Panasonic Best in Class On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 Review

Panasonic Best in Class On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 Review

Initially, I wasn’t rather sure if these headphones would truly work particularly because I observed that it didn’t cost as much as the other headphones marketed, therefore I believed it would be of lower quality. Wow, was I incorrect! Not just are these headphones light and simple on the ears, however the crisp noises that originated from these headphones were fantastic! I have actually paid attention to podcasts, music, audiobooks, motion pictures, and many of all lousy web videos with these, normally on my laptop computer in bed. When I do not require the seclusion of my in-ear headphones however aren’t so loud to those around me to be an annoyance throughout sleep or reading, they are best for. Many affordable headphones appear to be even louder to your next-door neighbor than they are to you, however not these.

Panasonic Best in Class On Ear Stereo Headphones RP HT21 Review

Panasonic Best in Class On Ear Stereo Headphones RP HT21 Review

I required headphones for listening to music due to the fact that the iphone initial headphones harm my ears. These headphones are fantastic. The headphones are so comfy I can use them for a long duration of time without ear discomfort.

I like them since they are;

  • – affordable
  • – comfy
  • – helpful for every day useand can endure me beating them up a bit

Im sure the Dre. Beats headphones are way much better, however i like these for my daily usage headphones. The noise is REALLY crisp and you can feel the bass, great enough. These headphones are simply ideal for my usage. Without them, the noise wasn’t terrific, however utilizing them has actually made a huge distinction. The noise is actually extremely excellent for such a little economical set of headphones. I work in front of a set of studio displays that are extremely precise and typically discover myself taking the headphones off to examine that the speakers aren’t on and irritating my colleagues since I can barely inform the distinction in the noise of the speakers vs. the headphones. The headphones are adjustable however I do not require to let them out as my head is little. I utilize them with my computer system to listen to music and I can really drown out the outdoors world without blasting my ear drums. I purchased 3 more set and I might purchase some more, the cost is impressive.

These over the ear headphones feel quite comfy and have respectable bass for such an inexpensive set of headphones. I am anticipating them to obtain harmed on the path so did not desire a pricey set. Ended up getting rid of the ear pieces and cable televisions from the plastic headband and appears they would still work ok if I might discover a method to install them effectively. Next headphone set I am attempting is even lighter kind of like earbuds however they sit simply outside of the ear. I combined this with my Palm Pixi and bluetooth and the noise is fantastic! Anybody purchasing these headphones and grumbling are not utilizing typical sense. This RP-HT21 at $5 is definitely the best bang for your dollar in the world of headphones.

I nearly wept when I initially paid attention to music on it!! I purchased a set of Philips at CVS a while back for $20 and had the worst noise of my life. Literally, I tossed $20 down the toilet with those headphones. These have way much better noise for far less! I like that there is a visible bass noise and these can function as sound cancelling headphones. I’ve been an audiophile for years, and have had a diverse collection of audio devices, consisting of headphones little and big. These lightweight phones offer some of the best, max noise that I have actually ever heard.  If you are simply going to sit or stroll and pay attention to your headphones you cannot beat these headphones … specifically for the cash – you simply cannot. Now if you are going to exercise or do anything that triggers motion and sweating, even backyard work, then opt for something like the Philips SH390 (inexpensive around $13.00) that are tight. Once again, you cannot beat the Panasonic RP-HT21 for the rate – simply be warned if you try to exercise with them.

It does not matter too much to me, my daddy who is rather picky about sound quality has actually likewise taken pleasure in listening with these headphones. Fantastic quality for the cost.  These headphones have a crucial improvement which must remove the possibility that the 3.5 mm male Audio Jack on completion of it will be harmed which is a continuous issue for 3.5 audio jacks specifically when utilized with a mobile laptop computer.

They make the plug with a 90 degree turn instantly that the jack exits the laptop computer adapter. And because right-angle location, they utilize really tough plastic.

Convenience: Rating 4

As an individual who uses glasses and having actually a huge sized head, these are extremely comfy for the cost. My onlyissue is that I have long hair and my hair has the tendency to get twisted in between the clip selections/settings. I utilize my own on “click number/setting” 4 and this offers you a concept of how above typical my head is. , if you  Have brief hair and a little head then these are best you, once you encounter the classification of having Glasses and an above typical head with long hair then issues might appear that negates the convenience of these. Toughness: Rating 3 Opening the bundle, I can currently feel the low-cost plastic of these headphones. When, I had to be VERY cautious I was opening the item to avoid a break in the chord or the inexpensive plastic parts. After the puzzle of eliminating them from the product packaging and 2 months of usage I am amazed regarding how much time they have actually held Given, I utilize them just on my laptop computer throughout the night or during the night prior to I falling asleep, these have actually held. I do not utilize them for working out, nor do I utilize them for walking your house or exterior. I have actually been strictly utilizing them while taking a seat in bed or at my office.


Since noise is all based on individual direct exposure and taste, this has no certain score. As discussed, I have been utilizing these headphones for 2 months, which has actually led to a great quantity of usage. The noise stays the very same, in my viewpoint. No distinction in my experience with from box stock usage to burn in usage.

Noise: Rating 3

I own numerous headphones and I will publish a couple of headphones in my collection at the end of the review, however let’s get to the centerpiece of these headphones. Noise … I was impressed with these headphones when I plugged them into my hacked 2nd generation iPod utilizing Rockbox and playing FLAC files. I will state for $4, the noise is SLIGHTLY above average, I will not state remarkable or terrific, it’s workable.

Bass: For $5.00 or less, I cannot discover another set of headphones that will provide you the bass that these headphones will provide to you. I am pleased with the bass and have yet to discover another set of headphones that can bring this much bass for this cost. I’dgiveit a 4 score mostly if I had to rank the bass due to the punch it loads for it’s rate variety. If your MP3 gamer can produce high quality noise, these headphones will impress you with the broad variety – high quality noise. When you utilize these, make sure you line the headphones up with your ear canals. Ear buds would seldom remain in my ears and if they did, my ears were really aching after about an hour. Sure, they’re bulkier than ear buds, however I simply utilize them to pay attention to music when on a plane or falling asleep in the evening. I was doubtful of the quality since of how low-cost these were, however gambled after checking out others reviews.

I acquired the Panasonic RP-HT21 headphones to utilize with my Panasonic portable radio (RF-2400) and they are actually fantastic. I am so happy I bought both the radio and the headphones. We have actually gone through so numerous headphones due to the fact that they break or are not comfy. I was ready to pay more and have for previous headphone purchases however there is no requirement, these do the task completely.  Look these are not fantastic sounding headphones.

They are

  • – Cheap as hell
  • – Comfortable.
  • – Sound good.
  • – Cord is long.
  • – has a little bit of bass.
  • – much better than earbuds.

If you actually take pleasure in music I advise you step up to perhaps the $30 rate variety and get some Sennheiser. I attempted paying attention to a series of music consisting of rock, classical, pop, jazz, and so on and they all sounded clear with strong base thinking about the cost. Light as a plume and comfy to the point you’ll forget you’re using them. The only downside is that they do not collapse down much for transportation, however I might see myself utilizing these in the house, the workplace or on a plane/train.

Panasonic Best in Class On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 Review

Panasonic Best in Class On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 Review

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