Denon AH-W150BK Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones

Denon AH-W150BK Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones Review

The Denon AH-W150 is one of the best sets of wireless in-ear headphones because it provides great audio, comfort and durability. The earbuds are sweat-proof, water resistant and impact resistant. They also come with the Deno3n Sport app to help you get the most out of your exercises. Whether you’re just starting to get back into shape or training for a marathon, listening to music while you work out can enhance your performance, helping you meet your fitness goals faster. In fact, clinical studies have proven that music enhances athletic performance by as much as 20%. We believe our Exercise Freak wireless headphones can boost your performance by a lot, since there are no wires to contend with. Just go to any gym and you’ll see the common frustrations of headphone listening – cords get tangled in weights or gym equipment, make unwanted sound effects while jogging, and just generally get in the way.

the ah-w150 comes with four size options instead of three like most wireless earbuds. this gives you the best chance of finding a size that fits your ear canal comfortably. the over-ear style is very comfortable and secure. you can adjust the angle and length of the earbuds so that they fit your ears perfectly. we found a comfortable and secure fit the first time we put them on. nothing feels unnatural about the way they fit, making it easy to forget that you’re wearing them.

The Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak over-ear wireless Bluetooth earphones are a pleasant surprise; they produce high quality sound with plenty of bass, and have a battery which will last around six hours even when turned up to their maximum volume. While they are designed for exercise freaks, the earphones prove suitable for day to day use as well. The earbuds themselves are simple, round silicon tips. There are two ways the AH-W150 earphones can be worn, each equally comfortable, but producing a different sound experience. Simply placing the buds in your ears produces concert-like sound as the silicon tips do not create a seal to eliminate external sound. This is suitable for those who want to hear what’s going on around them, especially when exercising with traffic around. If you push the earbuds in further (although still within comfortable means), the earphones become somewhat passively sound-cancelling, allowing sound with greater detail, volume, and bass.

the denon ah-w150 has excellent audio quality for a set of wireless bluetooth earbuds. while it’s unlikely that it can accurately reproduce frequencies as low as 5hz and as high as 25khz, which are well beyond the range of human hearing, the audio quality is well balanced, with only a minimal amount of distortions caused by the bluetooth frequencies. Denon’s new AH-W150 sports headphones are completely wireless, they come with integrated controls and are perspiration resistant, making them ideal for pushing yourself physically. They’re brightly coloured, light, and comfortably sit over the outer edge of your ear – almost like a hearing aid – with the actual eartips sitting in your ear canal.


 It comes with a fitness app.

  • –No wires!
    –Easy to charge
    –Several ear bud sizes for ears of all sizes
    –Very comfortable
    –Easy to distinguish between buttons by touch
    –Sweat proof. I know I’ve only had these for a month, but so far they haven’t shorted out from moisture.


These are really nice earphones. Bluetooth set up was simple and the signal range is about 60 ft without carrying your phone in your pocket. The Denon Exercise Freak Headphones have great sound, fine fit, solid battery time, and they will stand up to your intense workouts. What’s more is that you’ll only slightly look like a geeked out cyborg-man when you wear them. The simple, wire connector between each ear piece is solid and should endure through the ages, but only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying these freakin’ great headphones. These babies have great sound, fine fit, solid battery time, and they will stand up to your intense workouts. Sound quality is very good. Of course, not as good as a wired headphone, but still very good. Since I have had it longer than anyone else on this forum, I really don’t know what others are talking about giving it a 1 star. I highly recommend this headphone. So far I have had no problems with it.
The quality of sound is very good, and the headphones come with a variety of different sized ear tips. They are comfortable to wear, even though they are made of hard plastic. I was a bit concerned that, as a man with large ears, that the cord in the back would not be long enough, but the slider in the back adjusts. The headphones recharge easily via an included USB cable. This set was designed primarily for listening to music when exercising, but they can be used for any activity requiring blue tooth technology.
Overall I won’t tear apart the JayBirds. They are comfortable and stay in place fairly well during workouts and long runs. Good sound quality and good battery life. I will give them a “good” rating. JayBirds do come in a larger earphone that will provide longer battery life, but for working out, I wanted something that would stay in place, the smaller the better. The Denon Exercise Freaks beat my expectations. Easy to pair on my iPhone. Great controls right on the earphones themselves. Great sound quality!! When I run, I love to hear music that pushes me further. I want to hear all the drums, guitars and vocals. Denon delivers a great set of earphones that stay right within your ear canal for the whole workout and deliver great sound. Quality design and great integration with my iPhone.

BLUETOOTH/SOUND: I’ve been able to connect to my Galaxy S3 easily enough, and the Bluetooth hasn’t dropped out (haven’t seen the issues that other reviews seem to mention). I’ve been able to keep my phone in my bag in the corner of the weight room and wander around the fairly large area without it cutting out at all. The sound (bass especially) is high quality, and the on-ear controls are also fantastic. The volume buttons are nice because they change in VERY small increments, allowing for a higher level of volume control. I probably haven’t had it long enough yet to comment on battery life, but I can say that I’ve gotten through multiple days of workouts on a single charge, which is pretty awesome in my book, considering how often I need to plug in other similar devices. The setup is very easy and works with most smartphones or devices which recognize bluetooth devices. The warranty is very sufficient so for those wondering if such an investment makes sense, this mitigates any hesitation of purchasing.

They seem to have fixed all the things people were complaining about, because these are awesome! Comfortable, nice sound, bluetooth works great, battery life is good. I’m pretty excited to try out running with these outside when the snow melts.  The Bluetooth range was roughly 30 feet however, like all Bluetooth headsets, rapid movement with your device on your left side may cause a disruption in the audio stream. Having purchased every model of Jaybirds, I found that I truly enjoyed these more than the JF3s, Sportsband 2, and Bluebuds X. They certainly sound better than the LG Tone Pro earphones I had. I like that I don’t have to adjust these like the Bluebuds X as the wing irritated my ears while working out. From Bach to Bob Marley, Janis Joplin to Janet Jackson, Buddy Guy to Big K.R.I.T., Hall and Oates to Willie Hutch, even some Our Lady Peace….these earphones are a solid buy and they sound pretty damn good. The earbud part even extends down to really fit your ear. Charge seemed pretty quick too. These will be getting a LOT of use.
As soon as I started walking, the voices started cutting in and out. This is a huge disappointment. They fit great and have great tone. As I write this review sitting on my computer, the reception is cutting in and out less often than when walking, but still creating distortion none the less. Alas, I am going to have to return them, so can only give 1 star. The instructions say to keep your phone on your right side above your waist for best connectivity, but my friend was still able to have good connectivity a good 20 feet away from the phone in the house. Outside, it wasn’t as good, but he kept it in his pocket and it still worked fine. They stayed in his ear great while running, too. The Denon headphones do just that — they integrate seamlessly with my iPhone 5 via Bluetooth. It’s super easy to adjust the volume without having to feel around for the right button. The integrated phone is a bonus. I’m not sure I’m the type to take conference calls that way, but it’s a great way to field a quick call while I’m out running. And, it gives a little audio-alert whenever a text comes in so at least I know there’s something I should check later.


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