Shure HPAEC840 Replacement Ear Cushions For SRH840 Headphones Review

Shure HPAEC840 Replacement Ear Cushions For SRH840 Headphones Review

Are these comfy? I used them for hours and hardly felt them on my ears. Another essential thing is that my ears did not overhead nor get sweaty while using these.

Shure HPAEC840 Replacement Ear Cushions For SRH840 Headphones Review

Shure HPAEC840 Replacement Ear Cushions For SRH840 Headphones Review

Does it alter the noise?

Ok, so, this concern appears to be the most questionable anywhere on the web. You do not know if somebody is being extremely choosy or if they have no concept of exactly what they are talking about. I’m about to inform you precisely what I heard and absolutely nothing else (no technical talk). When I put these on, I instantly saw a modification in the noise. It is quite obvious, since it alters the total noise of the music, film, video game, and so on. The middle notes (mids) sound much quieter, certainly pressed back.

In general, the sound modifications to exactly what I would explain as a set of $50-80 headphones with a much lower volume. After using them for about an hour, my ears got accustomed to the sound and sound mixed together much better. I was thinking about changing my ATH-M50 pad the very first day I got it. I’m not sure if I have larger ears, I feel part of the pads are putting pressure on my ears. The measurement of this is larger than M50, so it will not push my ear. I had no problem taking out of the old ear pads and changing it with the brand-new ones. All I needed was fingernails and a little extending of the Shure ear pads. My ears barely develop sweat or itch, unless I am doing gaming for hours.

I could not put my finger on it, I think these pads do not “seal” the air in surrounding your ears as well … for better or for worse. The inner lining might push more carefully up to your ear, silencing some greater frequencies. The pads have a somewhat various depth and the measurements * are * somewhat off. E.g., the pads can turn easily around the ear cup, whereas the initial pads are much tighter on the cup.

Ultimately, headphones will aggravate me after some time, but these are a terrific upgrade from the initial ear pads that I owned and I never ever utilize the initial ATH-M50 ear pads now. Save yourself if the default ATH-M50 ear pads or default ear pads of whatever headphones that you are utilizing simply feel horrible. In my viewpoint, the cushion stifles the bass and soft product of these ear pads, if exactly what I see as the distinction in noise. Absolutely worth the purchase, but product packaging could’ve been a bit better. (If anybody might notify me on such things, then that ‘d be terrific). This is pure happiness for me after the initial pads that came with ATH-50x. It’s true that the sound changes, but not always in a bad way. In fact, ATH-50x began to sound a bit more like my DT-880 after this, which I cannot use when I require overall seclusion, so I’m completely alright with the change.

I purchased these ear pads due to the fact that I heard on head-fi that individuals were using these to change the default Sennheiser hd280 professional ones, due to the fact that the stock ear pads can get rather uneasy after long durations of time. I had my reservations about how well another brand name’s replacement ear pads were going work on my hd280 pros, nevertheless they ended up fitting on actually well and now when i have extended video gaming sessions, the ear pads do not trouble me at all. The initial pads were comfortable as a feel, the pads however were tight around my ears and with long usage, they triggered discomfort. These replacement pads are simply as comfortable on the head (if not more soft) and provide more space for my ear, and are comfortable around the ear as well. These cushions are a need to for those with huge ears.

After doing a bit of search on google, I found that the stock ear pads can be swindled and changed with Shure HPAEC940 velour ear pads and the fit is NEARLY ideal. It does take some extending and the white stitching will still sometimes show, but they made it so I can utilize the PS4 Gold headset for hours, if I wish to. The product is extremely soft. I do not understand if it’s the product or the reality that my ears fits completely within the opening (or both), however background noises were decreased. These ear pads cost almost as much as the headphones, however for me, it was worth it.

I believe that they alter the sound instead, but I have not done an A/B contrast to inspect this, so I’m not positive about my belief. I still like the way things sound with them, so I’m delighted. They appear well made and fit quite well (a little loose for sure, but they are not continuously falling off under regular usage, for instance). These are much deeper, and are much bigger around on the within compared to the stock pads on the ATH-M50s which sat on the edge of my ears. With these ones, my ear feel free to sit how they want, without being blocked. I found the material a lot more breathable than the leather/faux leather pads that featured the headphones, and the velour is soft and good on the skin. The cushions feel effectively cushioned, they do not depress after extended periods of video gaming.

Are these for you?

  • * If you have big ears, yes.
  • * If your old pads are flattened, broken, or used in other methods, yes.
  • * If you are searching for a more comfy headphone experience, yes.
  • * If your ears get sweaty and hot while using your headphones, yes.
  • * If you do not like the sensation of using luxurious clouds on your head, and basic sensations of convenience and joy, no.

These pads are much bigger then the ones they changed, so I was a bit worried this would not work., put the foam on the headphone drum and then snapped the plastic into the headphone securing the foam in location relatively safely. This setup likewise does not expose the white stitching evident on the back of these pads (where the velour and leather fulfill). Sound is excellent as before, I am uncertain if it made a distinction, and these pads are comfortable and good. These were suggested by another user for usage with my Audio Technica ATH-M50 series headphones. Audio sensible; You lose a little (really minimal) quantity of bass with these, however the soundstage opens up a little.

Unless soundstage is something you are after …

In terms of affecting sound, they definitely offer much better sound seclusion ambient, minimizing more sound than the original pads . The Sony support is like pantyhose, producing a thin, dust guard, while the Shure material appears to be velour. This might potentially impact the greater frequencies, but with either methods, the advantages of convenience and sound seclusion have actually made my headphones even better. The pads themselves are much more comfy than the basic ATH pleather. I’m relatively rough on my things and use headphones after a fast towel-rub through my hair and other material headphones (even pleather Aviator headphones) have actually begun to stink.

In summary, they work terrific after a couple of months and I could not be happier. They have actually turned my ATH-M50’s into a daily usage set of headphones and as long as small insinuating transportation does not bug you excessively, they’re an excellent product! The stock earpads would make my ears sweat and in some cases, injure my ears. The replacement Shure pads include a little bit more cushion so my ears hardly touch the pad, unlike with the stock pads. Furthermore, these pads appear to ameliorate the sound quality a bit. As there is more area in between the ear and driver, there is a more open noise with these Shure pads than with the stock pads. Beyond that however, there does not appear to be any change in sound quality.

Shure HPAEC840 Replacement Ear Cushions For SRH840 Headphones Review

Shure HPAEC840 Replacement Ear Cushions For SRH840 Headphones Review

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