Philips Shs3200/00 Ear Hook Headphones Review

Philips Shs3200/00 Ear Hook Headphones Review

The sound is much better than more pricey headphones. A word of cautioning to potential purchasers, I have actually been purchasing these headphones for 4 years now, and they do tend to only last about 5 or 6 months prior to the sound stops coming out of one of the earpieces. Size and shape of ear may play an element? I do not understand as I only have 2 ears to check them on!

Philips Shs3200 00 Ear Hook Headphones Review

Philips Shs3200 00 Ear Hook Headphones Review

Presently on my 2nd set as the very first broke. However it  was completely my own fault due to unexpected pulling on the lead triggering one side to stop working. The sound quality is remarkable for the cost and I have actually used them whilst running and raising weights without any problems whatsoever. They also work well with individual DAB and netbook; I would extremely suggest them for the convenience of their fit and resilience, as they seem to be untouched by sweaty running conditions and severe weather condition. I have actually seen the rate struck 6-7 pounds sometimes and for that, they are an excellent item.

These might not be the very best in regards to sound quality, but for running, I have actually found them to be definitely best. I have actually attempted various designs of ‘sports’ earphones, and none have actually ever fitted effectively (possibly I have unusual ears !!). These fit, and do stagnate at all. They remain in location no matter how you move, but are so comfortable I forget I’m using them. (Curiously, numerous bits of the plastic have actually altered colour over the years – the most current ones are silver on the back of the speaker bit).

I did not anticipate much at this cost, so exactly what a fantastic surprise! Off all the various earphones I have actually used before, these are certainly the very best. Crisp and extremely clear sound. I likewise wasn’t too sure about the ear clip design. It ends up it is excellent too: extremely simple to place on, and the earphones remain strongly in my ears (I can concentrate on my spinning without stressing over earphones falling off). When at the health club and these have actually been the finest, I have actually attempted a couple of various types to get one that remains in your ear. They fit and the sound quality is alright. When these are so great, I would have a hard time to validate investing more than this on a set of headphones.

I found these ear connected ones, they were an incredibly low-cost rate so i purchased them, when they showed up i hooked them as much as my ipod and to my amazement the sound from these was precisely what i was looking for, plus at the bottom of each hook it has a small hole and this enables best sound and bass, Fit perfectly around the ear and do not need to require them deep in your ear due to the fact that the holes make it seem like they are deep in the ear canal. I have actually constantly used these earphones for several years now. When I was a kid and all earphones fall out when used, my ears were pinned back. Due to the fact that they cover arround the ear) do not fall out when used, these earphones (. I have actually been using these headphones for about 7/8 years now. They are comfy and the sound quality is excellent enough for sitting or running on the bus. I attempted a number of sport ear hooks and these ones are certainly the very best. I believe they simply fit every ear and they do not fall out at all, whether you’re working out or running in the health club. If you are specific about sound quality, they may not be the very best, but still for sports, absolutely ok.

These are dazzling ear hook headphones – I use them continuously as I find them a lot more comfortable that ear buds and I can pay attention to my i-pod throughout the day (and night) long. These specific ones showed up really rapidly, are really comfy and have actually lasted extremely well. Will buy another set currently so am not without them. In this design the speaker sits beyond the ear canal and dampness does not go inside the speaker chauffeur. I found after much experimentation that these low-cost Phillips headphones are great enough for exercising and offer a good bass end. The shape keeps these headphones on my ears and I face no issue when running, biking, and practically anything else of the sort! The wire is of a great length, they’re robust, inexpensive and the sound quality is more than appropriate. I’m sure if you were to compare them to more costly sets on the marketplace, the sound quality would not be as great, but for me, the bass is terrific and I’ve never ever seen a fault.

All other bud type headphones simply fall out of my ears, even when perambulating at no fantastic speed. These are really comfy for me, and I can go keeping up these without stressing over them bouncing out of my ears. Extremely lightweight, no issue with the sound – although I would not use these to unwind at house with, however only since I’ve got other headphones for that if I required. The sound quality is quite great, i would state about the very same quality as basic i-pod headphones. If you desire inexpensive headphones that remain in your ear then these are for you.

The cable television is longer than many headphones I’ve owned and does not tangle. I purchased the very same set prior to this one and it lasted me a year & a half, which is an excellent life-span. I would recommend these for an individual that’s constantly on the go, not a lot for a simple listener that stays inactive. I’ve used the ones that stick in your ear and it’s unpleasant when you’re sweating whereas these are great. The sound quality is precisely what I require for running. The sound is complete and with sufficient bass. Thanks to the bass-pipes on the exterior of the earphones. The hook is versatile enough to be bent around yet tough sufficient to not alter its shape after a couple of months of usage. When running with Apple type headphones they would consistently come loose and then sound tinny. These simply remain in location and sound outstanding. I am a regular male 6ft with routine sized ears.

I’ve attempted numerous pricey sports brand names and have actually constantly been dissatisfied as they never ever last that long. Its not constantly the fault of the brand name as i’ve discussed my headphones take a great deal of abuse however a few of the pricey makes i’ve attempted have not lasted longer than a few months, which stinks! This specific make is well made and stands well versus the more pricey brand names. I suse them on long terms and bike trips and they remain in location well for me. At high volumes the sound can start to sound tinny; however, to their credit, music pumping through them at complete volume is too loud to be kept that near your ear easily anyhow, so the majority of the listening I do through them remains in the 20-70% volume variety on an iPhone. They are really light and but for the sound in your ears you might forget that they are there. Their soft rubbery ear hook will pull off your ear quickly if the cable television gets captured without injuring your ear and will guarantee the headphones do not get harmed.

Mine have actually been run over by an automobile. They have actually been stepped on, had things dropped on them, landed in mud and only this night, when trying to put them on a table, one of the headphone earpieces landed in a glass of water and despite all this, they are still working completely. I purchased a 2nd set a couple of years earlier as I was so satisfied with them and wished to have a backup in case Phillips stopped making them but as testimony to the present set they stay in a drawer unopened! In conclusion, for the cost, these are ideal, I can truthfully say I would pay twice as much for such a well constructed and reliable set of headphones. Do not hesitate, you won’t regret it. I ensure like me, you will be driven to purchase a 2nd set a couple of months later on.

Philips Shs3200/00 Ear Hook Headphones Review

Philips Shs3200/00 Ear Hook Headphones Review

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