Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac Over-Ear

Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones Review

Denon is an earphone veteran, but over the previous couple of years, we have actually questioned the products it’s introduced. While going after the Beats bandwagon implied that frequently form, fit as well as sound quality were off the mark. With the AH-MM400, it feels as though Denon has actually returned house. These are the very first premium, full-sized portable earphones that fit the business’s design and strike every target with simplicity

  • – Terrific convenience
  • – Mainly strong construct
  • – Smooth, natural and comprehensive sound


  • – 40mm vibrant driver
  • – Detachable 3.5 mm cord
  • – Three-button remote
  • – Producer: Denon
  • – Evaluation Cost: ₤ 299.00.

Find an entire brand-new world of musical satisfaction with Denon’s AH-MM400 recommendation class earphones, which are expertly tuned for a flat EQ and provide a natural tonal balance that’s faithful to the initial musical efficiency. Developed to look as excellent as they sound, the AH-MM400 includes a fresh European style-inspired style that integrates timeless styling with a modern-day touch. Of all let me discuss that I am extremely fond of the previous Denon top designs, be it the ah-d7100 or the ah-d7000; as such my declarations here may be somewhat prejudiced … anyhow, I will attempt to be as unbiased as I can.

Now I own the MM400 given that around 6 weeks and I am at about 200 hours. That appears rather a lot for such a brief time, around 4.7 hours a day … Obviously I did not listen to all of it the time, I let it run over lots of nights, breaking it in with pink and white sound. In 3PS above, at around 120hrs, I thought the burglary procedure was completed. Well, sorry, I was wrong and from my experience with the D7100, I in fact ought to have known better.

In a nutshell, the MM400 even more enhanced. Undoubtedly the modifications are more subtle now. The basic sound signature stayed the exact same: a significant bass with punch, open and clear highs and mids; an all in all enjoyable frequency reaction with low distortion leading to almost no tiredness and making it possible for long interesting listening sessions.Product packaging: Downplayed, easy and perfectly packaged. When the box is open is a lovely piece of audio devices, exactly what you pay for. Size: While individuals are calling these portable for their chance to fold, I would rule out them unsubstantial or little. It is a bit larger than the initial Momentum Over-Ears, but partially smaller sized than the B&W P7.

Mobility: You might take them on the roadway without concerns provided their size and foldabilty. I personally would not take them out of the home as I feel they are too superior. Build quality: This is a magnificently constructed earphone. One of the best pieces of Audio I have actually personally laid my eyes on. I put the volume up to a point I would find them too loud to listen to myself (i.e. level 90 on my X5). I might not hear a thing, so there is no sound leak to be found. Total Sound: They are exactly what I wanted the P7’s were. Their sound might be finest explained as buttery smooth. Soundstage: Is reflective of the source and track quality. I at first believed it wasn’t big but as I dug much deeper, I found it as great as the P7s.

It’s the big capped-out Denon logo design emblazoned throughout the centre of each earcup outside that’s a little bold. We’d select more subtle branding. These cans definitely turn heads, as numerous people have actually commented on them when we have actually been out and about. The MM400’s 40mm drivers have the ability to recreate deep bass from 10Hz right through to beyond-natural-hearing 40,000 Hz, so there’s little concern of their chance. There’s not a push to the low-end; so while bass is present it can do not have in some tracks and leave the mids to sound a little too controling. Radio broadcasts for that reason sound rather “tunnelled” with speakers’ voices encountering as thin.

If you’re searching for earphones various to the standard then the Denon AH-MM400 definitely be successful in standing apart – not that the wacky American walnut wood surface will be everybody’s cup of tea. For a comfy fit with a large soundscape, fantastic separation and sound quality that serves practically every genre of music. Their minimal bass balance and general style bundle do not add-up to make them the really best ₤ 250 over-ears we have actually ever seen – or heard. Denon has actually headed out of its way to make the MM400’s appearance either stylish and traditional, or extremely old-fashioned, depending upon your personal taste. The ear cups are covered in hand sculpted American walnut, providing a traditional, sophisticated design that’s at odds with the plastic and metal that typically controls earphone style.

Listening for those extended periods is simple, as these earphones are very comfy. There’s no active sound cancelling, but they do a fantastic passive task of cocooning you in sound. I provided the MM400 to a pal to check out, who wasn’t persuaded by the wood panels, and questioned simply how great a set of earphones that cost a eye-widening $400 might be. Playing his own music through Spotify, after the 5th “simply another,” track, he stated, “Can I have these?” The Denon MM400 increase your musical cravings, which’s basically exactly what you desire from a set of fantastic earphones. The Denon MM400’s might have some wood on the outdoors, but the sound within is anything but wood. It’s alive with emotion, but selecting them over a set of earphones with a less extravagant style will refer individual taste. To be sure, if you opt for the MM440, you will not be dissatisfied with the sound.

The AH-MM400 looks like a relatively little set of earphones when you look at the photos, but they are in truth an appropriate over-ear design. They however do not cover the ears as well as some higher-end earphones, like the Sennheiser HD 650. The AH-MM400 covers the ears securelyand offers a really excellent attenuation of outside. sound. The convenience readies, with a minor propensity to obtain a bit sweaty and warm when it’s hot exterior. This is most likely due to the light pressure over the ears in mix with the leather replica earpads. You can use the AH-MM400 for hours without feeling any pain. Well here, on the MM400 you will not find lots of plastic parts any longer. The MM400 provide an excellent mix of appearances and performance, which is something we found to right away stick out to us. This not just impacts its sound quality which we will get onto later on in this evaluation, but likewise its mobility aspect.

We feel that Denon are a little baffled about their reader, where its most popular earphones originated from those desiring home-only earphones and not appreciating the mobility of their earphones. This might all alter in the future, where Denon may amaze us with another earphone which is focused on home users, but from exactly what we can see on their shop and by means of merchants, the Denon AH-MM400 is intended to change the older earphone line. The Denon AH-MM400 for that reason offer existing Denon owners with an excellent method of having a comparable sound signature earphone on-the-go. In contrast to its competitors in the portable earphone market, we felt the Denon AH-MM400 was practically unparalleled by its general sound quality and construct quality, making the earphones a simple suggestion for portable listeners.

There’s 40mm drivers the MM400 that have Denon’s Free Edge technology for enabling the carbon/paper mix diaphragms to move most naturally. One of the press images reveal the earphones lolling together with the business’s DA-10 portable DAC. To protect the fidelity of your signal, the earphones include 2 removable oxygen-free copper cords with gold-plated adapters, among that includes a push-button control for handling media and a microphone for making contact your mobile phone (iOS suitable). They likewise include a bring pouch and a 1/4″ (6.3 mm) plug adapter. To improve your listening experience, you can download the Denon Audio Application for iOS or Android.

Natural American Walnut Earcups.

Including hand-carved natural American Walnut earcup , the AH-MM400 provides an excellent musical experience, with well balanced tonal quality thanks to the resonance-free natural wood . A comfy over-ear (circumaural) style, the AH-MM400 offers a high degree of passive acoustic seclusion, letting you listen to your preferred tracks without sidetracking background sound disturbance.

Aluminum Die-cast Hangers.

The earcup  link to the light-weight adjustable headband through aluminum alloy die-cast wall mounts that include resonance-free building and construction, along with high rigidness for optimum resilience. The AH-MM400 likewise includes retractable earcups for storage in the provided bring pouch.

Oxygen Free Copper Cables.

For the utmost audio fidelity, the AH-MM400 includes 2 removable audio cords, both including high pureness Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) cord innovation. One cord includes an integrated microphone in addition to a push-button control for volume, track choice and smart device control. The other longer cord is offered connection to other gadgets, and both cords include gold-plated ports.


The mix of the smooth, warm tone and the great craftsmanship makes Denon’s AH-MM400 a product of pure high-end, which luckily won ´ t expense you a leg or an arm. Exactly what if it doesn ´ t provide the finest insulation or the most information – there are couple of portable earphones that supply such a satisfying listening experience. The Denon MM400 increase your musical hunger, and that’s quite much exactly what you desire from a set of terrific earphones. We found the Denon to provide a wonderful total bundle as a portable earphone with the AH-MM400. We did not find it capable to contend or dismiss with the older Denon AH-D600, D7100, D5000, d7000 and d2000 earphones, which just topped the MM400 in practically every single element but for mobility. The Denon AH-MM400 for that reason offer existing Denon owners with an excellent method of having a comparable sound signature earphone on-the-go. In contrast to its competitors in the portable earphone market, we felt the Denon AH-MM400 was nearly unequaled by its total sound quality and develop quality, making the earphones a simple suggestion for portable listeners.

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