Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

These earphones are terrific in my opinion. I have several brands of headphones, so this review is unbiased. The un-boxing experience was likewise great. It came with a good protective case and an easily small micro USB charging cable television (about 1 inch in length). There is a great air tight closure with the default ear piece that it features, so it has good bass. They are comfortable, until I need to take them out, then it is kind of sensitive (harms simply a tad), nevertheless, I have not used the other earpieces that they were nice adequate to provide me with. These headphones are best for high motion activities, which I make sure are exactly what they are for.

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

Beats have actually been one of the most popular options when it comes to headphones. You will love the signature sound that these earphones deliver. If you are scared of these not feeling comfy I would not fret too much because the package comes with interchangeable ear pods in which you are bound to find one that fits fantastic for you. Best set of wireless earphones that I’ve ever had– and I’ve gone through several. If the buds will slip from your ear, the comfort and snugness of the ear piece enables for head movement without stressing. And the bass!!! The bass is incredible on these traits– the sound quality in basic is incredible. I absolutely recommend these headphones to anybody who values sound quality and/or anyone who runs/works out. Although the sound quality is not quite as great as my Bose headphones, the Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones are exceptionally practical and I find myself using them all the time. The telephone call clearness is excellent and the music sound quality is excellent. When watching video using these earphones, there is a lag. The best element of these earphones is not having a wire hanging that might get captured on a door handle (for some factor I am prone to getting headphones caught on door hinges and drawer knobs). They are terrific for exercising and shopping.

These earphones have really made me delighted. They work well with the iPhone 6S plus they turn on fast and charge rapidly. I’m uncertain what these other reviews are saying? I walk far from my phone and they work fine. Simply be within 30 feet. Plus density of walls is a factor. You can see staying battery in notice center of iPhone. Sound readies not fantastic however are definitely a fantastic choice for the fitness center. No insinuating and from your ear when jumping or lifting rope. I simply toss this in my bag and forget them. Normally last a couple of exercise sessions prior to having to be charged I disliked trying to figure out where to position my phone for each different exercise or even ripping the buds out of my ears when I moved incorrect. Finest earphones I have actually ever had to work out in. They look, fit, and work terrific.

These headsets are excellent, the colors are vivid, the shape is ideal and the quality of the sound is top notch! They will stay in even if you jump; run, squat, sweat or you have oddly shaped ears. I was returning them and a rep at the Apple shop recommendd these Power beats 2 as a truly great option that he has actually been extremely pleased with. I balked at them because I thinkd they were simply a fad/scam and I wasn’t into the wireless thing. He understood and recommendd I give them a shot, so I figured why not. As quickly as i put them on I knew they were the sound I was searching for, and comparing them side by side with the others it wasn’t even a contest. The bass is effective and truly deep, and you can tune it to your liking in the EQ settings. The treble and mid are still fantastic, but any headphones can do that well. I listen to every kind of music, but mainly EDM, so the bass was very important to me. I do not desire the bass to be dominating the sound scape, however strong when it needs to be as this is the hardest to engineer in a small headphone speaker motorist.

Just remorse about this purchase is I didn’t get them quicker … Less wires the better!!! These things fit easily in my ears, easily sync to my iPhone Bluetooth to play my workout playlist of music. You can turn your music volume up or down with a fast touch utilizing the left side ear piece and shuffle your music using the left side ear piece as well … Heck, you purchased the iPhone, why not go all in and get rid of the wires … Worth the $ to me! I have actually been searching for a set of wireless headphones that are good for using at the gym and running. … I have actually have discovered them in the Power beats 2 wireless earphones. They fit and remain protected while working out. The sound is excellent. I have actually been spoiled by the sound of my Bose wired SEi2 earphones and had been unable to find excellent sound with bass in a wireless set of earphones until now. They work well with my iPhone and have great range. I can leave my phone in my pocket or on the flooring while exercising without any reception problems. Far, I have actually been really pleased.

It’s a little difficult to keep in the ear until one gets it adjusted right, but the sound quality is fantastic. I use them to raise weights and run and I TOTALLY love them! I purchased Amazon’s protection plan for like 8 dollars, so not fretted about then breaking, would buy again since they are well worth it you’re not only paying for the name, you’re paying for a good product as well. I have actually owned the earphones everyone says are just as excellent simply not the name well they aren’t as good as these ones. I just bought these earphones from Target. They sound wonderful. Extremely recommend them for exercising. Utilize the large ear tip for the very best sound. The ear hooks are tight at first and might be a bit unpleasant, but offer your ears time to obtain utilized to them. Some reviews state that these earphones aren’t loud enough. This may be true if you are almost deaf. I do not have the best hearing and if I turn these earphones up all the way it is uncomfortably loud. These aren’t low-cost, but the quality is there. EXCELLENT Sound and bass! I am very amazed.

I am really pleased with the way it stays steady, with great audio. I am a company follower that “ear buds don’t fit in my ear … even the little ones”. I naturally put on the tiniest buds that it came with the power beats and they fit like other buds however the ear loop holds these in location. I assume this work on Android, but I didn’t have an Android device to test. The battery inside the phones gives you about 6 hours of use. These are terrific for daily usage, not just exercising. It’s really good to be able to listen to music without bothersome cords in the method, the sound is great and they do not fall out like regular ear buds. I have had them for about 2 months they still work fine nothing has broken. They are fantastic for long vehicle rides and doing stuff around the house, particularly since you can set your set your phone down and don’t have to bring it around with you.

Excellent sound, outstanding earphone if you exercise routinely. I upgraded from my upbeats. These have much better sound, less ambient sound. Love not needing to deal with dangling cable. Another major plus is I no more need to wear my giant iPhone on my arm. Instead keep phone in my bag close by, as Bluetooth as long range. Can access phone and text or call much easier considering that phone no more in arm band. Sits tight and handles sweat. Pairs rapidly. Appears to charge pretty fast. Can’t speak about sturdiness yet as I just bought them. Like utilizing them on my bike without having to fret about wires. Yes, there are cheaper headphones-but why the Beats branding is absolutely cool. I go to the health club all the time, so why not spend lavishly a little. Far am very pleased with these.

These headphones, I think, are excellent. The best aspect of these headphones is not having a wire hanging that might get captured on a door handle (for some reason I am prone to getting headphones caught on door hinges and drawer knobs). The treble and mid are still great, but any earphones can do that well. I have actually been spoiled by the sound of my Bose wired SEi2 headphones and had actually been unable to find excellent sound with bass in a wireless set of headphones until now. They did not press down and aggravate the back of my ear like other earphones I tried before.

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

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