BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone Review

BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone Review

Excellent set of headphones! For under $100, you would be hard pressed to find anything similar, the speaker range is darn good and my eyes grew broad the very first time I used them with YouTube. I’ve used them for some hours at a time and had no problem with ear pinching as I’ve had with other headphones. I just got these, so I have no input on durability but for now, I’m giving them five stars!

BOHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone Review

BOHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone Review

These headphones are very elegant and they look great with my red hair. Sound quality is outstanding and they come in a great storage case. When I have actually used them for phone calls, I have asked 5+ individuals about the sound quality of me coming through and if there was fixed, and they told me that they couldn’t tell at all. I have only used routine headphones in the past. After wearing these on a journey to Mickey’s house, I cannot think how much outside noise that I was getting with the old headphones. There is simulated airplane noise that comes on while you are using the headphones and when you take them off you can hear the sound.

These headphones have outstanding sound quality for the price. I bought them for myself, but they push versus my eyeglasses, and after a while, it harms. I provided to my other half, who does not use glasses, and he likes them. They sound a lot better than earbuds; you will not regret them … if you don’t use glasses!-RRB-.

Anyways, BOHM Bluetooth noise canceling headphones work great. In the plan, there is the headphones themselves inside a nice carrying case; a USB cable for charging and an earphone cord with an integrated mic for those who do not wish to utilize the Bluetooth function sometimes. The headphones have a brushed metal style, and although long lasting, seem vulnerable looking. I am impressed with these headphones. They are easy to utilize and extremely tough. Excellent price for good quality. I have a little head and I have found that everything else I’ve tried been way too huge and cumbersome, and manly. The headphones I simulate generally aren’t noise canceling. I like the slim profile of these and the styling. Its very sleek and European. I brought them to the Apple Store because I had a problem with my phone’s Bluetooth and staff in the store enjoyed them and said these desired a set. The sound quality is excellent.

They have a very professional look with quality sound to back it up. All I needed to do was charge them, sync them to my audio source and begin using them. The active noise cancelling holds true and does a fantastic job and certainly everything you would anticipate for an on the ear instead of over the ear set. While it most likely won’t beat an over the ear set for noise cancelling, it’s certainly visible. Sound clarity is good, as is volume and I had no problems with Bluetooth pairing or syncing. Seldom do you find a product of this quality with all the features such as wireless Bluetooth, active noise cancelling and a quality product for the price paid.

These Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones by BOHM were amongst the leading 3 noted on the YouTube video that I saw, so I understood that my husband would really appreciate them. My hubby said that this is among the very best presents that I have actually ever gotten him. Now he can relax and listen to his music in comfort without troubling anyone else. They sound great, fit well (I use glasses, and still can use headphones easily for a few hours before I have to change). Build quality is strong and they look normal, which is to say that I can wear them outdoors and at work. I truly like the noise cancelling feature, it’s not 100%, but sufficient to hush a lot of ambient or subway noise, which thus implies that I can pay attention to my music and podcasts at much lower volume, than in my previous headphones.

The sound quality is top notch. I sit right next to an air conditioner and it handled it pretty well, absolutely soft most of the sound. I’ve utilized them for rather prolonged durations of time and have never had an issue. The sound is balanced and good, good quantity of bass (not an incredible quantity but how much can you expect from battery powered), and the housing/head-wrap is actually tough and has a good feel to it. The case is a nice touch too, you do need to shrink them down and turn the ear cups to get it in there, which isn’t really optimum, but for a semi-hard case like this it would have to be much bigger otherwise. Concerning Bluetooth operation, they appear to have taken some heat on how to set up Bluetooth and the directions come with a YouTube videos showing how to set things up but you do not truly need them. These headphones are extremely good quality. The sound quality is clear and with no distortion.

These headphones are really comfortable and terrific sound for the price, equivalent to items that cost 3 times as much. My only recommendation for improvement is that if the user wants to link by means of hardwire to their phone, tablet, etc, the cord that is come with a does not have a volume control, and when linked via hardwire, the volume controls, which are combined with the forward/back switch on the headphones are apparently handicapped as they just work when in Bluetooth mode. You can use these headphones both with a cord or wirelessly through Bluetooth, which is hassle-free for when you run out of batteries. Mine came with a small flaw (or perhaps this is regular for all of these) where the ideal side of the headphone is stiff and does not turn well or loosely, as you might expect.

This was my very first time listening to music on wireless headphones and I was pleasantly amazed that the quality is precisely the exact same as if you were to have it plugged in with the cable. In addition to great sound quality, they’re also more comfortable than my Beats; the part that goes around your ear is very cushioned. Great sound quality! I’m constantly searching for something that has great bass, and this item delivers! It includes an incredible hard-shell case that keeps the headphones secured and consists of storage for the USB cable. Great headphones! I would highly recommend the headphones!

In this case, well … I have been an expert musician and audiophile for 20 years. I say all this to say every review you have actually checked out singing the praises of these earphone is 100% precise. In short: Staging, crisp highs, low end and comfort competitors headphones 10x the cost.

The sound is remarkable. The bass is full enough for my teens’ taste without drowning out the rest of the instruments. Vocals and treble are crystal clear. The headphones themselves are cushioned on both the ear and the headpiece cuffs which make it comfy to use. On the ear pieces, there are a number of controls (see picture) that permit you to make adjustments to the balance and the sound. I would purchase them once again; excellent quality and well priced. These headphones appear to be really good quality. When compared to the more costly Bose headphones, these are likely as great or even better in quality. The construct quality of the Bose headphones does appear to be a bit more refined but I imagine that’s due to their expensive cost. I’m a typical person who uses these headphones for listening to music and watching films and shows on my iPad. To pair the headphones with my iPad or iPhone was actually easy , which was really nice. The other fantastic thing that made me fall in love with these headphones was their noise cancelling ability. These headphones have excellent sound quality for the cost. These headphones are really good quality. These headphones appear to be extremely excellent quality. When compared to the pricier Bose headphones, these are most likely as great or even better in quality.

BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone Review

BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone Review

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