Philips SHS8100/10 Earhook Headphones Review

Philips SHS8100/10 Earhook Headphones Review

Bought these to change an old Sony set to use at the fitness center. I tried them out and made sure that the ear buds fitted my ears effectively using one of the 3 various sized soft buds provided with the headphones and the sound was alright. Used them at the health club this early morning and they remained in my ears with no issues plus they obstructed out any outdoors sound so I was well and genuinely in ‘the zone’ lol.

Philips SHS8100 10 Earhook Headphones Review

Philips SHS8100 10 Earhook Headphones Review

Each has various requirements but in my viewpoint, the sound quality is well worth the effort needed to protect an airtight seal and sometimes press the buds back in as they slip out. They are fairly water resistant and they didn’t break for me up until i was pressed into a swimming pool with them and my Iphone (R.I.P Iphone). Although they fulfilled the dunk, they still sort of worked, and by that, i mean that they were simply a bit crackly. I believe that this shows they are rather resilient. I purchased these as my ipod headphones broke and the replacement set I purchased were rubbish for working out at the fitness center, they simply would not remain in my ears. Comfy on the ears, the bendy rubbery hooks fit nicely on my ears.

Due to the fact that i have rather small ears and the typical difficult in-ear design earphones simply kept falling out every 2 minutes when i used them to go running, purchased these just recently. Plus, I had a set of ‘appropriate’ ipod ones with volume functions and on an especially rainy day, they simply stopped working entirely. When running and this item does simply that, i desired something sweat and rain proof that would sit (and remain) conveniently in my ears. Really comfy fit and includes a number of ear-piece buds to accommodate a series of ear sizes.

I’ve been keeping up them a number of times a week in all weather conditions for about a month now and i am most satisfied. After around 10 minutes on the treadmill, they required pressing back into my ear and then approximately every 10 minutes after that. So it’s not like that they are continuously coming out of the ear. If these Headphones would be worth the cost but with a discount rate of ₤ 10 offered, I thought why not, after Reading the reviews, I was uncertain. When running, they would not remain in at all and I invested the entire time pressing them back in, at very first, I was extremely dissatisfied. I then chose to try the different sized ear pieces that they included, I found that the mediums wouldn’t enter into my ear deep enough to sit tight so changed to the smaller sized size, which suggests that they sit much deeper and they remain in.

When doing an extreme exercise, these earphones are excellent for use. Whether it be at the fitness center or opting for a run, these are best as they clip around the beyond your ear avoiding the earphones from falling out, unlike routine earphone. They likewise remain in place and remain in ear, so you can hear sound plainly without the sound leaving and being too loud to interrupt other individuals. It just has one design defect, which somewhat lets it down. Its adapter is not an ideal angle one, and it does not include “stress relief” (like the older design which had this function). The wire lacks the port vertically and there is just a little bit of inexpensive heat-shrink around the connector-cable joint (rather of a correct stress-relief system.

The ear hooks are versatile and do not break even it lied on! As we both use them, I purchase them 4 sets at a time so we constantly have years of service time in reserve. When running for rather a while that would not continuously fall out or feel uneasy, I’ve been browsing for a set of headphones. After attempting various other headphones out, I have actually now found these and they are without a doubt the very best ones I’ve encountered up until now. I have actually been using these for a great couple of weeks now, with the longest run having to do with 7 miles, and I didn’t need to change them when throughout it!

They seem really peaceful when you get them securely in your ear and the hook comfy round your ear. Keep in mind that I have actually just used them while strolling and not running. Exactly what’s much more remarkable is the item itself, they secure completely round the ears kept in place by good product does not have that low-cost feel and you can in some cases, get then there is the sound its equivalent and even much better than some items I have actually purchased for ₤ 50 and not the tiniest bit tinny, as was discussed by another customer. I’ve purchased these earphone 3 times for many years, they are extremely ideal for individuals who prefer to pay attention to music thoroughly while they are running, or perhaps in the fitness center, since the hooks stop them from falling off your ears and you do not need to stress over that, I swear by them!! The only unfavorable aspect is that they are extremely fragile, I’ve broke the previous sets when they got tangled in a door hinge, but, I expect that this might occur to any earphones. They fit easily in your ear and the sound quality is great.

These ones turned out to be much better quality than the more costly ones, so I am actually pleased with them. They likewise fit on the ear and remain on the ear much better and are more comfy than any other ones I have actually ever had.


  • – Stay comfortably in location for running.
  • – The sound is rather good, much better than Apple earbuds.
  • – They’re quite comfy. I have weird-shaped ears, making it difficult for me to find comfortable earphones, so that’s saying something.
  • – The jack is direct instead of an L jack (which I dislike).


  • -The little rubber ear protectors fall off quickly, so you need to really thoroughly pull these from your ears to prevent losing them.
  • -They get tangled up quite severely when you put them away (although that’s a gripe I have with the majority of headphones).
  • -Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get these within 10 feet of another set of earhook headphones, or they will instantly link into an impenetrable ball that cannot be untangled in less than 20 minutes.

One review discussed that they fell apart at the wires. The wires are thin so I am being mindful not to pull on them from the ear hooks. I am about to purchase another set of these since they do precisely what I require them to. Good one Philips. Unlike other headphones, these have actually never ever fallen out of my ear. The sound insulation is excellent and the quality, in my viewpoint, is outstanding. These are the very best, longest long lasting headphones I have actually had and I would definitely purchase more of the very same if they were to break. The wire is simply the ideal length and permitted me to keep my iPod in my pocket whilst enabling adequate slack so it was not an obstacle and although they are obviously adjustable, I found they were an ideal fit directly off.

The length of time they will last for is anybody’s guess since I have just had them a couple of months but if my last set of Panasonic’s that chose simply 7 months prior to the left earphone passed away are anything to pass then if I can surpass that then I will think about these an actually bargain. Clearly, the expression ‘you get exactly what you spend for’ is something everybody need to know when acquiring anything but as far as I am worried, these are among the couple of items where you get that bit additional that actually makes them stick out. I purchased some more costly ones prior to these which were malfunctioning, so I returned them. These ones turned out to be much better quality than the pricier ones, so I am truly pleased with them. They likewise fit on the ear and remain on the ear much better and are more comfy than any other ones I have actually ever had. One review pointed out that they fell apart at the wires.

Undoubtedly the over ear ATH-M50Xs are the best sounding headphones I have actually ever listened to, but for the cost, you cannot beat these earphones. I am on my 4th set now and when these ones ultimately come to an end, I will instantly purchase another set. These are the very best worth for cash and high quality music processing earphones i own. I likewise own big stereo headsets from Tritton, (See link at bottom of page)- and these are still much better, due to the fact that they fit straight into the ear channel. Think about these for their rate in relation to construct quality, sound processing recreation, activity functionality (like running for the train when you are late!!!) and exactly what they appear like using them.

Philips SHS8100/10 Earhook Headphones Review

Philips SHS8100/10 Earhook Headphones Review

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