Shure SE535-V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers Review

Shure SE535-V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers Review

The enhanced bass reaction, develop design, and crossover sets these apart from earlier and lower designs (I really did an A/B test with the 425s vs 535s because I own both – the 535s won by a big margin). Make sure you get an excellent seal on the 535’s and they will change your life.

Shure SE535 V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers Review

Shure SE535 V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers Review

I have actually been really devoted to Shure for the previous 5 years, specifically for their truthful sound, quality constructs, and fantastic client service. I had the E4G’s and SE425s for a number of years, when the cable broke on the previous set; they delivered me a brand name brand-new set without worry.

The 535 excels in terms of sound, even over Shure’s 530, which is the earlier design that undoubtedly had a deep bass. However, it did not have 535’s tightness, effect, strength, definition, and textures. There are other brand names with relatively MORE bass or lower bass ability. The 535 is, by a long shot, exceptional – you need to seal the earbud to your ear canal in order to hear it in all its magnificence.

Conclusion: I have actually not yet heard a more satisfying and more notably, precise portable gadget to date. For the critical listener who needs the quality of sound that the 535 can provide and will set up CD Redbook requirement or greater resolution audio files in their music players/iPods, the Shure 535 will be a spectacular addition to their musical pleasure on the go, whether in an airplane, while working out, or when at a house.

Convenience, I’ve had them in my ears for a little over an hour listening to the above tunes (and others while I type this). They are in my ears now and it’s ideal at this point that I’m prepared to take them out.

Putting them on isn’t really all that tough. You get used to it and you’ll discover a system that works for you. I put them in my ear canal until looping the wire over my ears, but you may do the opposite if you want.

To me, the quality is excellent. My S4i’s were so lightweight, they broke right over the tension relief connected to the plug after 9 months of usage. I changed them with the 215s.

I wish that Shure made an excellent iPhone cable. The quality feels inexpensive and … well, why put a lousy cable on a $400 set of earphones? I hope Shure repairs this and puts out a quality iPhone cable.

After 6 months approximately after my initial purchase, I began to have issues with my SE530s, particularly the left earbud would eliminate at the lower connection. I sent out the headphones in and they were instantly changed with a brand-new set.

It was all good up until about 6 months or so and then the issue occurred once again, so I sent out that set in for repair work and they were changed. All in all, I changed these SE530s 3 times, the last time nearly a year AFTER the initial service warranty went out. Shure client service were constantly polite when I called, and changed my item(s) without qualms and nearly right away after getting my old headphones at their department.

Now, do not take this review as an issue with Shure’s products. Exactly what I experienced with my SE530s was a remarkable item, with extraordinary sound, that had a difficult time under extraordinary use. Shure stood by their item and looked out for me as a consumer.

After my very first set of Shure’s, I desired to update to one of their much better earbuds. The base-quality might be a bit more abundant i.e. I listen to a lot of hypnotic trance, and so on (the highs and mids are terrific e.g. you will hear things in your music you have actually never ever heard before).

I’ve been using an Arcam rPac USB DAC for the laptop computer when taking a trip, and a Wooaudio WA7 for house usage, so in terms of amps they at least match what these headphones are capable of.

Sound Levels

Since the foam sleeves obstruct out sound as great as my 30dB foam earplugs I use when sleeping, the sound from jets, terminals, automobiles, and such are significantly lowered and I can plainly hear exactly what I am listening to without any need to turn up the volume. I can hear incredibly subtle information in recordings with convenience since the basic sound flooring of the environment is about 30dB SPL quieter with these IEMs in my ears.


The general balance is smooth, natural, and reasonable. The treble is extreme and not intense, like the majority of headphones (which is a popular factor because it provides the understanding of greater definition and information through enhanced treble) and the bass is smooth and natural without hushing the midrange. This is not popular since earphones cannot make your body vibrate like a genuine subwoofer, so improved bass is typically an included function of popular headphones to offer the impression that a subwoofer is around). These IEMs seem like life, as good as any earphone can provide.

It simply has natural, smooth, and practical sound. If a cymbal, sparkles, on the recording you hear it, a bass drum rumbles the space, you can hear it (though no headphone can make your chest vibrate). I can go for a day with music continuously playing and never ever get tired of the sound.

Reduce of Use:

With my older generation Shure IEMs I used the medium size foam sleeves, so this was an unexpected change for me. I normally get about 30 to 45 days from a set of sleeves until they lose their capability to hold and broaden in my ear sturdily.

The cable is simple to handle, however it isn’t really as versatile as their older designs. I use these as my phone headset as well, so I normally have the accessory cable television connected to them, but on long journeys, I will switch out the cable for the basic stereo listening experience.

DEVELOPED QUALITY: Here is were I rate the SE535 the least expensive, NOT FOR QUALITY, but for functionality. I use the little foams, but the set comes with the medium size foam from factory. It was a scary experience to change foams.

Extremely recommended!

Compared with the more inexpensive Shure IEMs, the SE535 has clearer bass, silkier treble, and usually more accurate sound, which is so natural that in some cases, I forget that I am using the IEMs when listening to excellent music or watching an intriguing film

The sound is simply about best for long-term listening without being too in-depth or severe. I can turn up the sound high and actually take pleasure in the music and kick back as well, without hurting my ears.

Another CRUCIAL POINT: the cables are exchangeable and removable, with a significant lifespan. If you damaged the cable (which may ultimately take place from typical wear/tear), you simply need to pay ~$ 60 for a replacement and snap them onto the buds = issue fixed. This is a significant beneficial factor.

In conclusion, If you are looking for seclusion, great sound clearness, and something different, then these are for you. Trust me, I’ve even blown $1,300 on AKG’s K3003s, and it was by far the most significant frustration of my life – it’s merely impractical to expect little buds to provide sound the way bigger cans do (I returned them – I will not discuss them here since they belong in another review).

Shure SE535-V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers Review

Shure SE535-V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers Review

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