Philips SHB9 100wt/00 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Philips SHB9 100wt/00 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Some customers have actually revealed concerns worrying about the quality, and the absence of a carry-bag. These are ₤ 70 headphones, not ₤ 200 headphones, and in my honest opinion the cash has actually been invested on getting the important things right, like sound quality, rather than in visual bonus. I had actually constantly believed that Bluetooth would not have the ability to deal with music, particularly classical, however it does it with space to spare. I have them wed approximately a Galaxy S2 running Double Twist as my game. By doing this I can discover the ideal equalizer setting for the various categories, due to the fact that with these headphones it makes every distinction.

Philips SHB9 100wt 00 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Philips SHB9 100wt 00 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Obviously, when you are comparing phones of this quality to a set of common buds it’s not that difficult to be satisfied, however these actually ready quality; bass to treble is vibrant, and the clearness suggests you get all the information, much better than existing. Signal strength is great, I can leave the phone on the desk, charging up, and still roam round the home without losing quality. The controls are simpleness, e.g. You have the control function on the best headphone and easy touch can stop briefly and so on. It is great and responsive. I like the convenience of these phones, and it is pleasing to utilize on the London underground. This is where they are available in convenient on the underground, where I can kick back and pay attention to music in harmony, till I reach work.

It is practical and really excellent in sound cancelling, I could not hear a noise, while i was on the tube, not even the station commentator. The Bluetooth on my android phone was clear and I had no hissing or cackling. I think all of it depends upon the Bluetooth connection, however my phone and my other halves appear clear as I would anticipate. The headset’s volume slider control works individually to your gadget, where you gadget offers the master volume, I’ve discovered this rather helpful truly and can rapidly up or down the volume satisfyingly. The play/pause button is great, however the controls are various to the stock in line controls on state an iPhone headphone with mic, and this is my only niggle with it, the action for triggering voice control is the very same as going to the previous tune. Regrettably you require to pause your media prior to triggering voice assistant/control.

This is something you get usedto, the majority of people I understand however aren’t troubled by this as they hardly ever if ever utilize their voice control/assistants.  Sound quality is exceptional therefore is the convenience of the cans on your ears. I was satisfied and really shocked when I had the ability to keep these on my head whilst mountain cycling, Not sure how they’d reasonable for runners, they can slip off your head at particular severe angles or unexpected violent motions (so no severe energetic head banging while using these;–RRB-) however for basic as well as moderate motion they sit tight.

Individuals have commented how good they look and sound and comfy truly good too, likewise individuals on the other end of the phone and Skype calls can hear me plainly (not a lot in windy environments, however exactly what non expert microphone is? When lots of other elements impact phone calls anyhow), not a top priority. When using with the wired adapter these only function as headphones, all controls and mic do not appear to work which is a pity, however more need to remain cordless. If a more recent design appeared with adjusted controls (e.g. committed next/previous buttons or some other gesture for voice activation, or other well considered control) and might keep media controls working when wired, I would be extremely interested.


Sound quality is unbelievable if you come from mainly utilizing earbuds. Bass is present and, unlike some other headphones one can believe of, not subduing.


Total I believe the controls are fast and really instinctive to react. There has actually certainly been a circumstances where pushing the primary button would call my last dialed number, however I’m unsure exactly what the huge issue was for the other user as in basic you would believe you would turn of your Bluetooth when not utilizing the headphones. This immediately keeps the headphones from being active, conserving battery life, and avoids that regrettable usage of the call back button.


Links perfectly with my Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and MacBook. I do get a fair bit of disturbance on my MacBook, particularly at work, however I think that disturbance from the resource heavy magic mouse and operating in an IT business with a wide cordless devices blocking the airwaves has something to do with it. This brings me to the next plus.


Having the ability to appear the offered cable television is a big plus. Sound quality is a little much better usingit, however the primary advantage is that I can simply plug them in whenever I get signal distortion or, even much better, when the battery falls out.


Thinking about good cordless headphones usedto cost a limb, these are the very best bang for the dollar. Sure, you have the 20 pounds deal headphones, however all of us understand those are simply an action up from earbuds which are not likely to last long. The headphones are comfy and really lite, extremely delighted with the feel and convenience of them on my head. Excellent variety from a various space. Control of play back from my tablet is great, no lag or flutter and the on headset controls for volume, avoid, back and on or off are basic to utilize. Now having actually chosen to go Bluetooth I intentionally invested less on a cordless speaker to enable me to invest more on headphones as I pay attention to music on cans the majority of the time. Pleased to state sound quality is excellent and much better than my aging and now redundant wired cans which cost a lot cash some years earlier.


– Pretty OKAY sound quality. The headphones deals with well both low and high noises, so exactly whatever you going to listen to will sound actually good.

– Small design is best for taking a trip.

The sound quality is dazzling, far much better than I was utilized to. I often choose to use such headphones when viewing things on my laptop computer rather of utilizing the speaker noise simply to get that terrific sound quality. The only method I can explain it is ‘well rounded’ as well as has a not overwhelming however popular base (terrific for TELEVISION dramas with a lot of suspense-building music!).

Easy to use, and has the versatility of an audio cable television if you do not have the battery charged or simply wish to save it. One drawback is that they do not featured the round and a case ear pieces are the only bits that can fold inwards to attempt and make it a bit much easier to bring. When they were in my bag, this makes it rather large if you are taking a trip and likewise I have actually mistakenly pushed the head set mistakenly a couple of times changing on the headphones. I have actually been usingthese headphones for years. I personally discover the audio is of greater quality coming from the Bluetooth, unusually. Can frequently be repaired by moving your phone a bit better to the headphones.


For those trying to find an item that lasts, is really trendy (I’m taking a look at you Sennheiser), and providesthe cordless noise and call experience you desire, this ought to most likely be your primary competitor.

Philips SHB9 100wt/00 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Philips SHB9 100wt/00 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

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