Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic Review

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic Review

There are just a few headsets on the market that have both bluetooth and noise cancellation. I like the fit and sound of this one, but most of all, it is simple to utilize and has terrific battery life. When using a wired connection, I have actually combined the headset with a wireless Bluetooth audio transmitter from Aukey that supports AptX code and the sound quality is the same like. Very outstanding! I had the Samsung Level Over before but like the Plantronics better. The new headphones and with all their active functions meets my expectations, handling, features, sound quality, and variety of the signal, in addition to quality of liaison with my mobile, it is a remarkable product compared with other brands (much more pricey), deserves every penny paid.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic Review

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic Review

The features are exceptional, the turning dials for the sound modification and the skip/fwd are much better than push buttons, and even buttonless sliders that are now starting to appear. The combination mute/voice conversation buttons is exceptionally well placed and the voice discussion function that it has, is a really good perk. The unit is a bit heavy compared to some of the other noise canceling headphones, but not the heaviest, someplace around middle of the pack, but it is jam loaded with features, and solidly constructed. The 24 hour battery life is outstanding, the functions are exceptional, the audio quality is exceptional, they will play via cable if the battery runs down, unlike some others, and while not the sleekest looking set out there, they look quite good and have that solid trustworthy Plantronics appearance to them. The sound quality is impressive. Very nice BT headset, sound quality is excellent and pairing range is impressive. I do not use the noise canceling feature.

* Audio quality (over Bluetooth). I ordered these due to the fact that I can’t bear working long hours with wired headsets on me and taking Skype calls sitting, so I thought the BackBeat PRO would be a nice compromise rather of wired headphones like the ATH-M50X. I was wrong; it’s barely a compromise at all! Even though they’re not as clear-sounding as the ATH-M50X, I discover them very enjoyable for paying attention to music, which is a rare thing for me.

* Battery life is no less than incredible. I bought these headphones more than a week back, been using it for calls and music a number of hours a day and so far, charged it just at the day I got it!

* The hardware manages on the headphones are very useful and instinctive.

* The button for background audio is fantastic when paying attention to music then wanting to talk with someone in the space! (The same button is likewise a dislike during calls – see listed below).

* Something about the ergonomics and total feel of these headphones is simply INCREDIBLE. I wished to give 4 stars due to the fact that of the couple of cons (specifically the mute button which I dislike), however, the overall experience of these headphones is so great that I just can’t offer less than 5. I like putting it on, I love seeing it on the desk, it’s simply an item to fall for – and I’m a person who usually hates headphones.

Very good BT headset, sound quality is exceptional and pairing range is outstanding. I do not utilize the noise canceling function. Pleasant surprise all around – not the most trendy or best noise cancelling, but still great (noise cancelling far better than my 3yo beats, but not as excellent as my 9yo bose) – especially for the rate, and the performance, sound quality, phone pickup and phone integration far surpasses my expectation at this price. Pleasantly amazed at how deep the bass is. There is some small distortion in the high variety, but still, spick-and-span overall. When you pull the headphones down of your head, I love the auto pause feature.

For the cost and item quality, it is top notch. When I check the bass or sound quality via you tube videos with the tag line “earphone variety and bass test”, it sounded impressive. I have not tried it on an aircraft yet or near a loud, continuous noise, so I have not got the chance to try it out yet. Nevertheless, it does well to knock out noises round my house. These headphones have offered a brand-new life to all my preferred music!! Unbelievable sound quality and worth every penny! When looking out for bluetooth/wireless headphones, I was constantly thinking Plantronics makes just workplace headsets and just stumbled upon this wonderful product. After investigating the reviews of this and a similar Sony headphones, proceeded with the backbeat pro. Completely taking pleasure in these headphones! Exceĺlent battery life! When you use that in combination with the audio they end up being immersive, I relished in the noise canceling. They also fit well and I didn’t feel like I was wearing a vice on my head (even with my glasses on). All in all, a fantastic experience and I am eagerly anticipating using them on our summer adventures.

Finally I have a good quality headphones that achieved everything that I want compare to Beats headphones. From the quality of sound and astounding comfort to use to the Bluetooth connection that make me loves this device. Thanks again for the customer care that fixed the problem very rapidly and I hope the problem that I had can be big input for the customer support to give much better reacts for the problem and take it more deeply and investigate it more better and not to general. To individuals that want to purchase excellent headphones like Dr. Dre beats, try this one, you going to like it very much. Thanks once again for the extremely action. I will tell my individuals, how terrific this headphone is. Everything about these is top quality. The fit and surface, the sound, the sound canceling, the quality, everything is perfect.

These are my first greater class headphones that I have acquired (after carefully comparing reviews and prices to other similar models), and I am glad that I picked these. Sound quality is detailed and excellent, bluetooth performance works, taking calls, and mic quality through my phone works, and they are comfortable to wear. I’ve been thru every … and I mean EVERY DESIGN of headphones that you could possibly consider Bluetooth and wired. This is by far the best I have actually ever encountered from talk time to sound to observe cancellation and specifically given that the price has dropped this is now the very best priced too compared to any Beats headphones I’ve ever had this is the very best, these are so underrated. If you like Crisp sound and deep bass this is definitely for you.

I’ve just had them for a few days, but they are rather good. I enjoy the sound quality, and the sound-cancelling is respectable. Do not expect it to drown out truly loud sounds, like sirens, however more peaceful background sounds, like fans and car engines. There is only Bluetooth performance in this headset, no unspecific wireless functionality, so if your computer system doesn’t support Bluetooth, you have to utilize the included cable to link. Overall, I would suggest this to you whole-heartedly. The noise cancelling was better than the Wireless Beats 2.0 I had. Often I would have to detach and reconnect the Bluetooth at times due to a bad connection and avoiding sound these are worth it, as I also wasn’t fond on the Beats EQ and these just sound excellent. I have had them for coming up on a year, and they are the best headphones I have actually ever heard or used. Remarkable sound quality, anc, and phenomenal features! I understand it does not eliminate sound, but I should not be able to hear the AC running or the refrigerator in the next space for that matter. They will almost kill all the background noise and they sound half way good. These headphones will last forever on one charge. The sound signature got much better! Just purchased this along with the Backbeat FIT. Really good with ALOTS features.

These headphones are a beast in their own right! I owned some beats by dr. dre before these and when I compare the two, these plantronics win by far. They are comfortable and I utilize em for relax listening as well as for fitness center workout. These do a terrific task at not soaking up all the sweat. I have had the plantronics for about a year now and they are my preferred set of headphones I have ever owned. When I check the bass or sound quality by means of youtube videos with the tag line “earphone range and bass test”, it sounded impeccable. These headphones have actually provided a brand-new life to all my preferred music!! Astounding sound quality and worth every cent! The fit and finish, the sound, the sound canceling, the quality, everything is perfect. Sound quality is exceptional and comprehensive, Bluetooth functionality works, taking calls and mic quality through my phone works, and they are comfortable to wear. Often I would have to detach and reconnect the Bluetooth at times due to a bad connection and skipping sound these are worth it as I likewise wasn’t fond on the Beats EQ choice and these simply sound excellent.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic Review

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic Review

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