Philips SHQ1200PP/28 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones

Philips SHQ1200PP/28 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones Review

I can state initially off that these are terrific earbud headphones for the cost, nevertheless, there are some things that possible purchasers ought to understand prior to making a choice. The audio jack is likewise a right-angle adapter rather of the straight one utilized in the SHQ1000, which is excellent for me because it appears more long lasting (nevertheless it’s not that the jack adapter in the SHQ1000 wasn’t long lasting).

Philips SHQ1200PP 28 ActionFit Sports In Ear Headphones Review

Philips SHQ1200PP 28 ActionFit Sports In Ear Headphones Review

They both feel exactlythe exact same in the ear even though the speaker on the SHQ1200 is somewhat larger. I was likewise quickly able to utilize the rubber covers from the SHQ1000 on the SHQ1200 and vice versa.

I go running with my future husband routinely and now he uses these brand-new earbuds when we head out. She stated they are comfy and the cable is long enough that she does not have a concern with pulling while she is running (this is a huge concern with some earbuds out there) the sound quality was quite great, not rather as excellent as my Bose earbuds however Philips still makes great quality items.


I wantedto hear exactly what was going on around me, however still have great audio. I desired something relatively sweat-proof– something that will remain in location– something that does not feel lightweight and inexpensive. Something that is simple to pop in and out of my ear.


The buds do not go within and injure like the majority of little ear phones. The sound quality is high enough and the little “funnel” sends out music straight into the ears.


These are the very best earbuds I’ve ever owned, and I’ve invested as much as $100 on other brand names until. This $20 set of earbuds has much better sound quality than it has any ideal to, and its sturdiness is ideal for my day-to-day exercises. This is not a case of “you get exactly what you spend for”, rather an example of a business making a quality item for a budget friendly rate.

Ultimately the sun used them down and the rubber connected to the earbud themselves broke. They still worked simply alright. I would still be utilizing the old ones however my 3yo idea they were a toy and lost them.

I believe my record was another set of Philips earbuds that lasted 6 months. Some individuals may believe that isn’t really a long time (I believe I check out another review that stated they had their set for 4 years), however I’m quite rough with my headphones.

This triggers the cable television to move around a bit and often I require to change the headphones. These likewise do not make my ears injured after using them for a long time.

The headphones I got were the orange an grey. I utilize them in the fitness center an they work excellent. Would suggest for all types of usage.


I wasn’t anticipating much from it because it was more affordable than other ear buds. I’m a runner and it’s frustrating when I have to change my ear buds to put back falling ones back into location. Not numerous ear buds out there have that function.


the very first 2 hours (I Started utilizing them to pay attention to live lectures about2-3hrs nonstop and they trouble a little). Its finest usage is throughout exercise regimens// running … You won’t mind the sweat getting to them, they won’t break. I’ve got them for a year now and it’s been remarkable!


I can run with them in and they won’t fall out. One time a bud fell out of my ear (which is unusual) and into a sink of water. They still worked completely great.

They do not have a microphone and you cannot manage your tunes from them, so if you are trying to find those functions this is not the headphones you are trying to find. Having actually purchased numerous fancier headphones I am sticking to this ones from now on. I likewise utilize them in the health club, so I provide rather a great deal of usage.



Remained in my ears extremely well. Since my ears are obviously various, I had to utilize a mix.

Perfect length cable (I’m 5, 11 your mileage will differ.

90 degree cable.

Good Sub bass and Passable treble.

For $15 I can state I have actually heard even worse.

I have actually dropped my phone a number of times and had it hanging from my ears or had the phone and cable television remove, however they have actually never ever fallen out of my ears. Astonishingly, they are still exceptionally comfy. I stroll, run, and exercise with them and they still look simply like brand-new!

They do not get all tangled up like some headphones do. The sound quality is excellent, not the finest, however certainly much better than that of the stock iPhone and Samsung headphones, which I have both attempted and on both gadgets.

When I initially got these I was a bit hesitant since I had actually just ever utilized iPhone headphones prior to. When I obtained my pals apple headphones I understood how often my old headphones would slip out of my ears.

The somewhat bigger fit likewise assists guarantee that you cannot hear your environments. Simply like these!


This set(s) I’ve had for the last 5 years, take or provide and they have actually been extraordinary as a no-frills physical fitness headphone. The sound quality was absolutely nothing to boast about, however the toughness has actually been incredible. I purchased 3 sets and each set lasted me practically 2 years of daily usage.

This brings me to the design that changed the SHQ1000/28 the SHQ1200/28. This is my preliminary review, I’ve just been utilizing these for a couple weeks, however I have actually not been rather as amazed. The greatest grumble has actually been the length of the cable, it’s about 5 in much shorter (didn’t go out a ruler), which triggers the headphones to fall (pull) out more quickly and has actually triggered me to need to alter my storage techniques for runs and such.

If I was any taller, I’m 5″ 10″, these headphones would not work for me. I wish to state the sound quality is not as great as in the past, possibly I’m simply utilized to my older headphones, regardless that’s not too huge of a problem due to the fact that the sound quality was never ever any excellent. I do nevertheless like the upgraded plug and the develop quality feels comparable.

I will supply an upgraded review on these headphones in the future, however I believe my alternative is still the very same for this series of headphones. If you desire a set of exercise headphones that are healthy and long lasting well; there is no contrast and there is no factor to make one.


Truthfully, these headphones sound fantastic to me. Do not pay too much for workout headphones, conserve some cash and purchase these.

They likewise tend to remain in my ears, you have to pull to make them fall out. They likewise hold up well when damp. I enjoy how they simply work right out of the box with little difficulty, simply discover your cap size, slip it on and go.

Another feature of these Philips earbuds is that the cable has no slider to change the earbuds tighter to your head under your chin if you desire that ablility; the other earbuds I discussed all have that function. I simulate the ideal angle to place the earphones into the gadget– that avoids a little tension on the connection and makes it less most likely to come out while hanging.

In general, the earphones are satisfying however I see the requirement for enhancement to make them work as well for me as I ‘d like: more cushy earpieces and include the slider. I saw that on the box it stated that there was a pouch consisted of to save the earbuds however this was not inside my plan and I’m not sure why not.

I actually like the clip, which keeps them from bouncing all over the location, and it’s quickly adjustable: you can move it along the cable, however it does not get displaced while running. When the set I have bite the dust, I’ll purchase these once again. The color is fantastic, too, in my viewpoint due to the fact that it makes them actually simple to discover in your bag and rather tough to lose!

I like this design for earbuds. They sort of twist or screw into location in your ear, instead of simply plugging directly in. The benefit is that the twist design assists them remain in my ears much better, whereas the plugin design rapidly works loose, triggering the volume to drop off and (relatively not long after that) the earbud to leave of my ear completely.

I have another set of earbuds with this very same design, although the caps are made from a substantially stiffer plastic that the SHQ1200PK/28. The stiffer earbuds appear to remain in my ears a bit much better, however these softer ones are a bit more comfy if I leave them in for a long period of time.

Philips SHQ1200PP/28 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones Review

Philips SHQ1200PP/28 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones Review

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