Bluedio R+ Legend Deep Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic & Micro SD Card Slot Review

Bluedio R+ Legend Deep Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic & Micro SD Card Slot Review

After so many numerous purchases of bluetooth headphones, which need to have be named “deadphones”, I made an outstanding decision when I acquired the Bluedio R+ Legend headphones. I have checked these headphones at a range of nearly 70 feet and the music still just as clear as though I was right beside my device. For those of us who love a bumping bass, these headphones deliver!!!! Would I suggest these headphones to others? ABSOLUTELY!

Bluedio R+ Legend Deep Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic & Micro SD Card Slot Review

Bluedio R+ Legend Deep Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic & Micro SD Card Slot Review

I utilize these at work to listen to music from my Galaxy Note 3 and am very satisfied with the sound quality and the amount of bass. I’ve taken several phone calls utilizing these headphones and they work very well. With the headphones, I keep the phone in its stand and my head doesn’t attenuate exactly what 3G/4G signal I can get. I’m very impressed by the build, sound, and connection of these headphones. They feel strong in your hands and while on, they’re comfortable and light. I’m generally a Bose client but decided to offer Bluedio a shot on an excellent Black Friday offer. The lows and mids are deep and ridiculously crisp, the best I’ve ever heard over Bluetooth. They also sound significantly much better through Bluetooth and the battery lasts a ridiculous amount of time … it’s challenging to measure, but I’ve charged it as soon as and I’ve listened to well over 30 hours covering about six weeks. They’re quite worth the MSRP.

I purchased the R+ Legend headphones after months of searching for the best set to satisfy my needs. I’m here to tell you that this is the best pair of headphones I’ve ever had, PERIOD! The sound is clear and crisp. The bass is remarkable. I have over 4,000 songs in my private library and R+ Legend headphones can play them all with expert quality. I even had a little problem with the Micro SD player and they sent me a brand brand-new set at no additional charge. I recommend these headphones for anybody who values every detail of every tune; precisely what you get with Bluedio, precision and construct. I guarantee they sound as good, if not better, than Beats or Bose at a portion of the expense. Go on and purchase you a pair. You’ll see exactly what I’m speaking about. Pleased Shopping!

This is a music fan’s dreams. Particularly for the one that just wishes to experience the music without headaches. Within seconds of unboxing this, I had the ability to get it synced as much as my Moto X and already jamming to my comprehensive Google Music library. The bass is heavy when it has to be and the sound is very precise. I’ve just utilized the bluetooth connection considering that I’m getting tired of wires. Took this on a jog and had no problem with keeping it on my ears. It handles every kind of music with total convenience and makes it sound fantastic. Thus Far, my preferred function is the built in battery. I don’t need to worry about searching for a battery or other head pains. Originating from the Skull Candy Skullcrusher, this is a more than invited feature. Discovering a double A battery that worked was a head ache. It’s nice to know that I can just take these head phones out of the packet and be good to go.

Terrific headphones really excellent bass and Bluetooth is flawless. To will not regret it if you love bass headphones and are Bluetooth. They are definitely doing their task, and evaluating from the quality of the item, I anticipate it to last me for quite a while. Another fantastic thing about Bluedio is that they have terrific consumer service. Yes, you need to treat them delicately as I can see how they could break when the earpieces are extended from the band BUT they carry a good range and the sound quality is quite darn great for a $70 bluetooth headset. The calling sound quality is excellent and no static.

These are good looking headphones. These sound terrific!! I have walked 30 feet away from my device and never ever had any static sound. I have the silver headphones and they look incredible.  I like them. The best thing about this is you can link to more than one device and choose which one to utilize at a time. Definitely like these headphones! The EQ makes a big distinction in sound.

The finest headphones I’ve ever owned. They are definitely much better than Beats I’ve compared them and I choose Bluedio without doubt, they do more, look better, sound better, get louder, and the bass is remarkable! The only thing Beats has more than Bluedio is the name brand. These are remarkable headphones!! Sounds terrific and are comfy to use. I do not have to have my cell phone with me all the time to listen to music.

The sound quality over those obsolete variations of Bluetooth is quite bad and you may want to keep that audio cable around in case you want the sound to be better but if you’re fine with the lower sound quality due to the fact that you want to stay wireless, then you can do that too. I need to say, Bluedio, you out did yourself!! The Bluedio R+ are more than what I expected. These are the best headphones I’ve ever owned & the plus is the features i.e. SD card slot, alternative cord, incredible Bluetooth, and simplicity of transition between all.

These headphones are fantastic! They are over the ear they are a lot more comfy than any in ear headphones. The bass is at a comfy level and even if it was not you can alter the equalizer on your gadget you are streaming music from or on the Bluedio R+ headphones themselves! Outstanding wireless headphones! I can have my iPad in the cooking area and sit outside to listen to my music. Sound quality is crystal clear. I’m a longtime music lover, which loosely translates as: quality and efficiency are the single most essential aspect with devices. These headphones flat out perform well.

These are absolutely remarkable headphones! they sound exceptional, and have an unexpected amount of bass. I, in fact, needed to turn down the bass on the EQ to obtain a good balance, bust magnificent overall, even when utilizing without Bluetooth straight with the standard earphone cable television Killer sound, extremely comfortable, bluetooth connection is strong. Couldn’t request for a better set of cans – especially for the price!!! Deep, rich bass, accurate, sharp highs, and a full-bodied mid-range makes these the best candidate for listening to music, enjoy shows or films, or for an extended gaming session. Added features just include much more value to an already extraordinary offer. These headphones offer fantastic quality with fresh looks. The headphones have equally as excellent quality with Bluetooth, as it does with an aux cable, and it’s very easy to set up these with any Bluetooth gadget: they quickly pair!

At high volume! the highs are really brilliant but I do not listen at really high volumes just wanted to examine how they sounded and they do get loud. With the music playing, I might not hear anyone even at low volume. I am around kids all the time and they always match the coolness of these headphones and are delighted when they have a listen. Good bluetooth headphones, very large over the ear fit, they do not touch my ears at all. A bit heavy on the basis for my preference, but my kids love the bass, so all in all, it is an earphone that is in high usage around the home. Battery lasts an actually long period of time … I study for 20 hours. So far so good, no problems at all with these headphones. Connection to any device is a breeze. Can respond to phone calls through these, and they have a cable to connect should your battery diminish.

Other bluetooth headsets have actually fit, but squeezed the heck out of my head. Out of the box the sound quality was … LOUD! As soon as i did that I couldn’t stop listening to my music due to the fact that I really could hear more of the tunes … there were intricacies in the songs I had not been able to hear before, even with good wired headsets in the past. I bought this headset for four factors: It is wireless, it has great reviews, it has a slot for a micro sd card, and it’s stunning! All at an excellent price. The other 2 functions– in shape and sound quality– are great. I utilize this headset at the gym, with a micro sd card on which I’ve packed my exercise music.

Bluedio R+ Legend Deep Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic & Micro SD Card Slot Review

Bluedio R+ Legend Deep Bass Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic & Micro SD Card Slot Review

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