Beyerdynamic EDT250V Headphone Ear Pads Review

Beyerdynamic EDT250V Headphone Ear Pads Review

My Sony MDR-7506 headphones had actually seen hours of everyday usage for about 6 years, and the pads were truly beginning to reveal it. As fantastic as those headphones are, the Sony pads are not extremely long lasting. After doing a little online research study, it looked like these Beyerdynamic pads were an excellent option, so I chose to go all out. Setup was about as challenging as setting up Sony pads, which is low appreciation, however it’s workable. Once I began pulling the edges PAST the groove in the headphones and then gradually moving them back down into location, it was simpler.

Beyerdynamic EDT250V Headphone Ear Pads Review

Beyerdynamic EDT250V Headphone Ear Pads Review

As soon as this rather aggravating job was completed, I right away provided my freshly reconditioned headphones a test drive with a few of my preferred orchestral pieces. In the beginning, the rather firmer foam of the pads pushed a little too difficult on my head, and the texture of the velour wasn’t my preferred, and I was a little delayed by the method the luxury of the sound appeared quieter.

* The surface area plainly will not be exfoliating in a couple of years.

* The bass is a bit louder and more resonant, however not irritatingly so.

* At least with my ears and head shape, these pads stifle outside sounds a lot much better than the Sony’s.

Meh, I believe the Sony pads are great while they last. When they begin to break down all over your noggin, I believe these Beyerdynamic pads are the method to go. To eliminate your old earbuds, just stick your finger on the within the cup and carefully work them off, they come out relatively simple. To set up the Beyers, you’ll need to place the foam piece and hold it focused while you work the edges around. Due to the fact that the external edges of the Beyer pads are quite flexible and with a little persistence you can work them around the edges of the phones, it’s truly not that hard.

The trouble is how the noise altered. The bass ended up being boomy and overwhelms the mids and highs which are both less. After some browsing on the web, followed by AB screening with pals, one amongst which had a set of similar ATH-M50 headphone, I did 2 things. I obstructed off a few of the bass ports (the 2 sets of 7 little holes at the bottom and leading around the chauffeurs) to bring the bass back under control with electrical tape. The 2nd mod was to conceal all the holes on the underside of the pads, once again with electrical tape. The stock pads are made with a strong piece of pleather and the Beyers have little holes all over the underside. The whole surface area was taped up to be smooth.

The mix of these 2 modifications brought the bass down under control, and brought back the highs and mids to a similar level. It makes the total level a little quieter than stock so I do have to turn the volume up a bit more now. Setup: Easy, simply pull the old ones off and thoroughly move the brand-new ones on with the little piece of felt covering the speaker. I tossed the additional plastic pieces as they do not appear required. They look and fit like they were developed precisely for the Sony’s.

Convenience: These are the very same size as the Sony cups, however a little much deeper (which benefits me, because my ears struck the felt on the Sony ones, however do not on these). The velour is extremely comfortable. It likewise appears that the sound seclusion is much better with the Beyerdynamic cups.

Noise: I’m no audiophile, however these sound great to me. The cups appear to have actually altered the noise somewhat, perhaps more bass, however not too obvious. I eliminated the old pads by pulling them off and put on the brand-new ones utilizing my fingers and a Q-tip stick – took about 10 minutes overall (be cautious – a tear would be quite hard to repair) simply extending them over the edges and seating them utilizing the stick. The pads are extremely comfy and for me offer more seclusion than the OEM pads – supplying a little bit more bass reaction – which honestly I discovered missing out on with the initial pads. The velour is a bit warmer on the ears than the old pads, however not annoyingly so. It’s like getting a brand-new set of headphones – I am extremely pleased with this purchase and anticipate them to last rather a while. I didn’t look at any guidelines, however the fit and surface looks simply like the old ones.

With the mesh off, the noise is somewhat more sibilant. The middle mesh is somewhat thicker than the stock mesh and utilizing typical sense, you can figure that it’ll change the noise a smidge. A lot of will not have the time or care to play with it as they simply desire more convenience and utilize the mesh so the motorist remains tidy versus the spot from the knapsack or skin flakes/hair.

They velour pads do take a little finagling to put on, however you most likely will not be taking them off later on to it’s worth the effort to do it. As for the noise, particularly in concerns to the Monoprice’s, I discovered the sound quality to be decreased from that of the stock pads, so much that I purchased a 2nd set of 8323’s simply to keep it with stock pads. This is due to the fact that the velour pads lowered the punch of the bass, not by a load, however simply enough where I discovered it. Beyerdynamic cushions are soft velour, well cushioned, and fit the Sony headphones completely. It can take a little practice and effort to slip the edge of the cushion into the slot around the edge, however be client and simply stretch carefully and it’s not that challenging as soon as you get the hang of it.

You simply pull out the initial cushioning by pulling at the edges, it should be quite simple to get them off. Next, disregard the inner cushioning and the tough plate, simply extend out the cushion a bit. As soon as you’ve extended it, hook it onto the edges of the headphone and keep attempting to lock the edges onto it while holding down on the cushion. My old earbuds were severely broken, and would leave gross residue all over my ears after each usage. These pads feel better, enhance noise-reduction and bass efficiency, and will last much longer than the initial Sony earbuds. They’re providing restored life to my Sony MDR-7506’s, and make the headphones feel brand-new once again. In anpreviousre view I checked out about how to set up the Beyerdynamic ear cushions. And yes, at least for the Sony headphones, toss the plastic flanges that come in the plan. They may be required for some other headphone design, butnot the Sony MDR-V6’s.

These were simple to set up (took less than 10 minutes overall), are well made and comfy, and altered the noise in a terrific method – tamed the highs and included more truly sound and bottom great (I’m an adult audiophile and do not like obnoxious boomy noise – these do not do that). I personally like them obstructing more external sound which improves exactly what you’re paying attention to and others do not need to pay attention to you. I’ve never ever discovered any of these type headsets to be comfy for more than an hour approximately however this velour product is simple on the ears and much better for the other factors above.


This is difficult to inform. It appears like they do a somewhat much better task of shutting out external sounds, however they likewise appear to leakage sounder than Sony’s default earbuds. This leads me to think that the perceived boost in sound seclusion is simply that– viewed.


Some individuals have actually declared increased soundstage, which makes a bit of sense given that your ears are a bit additional away from the motorists. Others have actually likewise asserted higher focus of bass frequencies, something I cannot comprehend (provided that the seal in between ear and chauffeur is no more (and is maybe even less) strong).


Plainly effectively made. Great develop products.


These are a terrific buy if your existing, stock earbudssatisfy any of the following requirements:

* They make your ears sweat after prolonged wear

* They trigger your ears to be pinned in between your head and the headphone motorists

* They have actually started to break down


* You discover them usually unpleasant

The brand-new pads appear to be well built. Compared with “previously”, they’ve increased the securing a bit, being a bit thicker than the originals, and fit.

In my evaluation, the leak out is very little, if at all, at anything less than levels that will harm hearing; and the seclusion from external noises is great (in both cases, about the very same, or possibly somewhat much better than, the OEM earbudson my brand-new, 2014 MDR-V6 cans).

The effect on the signature of the MDR-V6 is considerable in the low bass! Depending upon your viewpoint, that might be excellent, or it might be bad. Keep reading and judge on your own: I put brand-new EDT250V pads on my cans every 3-4 years, so I’ve changed them about 4 times. They are comfy, when you sweat a little, the velour wicks it away, they do not stick to your skin or leave bits of plastic in your hair (like the initial pads did) and when I feel the headphones begin to touch my ear, I understand that it’s time for a brand-new set of pads.

Beyerdynamic EDT250V Headphone Ear Pads Review

Beyerdynamic EDT250V Headphone Ear Pads Review

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