Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style Review

Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style Review

Wow, these headphones are sensational. They are not huge either like other headphones with enormous chauffeurs. Great purchase! I definitely enjoy the sound in tube things. Only complaint I would have are the wires. Buying a new set is 30$ more due to the other jack being smaller sized than 3.5 mm if they ever get broken. The sound quality is very balanced and I would recommend them to anybody looking for excellent quality, without the capacity to spend a lot for other high profile brand name headphones..

Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style Review

Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style Review

I enjoy these headphones! It works like a charm. Sometimes I even put them on with no music and switch on the noise cancelling function to sleep. These headphones are AMAZING! The sound quality is out of this world and they are so lightweight, they are extremely comfy to wear. I am very happy with this purchase and I recommend them to everyone. $20 Sony headphones sound nearly as excellent which implies $40 Sony may match these and they are $150-180. As a note I am used to utilizing V-Moda M-100 headphones. I mainly listen to classical and opera during my work day however at the gym I require to get turned up and that was when I discovered it after the complete day of clearness at work. My lil cuz has the beats mixrs and they sounded terrific with bass but I’m one to support other brands and test items out before jumping on the bandwagon. I also do not think they will do well with Puccini based on all the review being about how excellent the bass is!

I owned another set of Bose on-ear headphones but after 15 minutes my head began to injure. Not since of the sound, this is outstanding. Who understood they made over the ear headphones. Gorgeous quality! Worth every effin’ penny, for all that the price is frightening. The headphones work excellent. The sound quality is extremely, great. When using for an extended duration of time, they are rather comfortable. The headphones work fantastic. The sound quality is very, very good. They are also quite comfortable when using for an extended period of time. Terrific sound and lightweight, this makes them more comfortable to use for extended periods. That is exactly what I desired, and that is what I got!

Like all Bose products, well built and developed set of over-the-ear headphones with fantastic acoustic recreation. I recommend it! These simply sound remarkable. They are loud, extremely clear and have good bass even with an iPhone. They do not secure your head like other headphones. Super comfy to use, soft and good ear and head pads, extremely high quality materials, and the sound quality is wonderful. Super quick delivering as well! Great sound, I did have problems that they wouldn’t work with my Xbox however obviously that’s because of some bulls *** Xbox does to require a different input. These headphones are incredibly excellent, they might be louder; however, they are still great and obstruct all sound. They are extremely comfy, definitely a pair to have. Comfortable for many hours, even when using my glasses. Excellent noise, but I’m not a music buff.

I suggest Bose items for everyone. Your ears do get a little sweaty but you get that with any around the ear head phones. Ear buds just get irritating to me. These are comfortable and easy to use for long durations of time. I’m happy I bought these. I seem like I got an affordable deal given that I was purchasing them after an updated model came out. Still getting used to the warm ears on my walk to the city (train).:-RRB-. Many comfortable over ear headphones I have actually attempted. Feels like I’m wearing absolutely nothing at all. Great sound quality and even better durability. I did need to change the aux cable however since of ware but was quickly exchangeable. The Bose SoundTrue Headphones Inline Mic/Remote Cable is pricey though at $30 but if you do not care about a mic you can get the regular audio cable television at around $7 which works fine.

This is my 3rd pair of Bose around-ear headphones, and absolutely the very best model yet. The AE-1 were my first headphones (damaged by a pup) and were great, the AE-2’s I got next were even much better, however these are by far the best. They look much better, feel better, and sound better. I started with the Triports, then to AE2, then to these SoundTrue models. The Triports had a great deal of faults; however, Bose gradually fixed the sonic weaknesses in their around-ear models. From an AE2, these SoundTrue have considerably more resolution and clearer highs– not discreetly, however you can right away find the distinction. Great job Bose! You’ll have a really tough time discovering a better-sounding headphone at the very same price-point– the closest would probably be a Grado SR125 but those have significantly weaker bass and metallic highs.

Bose makes the best head phones, they are very comfy, lightweight and great sound quality. they stay out a lot of external noise. Their concept for recovery music like binaural beats,. I’m a fan of Bose items, and this was ideal for me. I test-tried these headphones at my local Best Purchase, and I definitely prefer the around-the-ear shape. Plus, the sound cancelling feature works fantastic when you want a little quiet. The noise is clear and actually smooth. Fantastic headphones. Bought these for my fiancée for our flight to Chicago and she loved them. Any audio device I get is Bose! It cannot go wrong with Bose.

I love these comfortable headphones a lot! They’re optimized for apple items which I have many of. They are not marketed as noise cancelling however, do get rid of a lot of background sound at work and in your home for me to focus. My mom even had me grab her a pair of these! The bring case is a nice touch too. Wonderful noise, very comfortable, strong building and construction, and a sleek design (matte black)– these are the primary qualities of these headphones. The sound quality is well balanced, with a minor focus on the low end and treble. A non-audio lover will most likely think about the sound quality to be incredibly excellent, particularly when compared to a lot of $150 pair of headphones. If you wear glasses, there is little objection to these headphones being some of the most comfy of all time– even. They feel rather durable and are extremely flexible; the ear cups swivel and will likely fit over your ears completely. The design is subjective, but I consider it really to be sleek, while subtle at the very same time. The matte black variation does not look obnoxious in public, which is something that headphone users may be worried about. The most significant, and in my viewpoint, just downfall of these headphones is the price. At nearly $200 overall, this isn’t a bargain. However, I would still extremely advise them due to the near-flawless execution of nearly every aspect of these headphones.

Just bought the “Mint” colored SoundTrue and returned the Beats “Studio” which cost $50 more on sale. The Bose SoundTrue sounds so much clearer than the Beats Studio which was stifled and also has a bad review on Amazon. An excellent feature of this earphone is the lightweight, convenience and no batteries required. At $149.00 they are the best headphones offered for the price at this time. Initially, the color appeared to be more feminine nevertheless, after seeing a Sunday night football video game where on of the group’s were wearing tights the exact same color I no longer think it is simply a ladies color. $20 Sony headphones sound nearly as excellent, which means $40 Sony may match these and they are $150-180. The majority of comfortable over ear headphones I’ve attempted. Wonderful sound, exceptionally comfy, solid building, and a smooth design (matte black)– these are the main qualities of these headphones. A non-audio enthusiast will most likely think about the sound quality to be exceptionally excellent, particularly when compared to the majority of $150 pair of headphones. There is little objection to these headphones being some of the most comfortable of all time– even if you wear glasses.

Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style - Review

Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style – Review

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