Philips SHB4000WT/00 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Philips SHB4000WT/00 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Excellent headphones, low profile and at dazzling rate for exactly what it is (around ₤ 34.00 when i purchased it). Light-weight (incredibly so), and great quality sound! For the cash, it matches its function with great quality sound, light-weight and not having to deal with bothersome wires! It is definitely the perfect ‘travelling’ device, or for the office. I knew the fantastic choice of primarily costly BT headsets, however my perfect one would 1) rest on ear and not around it, 2) be light 3) last long and 4) not too costly. I hesitantly picked this Philips as on paper covered all those requirements. Well, really grateful I chose it!

Philips SHB4000WT 00 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Philips SHB4000WT 00 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Included in the product packaging is a charging cable television and guidelines, there is no battery charger and USB cable television is for charging only, you cannot utilize it to move information from other gadgets. The Philips name assisted as they are a quality brand name and are generally reputable. They do leakage noise when at greater volumes. Talking of volume, this is where they are a little less excellent Not as loud as the Bluedio one’s I had nor as bassy. They are bass light to be truthful. Battery life has actually been excellent too, no concerns there. Sound sensible, you get exactly what you pay for and so they will not please and audiophiles however to the casual listener, for movies and music they are fantastic. Being over ear if your music is loud others around will be able to hear it however that’s a basic problem with this type of headphone.

They’ve born with being chucked around my desk at work, included the bottom of bags as well as the odd shower with no indication of distress. They’re likewise extremely easy to utilize and acquired my iPhone’s bluetooth with no trouble. Completely recommended for basic usage. I am one of those individuals that permanently pulls the headphone wire out of my MP3, or ends up getting it snagged on door manages. They connected up to my MP3 gamer in seconds and the sound quality was excellent.

Headphones include bad guidelines and found them extremely hard to pair with tablet. The product quality is okay and they are fit to use, likewise as soon as I got them working, I found the sound quality to be great. I find the Philips headset to be truly simple to set up, provides a great sound quality but more notably, isn’t really too costly for a Bluetooth wireless headset. I often take a trip and this is an excellent piece of devices. As I stated, not too pricey, especially for an individual who frequently goes through a lot of headsets! These headphones are exceptionally light-weight, as a result, they are extremely comfy to use for extended periods.

The battery is reported to last 10 hours (IIRC), I’ve utilized them just for 5 hours max however there was no indicator of failing. The volume rocker switch is simple to use and reach, an audible bleep notifies you when you have actually reached limit volume. They are not especially loud at max volume; however, they are ‘on ear’ headphones so that’s not unexpected. I found them to be good enough though, even when I’m strolling along the coast on a windy day.

The sound quality is great.

There is a pause/play button which has a small hold-up, but I’m not whining. Long pushing this button for a few seconds, triggers something, possibly concerning calling somebody. I have not worked out exactly what. They work extremely well for call, nobody I consulted with grumbled about the call quality anyhow. To echo exactly what others have actually said, these are comfy and light and look excellent (not as glossy as the pictures, however still appealing). I cannot evaluate their hi-fi credentials, but everything sounds great to me. The variety is rather much shorter than my (broken) Sony MW600, at around 8 metres prior to separating, however it’s likewise more affordable than the MW600 was.

Great for around your home, strolls along beach and health club exercises (leave my iPhone in bag or pocket and no wires in the method!). Utilized to take a phone call and worked well. Just criticism is the irritating flashing light- bad for paying attention to relaxation music prior to falling asleep (need to use eye mask also!). Variety is cute excellent. Sound quality is not the finest however acceptable. big bass is not these headphones strength and they can sound a touch extreme with very first couple of hours of usage however mellow as they run in. the variety and stability of the bluetooth connection is extremely excellent i utilize them at work in a big storage facility linked to my kindle fire HD and have not lack variety. the headphones likewise have great battery life and the capability to stop briefly and avoid tracks is so helpful. The sound is extremely great for speech – I listen to a lot of podcasts and audio books. The bass might have a bit more boom, but the sound is alright (and in synch), likewise they might be a bit louder.

My only issue is that they have foam ear pads which I am nit a fan of. Sound quality is great without the severe bass of my Dr Dres. These are more downplayed and extremely light. They appear to last me a couple of days of extreme podcast listening and couple well with both my iPhone and iPod mini. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Premium. Linked with I pad and nokia phone, had no issues and ear controls are helpful. I am experienced with sound related semantics, but they seem great to me nonetheless. If he has the sound up a little bit greater than regular, the one down side is you can hear the music sitting next to him. In my case its excellent as I inform him to turn it down prior to he harms his ears. Possibly for grown ups not so excellent.

I purchased Bluetooth headphones generally to use with my tablet for music and movies, they are really light to utilize and they link to my tablet with simplicity. The sound quality is excellent extremely, dazzling to use with my mobile phone and they last really long after a complete charge; they keep linked at rather a reasonable range from the tablet I acquired this brand name due to the fact that my boy recommended them to me and I am really happy I purchased them, I use them all the time. 10 out of 10. When these arrived they looked possible and extremely light inexpensive. As soon as I turned them on the quality revealed. My only issue is that they have foam ear pads which I am not a fan of. Sound quality is excellent without the severe bass of my Dr Dres. After just having the head phones for a brief while, they seem simple and comfortable to use, they link rapidly to my cell phone and remain linked a reasonable range away, so with all that stated, I am extremely pleased with my purchase. One little problem I have is that they do not go load enough, I keep opting for the volume button simply to take it a couple of clicks louder, but it is currently at complete volume, so that is the only thing I can say that would need improvement.

Philips SHB4000WT/00 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Philips SHB4000WT/00 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

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