp to power these things to see if they can sound even much better but truthfully they sound fantastic as they are as I am listening from my computer system in music bliss.

All the music I had actually known for years now appears new with these earphones. I know Sony makes terrific earphones for the rate variety etc. I own Sony, AKG and other pricey headphones. I use these headphones on a daily basis for everything from casual music listening or viewing motion pictures to recording/mixing my own music. They have actually always been remarkable in their shipment of noise, and I would suggest them to anyone who wants a set of high quality headphones. The cable is extra long so they aren’t the very best for paying attention to an iPod in your pocket, but they’re so nice you most likely would not wish to take them anywhere where they could be damaged anyway.

The bass is merely unbelievable. The noise is crisp and on point. There is no latency in the headphones even though the cable connected is quite long. The result given off by them is like that of being in a living-room listening with a high quality system sitting behind you. As far as the bass is concerned, you can equalize for as much bass as any terrific headphones can produce, but keep in mind, they are headphones. They play bass components very well but are not for bass heads. These are uniquely position to be driven by extremely low source of power. E.G. those who do not have a dedicated Head Phone amp for instance, like running off your device or computer system without a dac/amp. I utilized them with a sophisticated tube amp and they were better than simply good.

The sound is immaculate and the bass is wonderful. Lows and highs are clear, and the general noise is simply such fantastic quality. Delighted with these; I’ve hardly taken them off my head. The only thing I will state is that due to the fact that they are mostly for use with an amp, you will need to turn volume approximately about 80% for usage with an iPod/iPhone/laptop. I have vmoda XS for more portable usage as they are an amazing on esrs. Sometimes I turn off to my Audio-Technica ATH-M40’s which are over the ear like the DT 770’s.

I comprehended how frustrating it would be to others and desired a set of earphones that would not leakage noise, and they absolutely do not! I did some research on all of these headphones and technically speaking, the Beyerdynamic earphones were simply ahead of all of them. Unlike more affordable headphones with you would have to replace the entire headphone. Possibly it is simply the sound signature of that line of Beyer headphones. They have constantly been impressive in their delivery of sound, and I would advise them to anyone who wants a pair of high quality headphones.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms Review

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms Review

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