Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

I’ve used many cheap headphones in the past and these blow them all away. I truly liked the way they go around your ears and cancel practically any outdoor noise. I also like that they keep my ears warm, so that will be useful come winter. I can’t suggest these enough, if the cost is a bit steep I can just say that they are worth it. The build quality is amazing and I can inform that it will last for several years. I have actually not been sleeping well due to increased sound levels. I utilized my brand-new earphones for the previous couple of nights (with white noise on loop) – and exactly what a difference! That’s simply exactly what I needed. I purchased the earphones for sound price, convenience, and reduction – I am extremely satisfied!!! I would recommend these and purchase once again in the future. I can’t talk about the resilience yet, however they appear to be made well.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

These earphones cover the wide variety of sounds perfectly, mids, highs, and lows are all represented well here, the bass and treble are both perfect. These headphones are great for monitoring, video gaming, music, motion pictures and even plain ol’ youtube vids. Even speech just tracks/vids sound great on these headphones, not bass ‘d out like numerous other earphones, specifically the Beats. Really no issues with plastic “chassis”/ body. Single left side cord alright length. Headphones feel and look great. You can definitely inform that they are well made- using thick plastic for the hinges and ears where they connect to the top. Extremely comfortable to use. I hear some people stating they were too tight, however mine feel terrific- I can wear them all the time without discomfort. Cable well placed on left ear, coiled it is about 6 feet long. Can connected into PC or into amps and things like that. I’m utilizing them for PC. They sound terrific, Much better than my old set. They block sound truly well. Best headphones ever. Fantastic quality. without 3.5 standard jack. Absolutely recommended!

With these headphones, you can really hear how sounds were recorded. The noises and frequencies are close to exactly what you would hear if you had earphones 2 or three times the rate. I actually like Sennheiser headphones. The best function is the outdoors sound seclusion, the best over 5 sets of sennheiser I have owned.

Really long lasting and the sound quality is unbelievable. While they may not have active sound canceling, they do a fantastic job of keeping the sound of the rest of the world out and only the sound you want in. I enjoy every feature of these headphones. They replicate sound so consistently that I can actually hear the difference in between loss less encoding from vinyl and mp3 (I formerly believed the distinction to be an elitist myth). They likewise have frequency response above and below the limitations of my hearing, which creates a truer sound. I can hear to about 22-23kHz and there is no distortion approximately this range. The base is deep and abundant. And above all, they are comfortable. People used to ear buds may be prevented by the weight – do not be. You will put these on and forget them till you stand and discover yourself still tethered to the desk.

These headphones do manage to keep out a lot of the sound around you considering that they are tight around your ears. I have an older set of Phillips earphones that sound plainly better than these when listening to rock music. If at all possible, I advise that you listen to the headphones that you wish to buy prior to making your purchase.

I bought Sennheiser HD-280 PRO Headphones for my son this Christmas. Initially, I had believed to buy the Bose earphones, up until I check out the reviews here on Amazon. I am thankful I chose the Sennheiser. My kid is an artist, and he is rather particular with his musical devices. I am not going to have the ability to be as technical as some of the other reviews, however I’ll just do a fast report on what he said.;–RRB- He utilizes them to pay attention to his ipod, and he explained that the earphones actually make the music alive for him. He stated that the listener has the ability to hear every instrument clearly. I know that a few of the reviews revealed that this particular design wasn’t really comfortable. My boy disagrees. He was pleased with the convenience of the earphones. He has a bigger than normal head I think. He was wearing them in the car while we were driving, and I was pleased that we were not able to hear his music streaming from the headphones.

These earphones sound practically the same as the Sony MDR-V900HD’s (a $150 rate difference!) with the exception that sometimes, they aren’t as loud however it is very difficult to discover. I also compared them to the Sony V6 studio display headphones and they are WAY much better and only a bit more expensive. Panning from the delegated right is extraordinary and center sounds sound like they are originating from right in front of your face! Really easy to hear details like breathing and pops.

For those of you trying to find headphones to listen to your iPod or basic music, do not buy these types of blending headphones. I have actually been reading a lot about “insufficient bass” which is because these headphones are developed to be relatively FLAT so you hear exactly what the tune ACTUALLY seems like without any “sweetening” on any of the levels or tones. They are created to keep a track of something that you taped. These headphones are actually nice. Terrific sound, light, and comfortable to use, stays out sound so you can turn down the volume and still hear your tunes. Would recomend this design and brand as well.

First time to buy Sennheiser. One of my friends/co-worker is an “audiophile” and he said that this is a good brand to buy. Only thing I might find is that it could utilize more bass, but thats because i enjoy a lot of bass. Otherwise, I love the earphones. I typically use my headphones in a house taping studio, so I don’t use them often, but I utilize them quite hard. These phones provide great sound quality and outstanding seclusion (they’re the very best phones I’ve had for tape-recording drums – I can hear the music over the drums without needing to blast the volume too much).

The audio quality in these earphones is quite merely stunning. The sound cancellation sold by these headphones can assist you obstruct and focus out annoying outdoors sounds that avoid you from enjoying your audio. They may look a little dorky, but exactly what truly matters is the sound quality. I had never ever owned a truly good pair of headphones before these. I was searching for something to cancel out the chatter in my workplace, and first purchased Skullcandy. They were less than ok, as they had little bass without splitting. A kid in the electronics department at Target approached me as I was buying something much better than the ones I returned. He suggested these, and I concerned Amazon and got them. I am now hearing things in the music, which I have actually been listening to for several years, that I have never heard prior to listening to music on this. People in the office jabbed at me and asked me if I was going to land an airplane or something (they’re huge) till I put them on their heads and they changed their tones fast! The music seems like it should, the bass is deep, highs are crisp, left/right are distinguished perfectly, and I cannot hear any of the office chatter any more. I play them on my iphone – no problem.

They don’t have active noise cancellation, the passive noise cancellation is great enough that sitting in my apartment, the headphones drown out any sounds coming from the street below or just outside my room. In terms of sound quality, these headphones struck the spot. My only small grievance is that, since my head is small, these earphones tend to get a bit unpleasant and heavy around my ears/on my head after 1-2 hrs of listening. The earphones came as explained, with prompt shipping and notifications. Everything sounds remarkable on them, specifically with an excellent equalizer. The folding function is important, I simply fold them up and put them in my backpack and I’m good to go.

These earphones are perfect for me! They are extremely comfy, and I can wear them for hours! I can hardly hear people talking around me, which is truly great throughout my commute on the bus. My previous phones were the on-the-ear type, and my ears injured after simply one hour. And, I cannot stand packing anything into my ears, so those type run out the question. Plus, these things are developed like tanks, too! All of the cushions are user exchangeable, which will come in helpful later on. The cable is thick and nice, it comes out of only the left side, it’s coiled, and it’s gold, no less! The plug is the right size for my iPod Touch, so no adaptors are required. These earcups swivel, and fold under the headband, which helps to make them portable. Generally, I love ’em, and they were well worth their price! Even speech only tracks/vids sound terrific on these earphones, not bass’d out like many other headphones, specifically the Beats. The frequencies and sounds are true to what you would hear if you had earphones 2 or three times the rate.

I have an older set of Phillips headphones that sound clearly much better than these when listening to rock music. For those of you looking for headphones to listen to your iPod or basic music, do not purchase these types of mixing earphones. I’ve been reading a lot about “not sufficient bass” and that is because these headphones are developed to be fairly FLAT so you hear what the song ACTUALLY sounds like with no “sweetening” on any of the levels or tones.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

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