Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Review

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Review

I stalked these ear phones at a local store sensation wishy washy about the rate for months, but having a hard time and being a passionate runner for years to discover some that would remain in my relatively small ears for a great range run, well when they went on sale I did. I use the little covers and can go on a long run without having to adjust them once. The brief cable is likewise really good so I don’t have miles of earphone cable in my way while running and to have the optional extension cable for use in pocket or wherever makes them equally usable for any activity!

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Review

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Review

Picked these up for running … utilized them a couple of times with no problems. Needed surgery on my ear, so I have not been able to run or use these during the past month … but they are great so far. I run about 15-20 miles a week and I would always have problems with earphones coming out of my ears and needing to re-radjust them. These earphones stick out above the rest and are well worth the money! Simply for the fact that they remain in my ears and on top of that, you are getting Bose sound quality in your ears. BUY THEM!!

Before I got these, I was always so inflamed in the health club or on my runs since my ear buds would undoubtedly fall out of my ears. In addition, putting in an ear bud while I’m on the run, throws off my momentum more than practically anything else. And don’t even get me started on having one of those buds fall out while I have weight on a barbell above my head. These headphones fixed these problems! I have actually even done 300, 500, and 800 meter sprints and they still do not budge. It so simple yet so gratifying, not having to worry about that shaking off my game. If you are looking for a set of headphones and do not mind paying the cost these are the ones!! Exceptional sound quality!

2+ years of usage and they finally croaked. Countless days of rigorous usage lastly ended their gorgeous lifespan. The produce quality is durable and impressive, and the sound quality is euphoric. This was by far the most worthwhile purchase I had ever made. The shape of the ear buds is genius. I have very, very sensitive ears. Typical ear buds, no matter how small really iritate my ears and trigger extreme soreness. These nevertheless are appearance oddly formed, but your ear is this exact same odd shape so it fits completely triggering no inflammation. They include 3 various sizes too, so it will fit any ear size.

I bought these earphones as an alternative to the headphones that come basic with the iPhone. I am a newbie runner and they are ideal for me. I have run numerous times with them and they have actually never ever fallen out or perhaps slipped. They are so lightweight that you do not even notice they remain in. On top of all that, the sound quality is remarkable. Finest headphones I have ever owned by far. Amazing! and they fit much better than my non-sport version because of the setup of the ear bud. I went through 3 other cheap ear buds prior to I broke down and paid the cost for these. I might have conserved a lot of disappointment, time, and cash if I had actually simply gone to these. Perfect for hiking and the gym.

These earphones are the best quality I have ever utilized. They don’t move even throughout the most intense workout. Worth the investment to make working out as enjoyable as possible. When I go for runs, although just like the regular Bose headphones, but I like the much shorter length alternative so I do not have excess cord hanging around.

As advertised. Most comfortable in ear headsets I’ve ever had on and totally water resistant weather condition I’m sweating in the fitness center or running in the rain. Extremely recommend these headphones. I utilize these while biking; they stay in the ear and are extremely comfortable compared with some other sport earphones I have actually owned. It is difficult to fail with Bose for sound quality too.

You are not going to find better earphones that actually remain in your ears. I have actually attempted Beast, Apple, Sony and Klipsch and none compare. Constantly running out of earbuds. My boy is a university professional athlete and invests many warm up sessions plugged into music. Extremely comfortable and all the noise you would anticipate from Bose. Probably going to purchase another set for myself!

The Bose SIE2i Sport completely fit the costs for the persons who lookouts for earphones with excellent sound and comfort during workouts. They stay within the ears and have a good sound quality just like Bose MIE2i. They supply a Reebok armband, which majorly fits iPhones and iPods.They have an extension cable television provided especially if your not using with armband.The quality of headphones and wires are good and they are sweatproof. I have been using them for more than a week and definitely feel satisfied with them for exercises.

The sound quality for the Bose Headphones is exactly what you have actually come to expect from Bose – amazing sound. I was a bit doubtful with the design of the headphones given that they were a bit unusual. I attempted running with these and they worked terrific. My normal ear buds would always eventually begin popping out in the middle of my run. The Bose earphones were remarkably comfortable, stayed put, allowing me to focus on my run and delight in the music along the way. Guaranteed thumbs up!

I’m tired of going through ear buds like water they either break at the connection to my ipod or the sound just shuts off in one ear. These are absolutely tough and remain put when running. These earphones/ earbuds are wonderful – they have outstanding tone, specifically bass. The tips are the part that goes into your ear and they seem to stay in really well. The Reebok physical fitness armband holds many players, however since I use my phone as my music player; it was kind of a tight fit.

Best earphones I’ve ever had. People can hear me very well when on the phone. I had a skype discussion recently and they worked terrific for that too. Sound is great, simply make sure you have the right size ear piece in. They are a little more stiff than the SIE2, but still comfy. The neck line v-split for the cables is an improved design.

Unsure whether it was the “burn in” process or if it simply took me a day to get used to them. These not only are the best sounding but likewise the most comfortable. They also NEVER EVER fall out. They look terrific as well (that doesn’t really matter to me, but hey.) I’ve been using only lossless audio through my phone. Unsure how these would sound with lower rate mp3’s/ radio. They are worth but spendy every penny. Bose has another winner!

Audio performance is boosted by Bose TriPort acoustic technology, which supplies close to a neutral soundfield. Whereas other earphones on the marketplace are bass-heavy, or artificially improve frequencies, the Bose earphones are developed for clearness and precision. The sound quality readies and the 3 different sizes of ear pieces is nice to have. Typically the small ear pieces do not fit in my ear and this little size is ideal. These ear cups are terrific. They rest in the ear without being in the ear canal. Not just that when you lay down with them in they do not pinch in your ear like the other” white” ear phone. If you truly enjoy the music you listen to, then there is no other earphones for you.

Needless to say, when I plugged them in and played the very first song, I was surprised by the quality and fullness of the sound. I do not think I’ll be able to go back to mere-mortal earphones. I do not understand why this item has 4 stars … Now, it is a bit subjective to rate headphones in basic, because all might not match for everyone … Now, with that being said, I am very specific with headphones due to the fact that I am a music addict. I am a heavy classical music listener and I also love listening to worldwide artists. I have the BOSE AE2 earphones and they are terrific. Nevertheless, they are not so functional at the fitness center. I work out 3-5x a week. I run 6miles in 41 minutes 3-4 of those days then do the devices. It is not excellent having sweat over huge earphones … I have actually been utilizing them daily and they are excellent- just not “fitness centric” earphones. With these earphones though, THEY ARE GREAT!!! I actually bought them a very long time earlier at regular rate, but returned them due to the fact that it was routine rate so I awaited them to go on sale. Unusually, they went on sale and had to purchase them. Exact same sound- simply compact. I do not need to use my huge headphones and exactly what I like is the mic function as well and the volume control. It is really comfortable as well. I extremely advise these earphones if you do a lot of running and sweat a lot. They are water resistant!

I stalked these ear phones at a local store sensation, was wishy washy about the cost for months, but struggling and being a passionate runner for years to discover some that would remain in my fairly little ears for a great distance run, well when they went on sale I did. These earphones stand out above the rest and are well worth the money just for the reality they stay in my ears, and on top of that you are getting Bose sound quality in your ears. Before I got these I was always so irritated in the gym or on my runs due to the fact that my ear buds would undoubtedly fall out of my ears. Normal ear buds, no matter how small actually iritate my ears and cause severe discomfort. I’m exhausted of going through ear buds like water they either break at the connection to my ipod or the sound simply shuts off in one ear.

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Review

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Review

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