Philips SHS3201/10 Secure Ear Hook Headphones Review

Philips SHS3201/10 Secure Ear Hook Headphones Review

Size and shape of ear may play an element? I do not understand as I just have 2 ears to check them on! I used to merely take them back (which I’ve done numerous lot of times) and get a refund as they have an assurance. After using other earphones in addition to these it’s apparent that nobody makes them to last … the small wires that transfer the sound inevitably break someplace along its length leaving the listener with sound in just one ear. These earphones do provide a great sound, they are steady on the ear and comfy to use.

Philips SHS3201 10 Secure Ear Hook Headphones Review

Philips SHS3201 10 Secure Ear Hook Headphones Review

Since they are outstanding to go running or the health club, I keep reordering these. They keep well in location (a minimum of on my ears which I depend be typical). If they get captured in something, twisted, extremely damp or busted I do not need to stress much as they are not especially costly. For the cash you pay, the quality readies. I have actually attempted some other comparable priced earphones from fitness centers and grocery stores and they are bad as this one. Please let me understand if somebody believes otherwise. Personally I discover the real round bit that enters into your ear is a bit on the huge size for my ears, and makes them a little aching if I use them for over an hour approximately, however that may simply be my ears. They do remain in location no matter how you move about, and as they weren’t pricey I believed they readied worth for cash.

What rendered them ineffective was when the a little greyish rubber ring that surrounds both the best and left earphone (the one that conceals the sign up with in between the ear hook and the earphones) fell off from the earphones. Without them, you merely can’t use them which is a discomfort. One method around this is simply taking additional care of it, saving it securely together with your gadget, maybe in a little plastic wallet or something, so the rubber rings do not fall off the earphones. They remain in location no matter how you move, however are so comfortable I forget I’m using them. (Curiously, numerous bits of the plastic have actually altered colour over the years – the newest ones are silver on the back of the speaker bit).

Having and being a postie attempted numerous sets of ear phones these are the really best.They do not keep falling out of your ear and you can still here discussions guided at you one to one. This being stated does not suggest outdoors sound is a diversion. They are really comfy and I have them on for approximately 4 1/2 hours.

My initial Phillips headphones got broke in my pc case and I attempted a couple of various headphones however returned them all as they didnt produce enough volume or clearness of sound. These charms provide adequate sound to muffle the rubbish used the speakers in my regional fitness center and permit me to pay attention to my own music without disturbance. These headphones are perfect for me the are an affordable priced set that have a sensible sound for my tin ears and fit to use, as I do not use them for running or that example I do not have any problems with them moving and at under a tenner, they do precisely what I desire them too.  Their primary issue is that the rubber ring that holds the cover over the ‘phones in location have a tendency to fall off, so I use glue to keep the rings in location if I handle to discover them before the feline or vacuum does. Have yet to glue them into my ears. In this design, the speaker sits outside of the ear canal and moisture does not go inside the speaker. I discovered that after much experimentation that these economical Phillips headphones are great for working out and offer a good bass end.

I have actually just recently purchased my 3rd set of these headphones. The shape keeps these headphones on my ears and I face no issue when running, biking and pretty much anything else! I’m sure if you were to compare them to more pricey sets on the market the sound quality would not be as excellent, however for me the bass is excellent and I’ve never ever discovered a fault. i would state about the very same quality as basic i-pod headphones. If you desire inexpensive headphones that remain in your ear then these are for you. You most likely desire a pricier set if you are after sound quality. the wire is longer than the majority of headphones I’ve owned and does not tangle easily. I purchased the very same set before and it lasted me a year & a half, which is a great life-span. I would advise those people who are constantly on the go to buy them. I love these headphones and I always return to the very same brand name. I find the in-the-ear headphones too unpleasant or simply invest the entire time with them popping out my ears; however, these over the ears rest on the ear and tuck securely behind the ear. I use them for travelling, strolling, running, health club work, and even drowning out basic workplace sound at work.

The only factor I survive numerous is since I keep losing them, not due to the fact that there’s an issue with the real headphones! These ear phones are appropriate for the cost (approximately ₤ 10) and the hooks ensure they nearly never ever fall out of your ears. Be alerted that they do malfunction when consistently and unintentionally pulled hard, which will ultimately occur if you use them a lot throughout physical activities, so I’ve had to go through numerous sets over the years. I’ve used the ones that stick in your ear and it’s unpleasant when you’re sweating whereas these are alright. The sound quality is precisely what I require for running. The sound is great for a run and they grip well. The only caution I make is that if you have little ears (as I do) then these will not grip over the ears especially comfortably.

The hook is sufficiently versatile to be bent around yet strong enough to not change its shape after a couple of months of usage. The housing of the jack is possibly the weak aspect here. It is made from soft rubber and due to flexing it in my pocket where I keep my gamer it was the jack that made my earphones stop working. When purchasing as they are economical and some other reviews said they were uncomfortable, I was a bit suspicious. Been a common Yorkshireman, I chose on the most affordable choice and would have whined, but I endured lower-quality headphones. They fit my huge ol’ lugs completely. These are outstanding headphones with terrific bass action. When running with Apple type headphones, they would consistently come loose and then sound tinny. I am a typical male 6ft with routine sized ears. My previous set of the same headphones lasted 6 year, which included a typical 3 days a week in the fitness center and an irregular quantity of awkward sticking of the cable on things (primarily door knobs). I have actually never ever been dissatisfied by a set of Philips headphones and these fit my requirements completely.

I’m on my 2nd set and will continue to purchase this item. As the low expense indicates, I’m not that distressed when something occurs to them, and something most likely will. I use headphones while working out, throughout my day-to-day commute, at work and often at night, so they take a consistent everyday slamming. I’ve tried a number of costly sports brand names and have actually constantly been dissatisfied, as they never ever last that long. Its not always the fault of the brand name. As i’ve discussed, my headphones take a lot of abuse but a few of the pricey products i’ve attempted have not lasted longer than a few months, which sucks! This specific device is well made and stands well against the more pricier brand names. I use them on long terms and bike trips and they remain in place well for me.

Philips SHS3201/10 Secure Ear Hook Headphones Review

Philips SHS3201/10 Secure Ear Hook Headphones Review

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