Philips SHP2500/10 Indoor Corded TV Headphone Review

Philips SHP2500/10 Indoor Corded TV Headphone Review

We invested many days checking out up on various types of headphones. They likewise include the additional volume switch on the headphones which increases the volume and it’s truly simply exactly what we required. When you think about the length of the cable, you can invest ₤ 100+ and you cannot find this kind of audiophile bass combined with terrific total sound specifically. Completely advised for this cost, a definate buy, deal with the band with care!

Philips SHP2500 10 Indoor Corded TV Headphone Review

Philips SHP2500 10 Indoor Corded TV Headphone Review

They are incredibly comfortable to use, shut out enough of the racket generally going on around me so that I can hear exactly what I’m listening or viewing to and, if that’s insufficient, I can crank up the volume to optimum utilizing the in-line volume adjuster … happiness! I would gladly offer this item 5 star if they had resolved the ‘breaking’ issue (this has occurred more than when) … possibly the designers could utilize the very same innovation utilized by phenomenon makers and utilize the ‘bend both methods’ kind of hinge in future? That would make these headphones ideal!

For simply over a tenner, these headphones ready; They have actually deep, specified bass, though it can be a little overpowering sometimes – would be excellent for pop/rock kind of music, leading and mid varieties are absolutely nothing unique, but ok. The general sound is relatively well balanced; absolutely nothing truly leaps out other than for the low base, though if you have the headphones looser (as you’ll most likely have to), it sounds a little weaker. The ‘cans’ themselves have rather a tough and relatively annoyingly moudled foam beneath hair-catching material, You will find that unless you change the size of the headband to make them looser, you can just use them for a brief time – possibly an hour, and you will likewise be brushing off hair and fluff from the material.

I think Sony do a design comparable in cost and specifications … MDR200s’ I believe are okay, though I believe the Sony’s would be much better – they have the leather type cover a minimum of. If you are on the other side of the space from your music source, these headphones do have an immensely long lead though making them useful. I see TV in bed a lot. I have actually attempted a number of cordless headphones, which have actually been worthless and not to mention, costly. I am rather pleased to go back to using headphones on a cable television, if I can have a tidy audio feed from my TV.

The sound quality is extremely great. Excellent purchase! and I am positive they will last longer than all the other radio ones I have actually gone through. I utilize these for work for my audio typing task as a secretary, they are great, and although the cable is rather long (however, this is mentioned in the item information!) and personally I didn’t desire a cable that was too brief and I would be extended in between my hard disk drive and the screen! Exceptionally pleased with headphones. Volume can be increased utilizing the tv remote at least it can on my telly – a Samsung complete HD 3D clever TV.

They are extremely comfy and they produce excellent sound quality, the wire is long and good with a volume control dial on it. I utilize them to connected into my tv utilizing the Belkin rockstar to link approximately 5 headphones at 1 time, incredible for playing guitar hero design video games with buddies. I have actually had these now for a number of weeks and am extremely pleased with the long lead, which has not just a mini plug but a bigger jack plug adapter. I have a great deal of hi-fi and blending devices with both sizes and I always seem to lose the adapters! The headphones sound quality is respectable for the price and I am extremely happy with the prolonged lead which permits me to connected into anything throughout the space – even as far as the computer system in the cooking area if I wish to listen to music from there whilst working or unwinding in the living-room!

The only small gripe is that the ear fittings are not as big as a lot of customers have actually mentioned. No, I do not have huge ears; In truth, they are rather small and I have actually never ever had an issue with the size of other earbuds, however the external cushioning of these is fairly soft, it does push a little against my lobes but isn’t really frustrating enough to avoid using them for extended periods. This is my 2nd one, cos the very first one I had (had for about 10 years approximately) Comes with an adaptor which I utilize to plug into my amplifier when playing my guitar (my other half says that I need to, lol). As far as I’m concerned its worth purchasing and for under ₤ 20! cannot complain.

The stereo is great in them – not exceptional, as they’re just inexpensive ones … however well sufficient not to ruin your pleasure of the film/programme you’re enjoying … however well sufficient to shut out most sounds outdoors my home from troubling me … if there’s any gripe, it’s that the in-line control might have been much better, and I in some cases need to increase the volume greater than regular on my headphones level on my TV menu … however they ARE under ₤ 15 … so you cannot anticipate the top of the variety ones, can you !! These are terrific headphones for daily TV listening, my only factor for not providing 5 stars is that having actually owned a set in the past they do have durability concerns and will most likely not last long previous 12 months. At this rate however, you cannot anticipate a lot more! Simply reorder every year.


They do not feel especially well made. Absolutely nothing incorrect with them, simply feel a little light and “plastic”.

They cable television might be a little too wish for some individuals, and I’m not too crazy about the truth there is a cable television entering into both phones. Last set had a single cable television entering into the left phone just, therefore eliminating a tangle problem.


They are truly comfy to use, with your ears fitting within the foam rims. Unlike my old ones which would begin to harm after a while.

As formerly discussed, they have extremely excellent bass. All in all I’m cute impressed with the excellent all round sound quality, which, after all, is the primary point.

All in all they represent outstanding worth for cash as you will be not able to find a likewise excellent set of headphones at this cost point. These aren’t the sort of headphones you take outdoors since of the long cable television however for computer system or tv indoor usage there actually is absolutely nothing much better listed below ₤ 30. Excellent quality! Purchased for a senior family member who is tough of hearing – to use with tv – can turn volume up without troubling anybody. Only drawback is that we seem to need to turn volume up on TV rather loud as the volume control on the headset was not loud enough (this might be something we are doing incorrect though), so you need to keep in mind to turn volume on television set down before disconnecting headset!

I liked these because of the cable; however, sadly when I plugged them into my tv in my personal space, the sound was not too excellent, I needed to turn the sound up more in order to hear the TV, I did attempt it on the tv in another rm, which is a wise tv & sound is all right on that one so not sure if it was a excellent buy or not as I did desire it for primary tv. cable is dazzling & long excellent. The volume change on the cable is available in really convenient and the long cable was a selling point for me as the TV is throughout the space. Aside from being a bit warm to use when working out, I have no bad discuss this product. The total sound is excellent. I utilized them for the very first time just recently to listen to a TV motion picture. These headphones have an extremely long chord with them which enables you to enjoy TV and listen with your headphones from a great range away. If you’re looking for basic headphones that does this then these are a take. Great grab!

The side speaker holders/drums that cover your ears are hollow which i do not like however then it makes the headphone comfy and really light, they are likewise huge, not perfect for using outdoors however still excellent as they supply a big area covering your ears completely for maximum sound. there likewise a volume control wheel on the chord which is fantastic, volume is acceptable on the gadget. In general the item being cost this cost is a deal, to sum it up these headphones are low-cost with excellent sound quality and best for indoor usage. i even utilize these in my music studio. 5 stars for the total quality and cost.

I utilized them for the very first time just recently to listen to a TV motion picture. These headphones have a really long chord with them which permits you to see TV and listen with your headphones from a great range away. In general the item being offered for this rate is a deal, to sum it up these headphones are low-cost with excellent sound quality and ideal for indoor usage. I have a lot of felines, they want to chew things but their biting pales in comparison to the strength of the wire. These headphones are terrific and inexpensive for the cash, up until now, they are lasting much better than headphones 4x their price.

Philips SHP2500/10 Indoor Corded TV Headphone Review

Philips SHP2500/10 Indoor Corded TV Headphone Review

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