Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones Review

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones Review

I have actually observed that in reviews for this and other open back headphones, there is a lot of criticism about the sound leakage. Open back phones leak noise by design, as this is what tends to give these phones that open sound stage closed back and what ear buds lack

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones Review

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones Review


The bass was the area was I had some combined viewpoints about. I would state that the sub-base is very improved and toned; but occasionally felt them to overpowering. i haven’t personally paid attention to the dt880s, but i was told that the dt880s (250, 600ohm models) have more of a passive “much safer” low range-bass method when compared with the strongly sounding “Bass head” DT990s. Again in this range, the mph 1000s and the players were in a diff league. But top tier contending bass efficiency wasn’t anticipated of these dt990s anyways. Essentially, if you are into balanced bass and you love progressive, house, hip-hop and edm, these are the headphones for you, not precariously overpowering, but tight, deep and rich … They handled to match my Yamaha pro 500s total in terms of overall sound quality, although for portable players, I would provide the pro500s bit more preference because they are quickly drive-able and are more suitable for low power gadgets plus for travel due a 23ohm resistance they offer.

Sound is relatively aggressive and forward, which to me equals involving and fun. The highs are crisp and clear, but not fatiguing as some have discovered with phones such as the Grade line. The Grades are frequently discussed as THE phones for rock, but the DT-990s are also outstanding for rock music with the tiredness in addition to being far more comfy. These DT-990’s will make you seem like the Lobot character on the initial Star Wars (Cloud City, Lando’s assistant) but they are like holding a small kittycat gently to your ears as far as convenience. The adjustment stays changed; it does not slide up and down like a lot of earphones.

The beyer’s do everything much better than the he-400 and for half the rate. I know the reviews on the web are great for them, but they just didn’t do it for me. The only drawback (or upside if you like coiled cables) to the beyer 990 pro’s is the cord. It’s a coiled cable and I found it extremely frustrating. Some people might like it a good deal. I simply recabled my own with some canare starquad 4e5c and problem resolved. Do not be if you’re hesitant on these for any reason. The DT 990 Pro paired with a Fiio E11 portable amp seemed a hard mix to beat, so I started. Games sound excellent, I can select details not heard before, with large improvements to openness and directional information. Exact same thing with music, nothihg but tidy, gorgeous sound in all ranges, absolutely nothing over or underpowered. Develop quality is great, they’re light but strong. The earpads are soft and luxurious. General I’m satisfied with sound and develop quality. If I had to discover a negative, they might have included some type of storage. Yes they’re intended for fixed studio usage, but even a cheap storage bag would have been nice. And while the headband padding is adequate, the wrap is kinda inexpensive feeling. Real leather would be nice.

The frame of the headphones are made out of a very strong, yet thin, plastic. Exactly what’s distinct is that there is a removable part that both cushions the top of the head, and holds the headphones together. Notification in the product image that there are buttons– these can easily be unbuttoned and buttoned back. If that is possible because that type of music generally ruins any kind of speaker due to its rumbling bass, ear piercing pitches and digital drums/drum maker. The 990’s excel with that genre and by no ways are these phones bass emphasized. When put to the test with severe music, they can manage the turmoil!

The bass, mids, and highs were not clearer or sounded any different. Maybe one of the numerous Fiio amps or a tube amp would assist? The mid’s are well balanced – vocals appear to be on a wide sound stage. All in all, having played in orchestras and jazz, I feel these headphones produce an extremely even well balanced sound. To those complaining of severe treble and heavy bass, here is a graph comparing these ‘phones and Audio Technica ATH M50x, that are usually raved over … As to building – these are well constructed and extremely comfy, change quickly. When I was looking into these headphones some reviews stated the bass was too strong, but I do not think this at all. I listen to a lot of techno and it sounds terrific through these headphones. I purchased these DT-990 250ohm Pro as a replacement to a worn set of Beyerdynamic DT-880 250ohm Premium that had flat out worn motorists after 6 years of heavy usage. Not real delighted with that, but I likewise understand drivers wear and they were greatly used 3-5 hours a day quickly for 6 years.

I use my headphone for listening to music, playing video games and watching films on my computer systems. My first computer system has a Sound Blaster Z OEM soundcard with a developed in headphone amp. They are comfortable and very light with replaceable velour ear pads. Since these cans require a lot juice, I’m playing the music through my iPod (320 kbps) and I also bought the Fiio ANDES E07K USB DAC earphone amplifier. I extremely recommend running these headphones for around 100 hours to break them in and you will certainly see the music is more silky smooth without having to use the EQ on the Fiio amp.

The sound imaging is spacious and sufficiently opens offering good spatial and acoustic cues. Now the cabling and ergonomics is a mixed bag. It consists of a screw-on adaptor making it beneficial for mobile phones and your complete size home amplifier source. You must be ready to accept a difficult wired cabling from one side of the ear cup and routed over the frame to the other channel. In my opinion it makes these cans sensitive and more susceptible to harming the connections gradually. I compare this to my greater end Sennheiser HD 700s that have plug-in cabling for each channel, gave the Sennheisers are twice the price, but you may want think about a set of cans with plug-in cabling if your going to be bring them around with. The mids are silky smooth, a dream to listen to. The first time I listened to these, I put on a Burial track, and the vocals sounded like velvet. You won’t break these by twisting them. The plastic for the ear cups is very thick plastic and is strong. These do secure harder than premium Beyerdynamic headphones, but I personally like that. My 880s did not hold tight enough in my opinion and would move around too much.

Among the important things this headset is understood for is its bass. The bass doesn’t have any “rattle” to it. It’s extremely smooth and quite truthfully, relaxing. I also use this headset whilst gaming and I enjoy it. Surges and gun sounds are extremely “basey”, so this headset is all around fantastic no matter what you use it for. Considering that they are opening eared they permit the listener to feel as if they were in the studio when the music is playing! The clarity allows you to pick up everything from subtleties in the sound quality, to even the tiniest shifts of fade.

The construct quality is rugged and fantastic, personally i don’t think in the different ohm variation can sound different with respect to this model, so i opted for the pro version which is the cheapest and I was not disappointed one bit. Another remarkable thing about this earphone is that they do not really require good amplification or source to sound excellent cause they work well any amplifier and source, but i am sure they may sound even much better with an amplifier, which has the right synergy for this. These earpads might be considered as a high-end upgrade to bring the comfort level of these full size over-ear headphones to the finest I have checked in a really long time. One of the most significant complains with over-/ on-ear headphones is normally about earpads and how hot and sweaty they get after an extended listening session. The earcup is attached to a headband through a brushed aluminum Y-fork building and construction, which is common for most of the Beyer earphone designs. I have actually observed that in reviews for this and other open back headphones, there is a lot of criticism about the sound leakage. Open back phones leak sound by design as this is exactly what tend to offer these phones that open sound phase closed back and ear buds lack.

Generally, if you are into well balanced bass and you love progressive, home, hip-hop and edm, these are the headphones for you, not dangerously overwhelming, but tight, abundant and deep … They managed to match my Yamaha pro 500s general in terms of total sound quality, although for portable players, I would give the pro500s bit more choice because they are quickly drive-able and are more suitable for low power devices plus for travel due a 23ohm insusceptibility they provide.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones Review

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones Review

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