Bose IE2 Audio Headphones Review

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones Review

I simply want to thank you for the excellent Bose headphones. They sound great and I use them every day. Thank you also for getting them to me so quickly. This was a terrific purchase! The sound is fantastic. All their items are fantastic. I ran for 30 minutes straight and the headphones did not fall out. Really pleased with purchase and worth every penny!Bose IE2 Audio Headphones Review

  • The sound quality is truly incredible!!
  • It is actually worth its price.
  • I enjoy those headphones.
  • They make you feel like you’re actually in the film set!

So comfortable! It stays in your ear when you run, lift, ski, whatever. Sounds pretty good too. Doesn’t obstruct out surrounding noise at all. for flying I use Shure. They are remarkable noise and in wonderful new condition, they are amazing! Thanks for the great cost; I advise them to anybody that wants to hear their music very plainly! Remarkable full bass noise in a little bundle. I cannot believe I paid this much for ear buds but these are genuinely worth every cent. Awesome sound, excellent feel, and long lasting. Would not leave home without them. Extremely recoomended for anybody trying to find excellent quality sound.

Probably the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. Excellent noise and absolutely should have the Bose name – could not buy other headphones after utilizing these. The clarity is amazing, yet I can still hear things around me as needed. The case offers me assurance that they will be clean and untangled when I use them. The brand-new design that holds the ear buds tightly in your ear works wonderfully and the sound quality is impressive– exactly what you would expect from Bose.

This item is awesome.

The sound is remarkable and I can have these ear buds in all day and not even realizing that their there. Plus, they never ever fall out. Bose gets unbelievable sound quality and dimension. It’s like you are in the middle of the band. When I work out or just unwind in the nights, I use them. I was extremely hesitant to shell-out $100 for these headphones; however, I can tell you that they are well-worth the cash! The sound quality is beyond remarkable! These are the most unbelievable sounding and comfy ear buds I have actually ever had. The quality of Bose and the sound that comes out simply blows my mind.

Excellent earphones, will never go back to the old ones once again, recommend to anyone who had problem of earphones falling off this will stay in your ear. These earphones have outstanding sound quality had a set before the pet dogs chewed up and this is our 2nd set and we are an extremely pleased with quality. Terrific item and quality! Nothing beats Bose sound. The distinct ear pieces allows the earphones to fit comfortably, even after miles of running.

Some of the best earphones I have seen. The audio quality is remarkable. They are way much better than Beats, both in sound and build quality. Abundant and deep noise, confortable, stay in ear easily. Worth definitely every cent!!!!!! Don’t conserve in sound, take pleasure in one of the best I bought these on a recommendation from a friend. They have really good sound and actually remain in my ears, unlike less expensive earphones. Didn’t know exactly what I was missing out on till I bought these ear phones. Makes my music sound fantastic! Completely alters the sound!

Comfortable, they sit tight while I run. Excellent sound quality Worth every penny. Would suggest to all my buddies and family. These headphones have a fantastic, sharp clear sound. Its base is amazing. It is the Michelangelo of earphones. Remarkable headphones all around. Convenience, sound cannot be beat. I was seeking to change listening to music on my apple in-ear earphones and these were an excellent option. Buy these now!

I bought the beats by dre in ear headphones from best purchase for 175$ but they were annoying and weren’t that great so then I bought these and they are 100x better then the beats by dre. The brand-new Bose IE2 are the best inear ipod buds i’ve owned,

  • The sound quaity is as you would expected from Bose, then some,
  • The bass is incredible, and are really comfy

They are just fantastic, they have a design that cancels sound by filling your entire ear like a plug. The sound is great and they fit. They deserve the 100 bucks. You have a set of 3 different size ear plugs, and two designs (6 pairs in overall). They are simple too tidy and they have a beautiful design. Good job Bose! Sound quality is good, as one would expect from Bose. I understand that a few of Bose’s items are too overpriced for exactly what they are, however in this case, I actually believe they are of excellent value. As I discussed earlier, I tried a few other brands of earbuds, some of them much more expensive than these are; however, in the end, I felt that these were really the best balance of sound quality, convenience, and durability. Best earbuds ever? No. For the cost, they are very hard to beat, and are among the most comfy of any other earbud that I have actually attempted. If you’re in the marketplace, offer these a try – you won’t be disappointed.

I’m crazy for bose ear phones … iE2 is the very best bose ear phones at affordable cost compared with other models in bose, and genius engineering behind, that can fit your head and the bass is incredible. Good thing is that u do not even know u r using them. Amazing BOSE. These headphones are incredible. The form fits perfectly in my ear and the sound quality is amazing. Definitely recommend to anyone who requires a great set of earphones. The sound is so excellent; I’m hearing lyrics that I never heard in tunes I have actually played hundreds of times. Abundant sound, not tinny, mellow bass. Bose stands for quality in everything they do. I like these ear buds. Prior to buying these, I went through six or 7 other sets fairly experiencing breaks, bad sound, or malfunctioning devices of other brands. They do not move out of your ear or require constant readjustment like other ear buds and the sound is terrific.

This are my first set of over-20-bucks-headphones. I am extremely pleased with the sound quality, it’s actually great. the cost is absolutely worth it. The case is big enough even to bring my zune, the headphones sound great, clear and loud in every single note. I listen to a great deal of soundtracks and trailer music that is simply critical or mainly orchestral with extremely abundant noises and i’ve made certain to challenge this earphones to the max. they have actually not failed. really pleased so far. These earphones are exceptional for my purpose. The sound quality is outstanding.

As quickly as I plugged this headphones on my ears, the sound experience is definitely deep and delightful. Bose has actually constantly been recognized for their high quality. This won’t let you down. These Bose IE2 audio headphones are best … plugged them into my LG, selected ACDC “Thunderstruck” and then let the magic begin. I had the ability to leap up and down, shake my head, dance, jog and the perfect lightweight “Stayhear” buds stayed put. They offered no impression of even existing. The sound quality far surpassed my expectations. These have the very same depth of sound as if you were in a studio.

I wear these for lots of hours every day; while at the gym, walking to work, and sitting at my desk. These remain comfy all the time. Sound is tidy and accurate with tight, however not overblown, bass. I’m a huge earbud guy, I’ve owned big headphones for house for a richer listening experience but mostly do earbuds (for walking and while working) which is usually hard to discover real quality products, given the flood of garbage in the market. Even a great deal of the much better brands (Harmon Kardon, and Sennheiser) appears to fail in this part of the market. The best set of headphones I owned prior to this were some lower end Sennheiser ones that were clearly low end now that I have these.

I believe these are the very best ear buds I have actually ever owned. Terrific tidy sound with the capability to hear what is going on around you. The buds themselves likewise seem to fit perfectly in location. These headphones have a terrific, sharp clear sound. They don’t slide out of your ear or need consistent readjustment like other ear buds and the noise is excellent. I am very impressed with the sound quality, it’s really great. As soon as I plugged this earphones on my ears, the sound experience is delightful and absolutely deep. I use my set an excellent deal and no loss in sound quality, nor normal exterior wear and tear whatsoever.

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones Review

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones Review

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