Panasonic RPDJS400W Headphones Review

Panasonic RPDJS400W Headphones Review

The sound quality is that of $200 headphones I am extremely delighted. I usethese with my Panasonic HMC150 cam and for listening to music on my iPad. These headphones are terrific. Sound does not sidetrack me, the music sounds excellent (brand-new and even classical age) Blues and Country are quite remarkable. The bass in these is fantastic! I believe the sound DID get much better. My niece stepped on the left earphone and it broke however it still works fine. They are rather sound cancelling so I can pay attention to my music and not trouble anybody other and else individuals can be in the space seeing or talking TELEVISION and nobody is troubling anybody. They are long lasting, they look amazing and they are really comfy when I use them. These are by far among if not the very best set of headphones that I have actually ever owned and I suggest them to anybody who requires a brand-new set!

Panasonic RPDJS400W Headphones Review

Panasonic RPDJS400W Headphones Review

Exceptionally comfy and the soundis outstanding. Complete clearness and fantastic sound separation. Panasonic does justice with these headphones. Jazz, 80’s alt rock, basically everything is going to sound muddy with method excessive bass. That stated, after plugging them into my Nexus phone, I utilized the equalizer settings on OS Jellybean to tame the bass, get the highs, and get the vocals into an area where they sound natural. I had actually purchased some Sony headphones for my other half, she listened to mine and the continued to take my headphones on her next company journey. Excellent noise and extremely good bass. I listen to all types of music and these headphones are excellent. Their noise is exceptional and the cushioning cancels out outside sound extremely well. They’re goodlooking and I like the color (I got orange) although my one grievance would be that the white starts looking run down quite rapidly. You do not have to invest all of your cash to have fantastic noise. A really fantastic low spending plan purchase for headphones.

Building and construction:

It’s something that I will have to get usedto. There is a screw on one of the pivots … perhaps they can be changed if required in the future? The headband change is good, it changes on both sides and appears stiff, so it should not slip arbitrarily if you like them tight. The headphones are still general comfy, you can “secure” them on your head, simply above your ears and still hear plainly if your ears begin to get aching. The ear pads are detachable, however I have actually not pulled them totally off to see how tough it is to change. I bought some economical Panasonics about 10 years earlier. They are still working extremely well however getting ugly and old looking. I began looking at their more recent designs and looked in the shops at the cordless and more costly rivals.

I desired these for the beach and fitness center … received them today. The noise is fantastic and they look excellent. I question you will discover a much better item at this cost. They are extremely responsive to any frequency most human beings can hear, with good deep bass that strikes without drowning out the highs and mids. They sound excellent with any category of music I’ve pumped through them, varying from metal to rap to classical to nation, you get it.

I have actually been utilizing my Nike running headphones for everything, these headphones are so comfy and the sound quality is extremely clear. The bass is fantastic, however not frustrating and the treble can be heard plainly. I purchased the audio technica ATH-RE70 prior to I got the Panasonic ones believing that the greater quality audio technica would suffice, however I was truly dissatisfied by the sound quality, not to point out the headphones harm my ears and the audio jack kept falling out of my mac. After a lot of research study (I was disputing in between Sony, IFrogz, and these) I returned the audio technica and got the Panasonic. Color is extremely good, cable is sort of brief however it should not be excessive of a trouble if you’re simply parked in front of your computer system, delicately listening.

Headphones sound good with dubstep/electronic, sound exceptional with rap and jazz. I have not attempted it with other categories of music besides those. When I’m DJing a set I constantly get asked exactly what kind of ear sweet am I using. When I state” Panasonic” I constantly get a” you cannot be severe” appearance, till I let them hear the distinction. It’s a “wow that sounds excellent and I cannot think it” look! Im ever so delighted to state these headphones rock! I exercise at the health club 5 days a week and the bass on these phones are unstoppable. I plug these into my laptop computer and it changes the noise into a home entertainment theatre and does not trouble any of my roomates! There’s adequate bass that is pleasing to the ear. Even if something were to occur to them in the future for the cost I ‘d most likely purchase another set.


I have actually never ever had this much bass in any of the tunes I have actually ever paid attention to till I attempted these. The cable is brief so it benefits iPods however I wouldn’t believe it would benefit the real DJing, if you are simply looking for a set of good budget-friendly affordable excellent headphones excellent these Cost effective budget friendly. I ran throughout these when my child was a found guilty and these were the only ones I might get that no-one would take. He got out the day he got his; so I figured I would listen to them. The beats audio noise excellent however the ones I have are very heavy. I cannot worry enough if you are looking for a set of headphones do not look at the cost attempt them. It certainly loads in good bass without cutting corners much on the highs. The frame of the headset feels a little low-cost, being made of plastic, however it has cushioning beneath. The ears themselves are well cushioned, and provide an unexpected quantity of sound cancellation. When I saw all the excellent reviews and that these were just about $25, I was a bit hesitant – I didn’t anticipate them to have such great sound quality. They likewise sound fantastic when listening to dubstep, home, and electro.

I use a beany “hat” while listening to them and the noise isn’t really interrupted at all. If you’re not particular about headphones and simply see noise as noise, then these are ideal. I saw all the excellent reviews for this set, and I can inform you they do not dissatisfy. Sound quality is fantastic for this rate series of headphones, and I feel they can take a bit more abuse than those of comparable develop (so long as you do not toss them throughout the space.  All in all, if you’re trying to find a set of headphones that do an extremely good task with sound decrease, excellent noise and bass, then these deserve checking out. Not sure why some grumble of bass, as that is one thing that separates low-cost from excellent speakers. Theater sound system likewise produce effective and low basses.

These headphones produce the inmost basses frequently lost to the listener, and therefore imo more precisely represent tune recordings. And the cost makes them a real gem. It isn’t really simply a blurred stream of bass, the bass sounds encapsulated and everything sounds plainly specified. I advise getting these rather than the beats due to the fact that the beats are method overpriced, these are excellent headphones and simply to be various from everybody. Beats are so traditional now, this provides you uniqueness. SIMPLY BUY THESE!

My hubby has a lot more costly Skull Candy set and I have actually attempted those out, however discovered that for typical usage (I make certain high-end stereo users may see a distinction) I discovered there was no distinction in between his more pricey set and these.

I formerly owned:

Sennheiser HD-280 PRO

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Klipsch Image S4

Bose IE


I am extremely suggest this headphones. They have finest rate/ quality ratio. These headphones are much better than my $300 set of beats and my $200 set of Sennheiser. SUPER fantastic headphones and you can change them to get more bass or you can change them to get less bass.  (30+ minutes) Since it is an on ear set of headphones. The cups are simply a little to company. Purposely tossing them on concrete to see how well they were constructed. I even bent them more than 180 degrees and no snap!

Panasonic RPDJS400W Headphones Review

Panasonic RPDJS400W Headphones Review


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