Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier Review

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier Review

The sound is terrific and the headset has actually satisfied all my expectations of it. The only disadvantage that I have actually find is that if you use them in a somewhat hot or warm environment for extended periods, then the cushions end up being sweaty and a little hot over your ears. Only thing that might make these headphones 5 stars is if they had mesh cushions and were more sound canceling.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier Review

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier Review

Sure, the sweet area for fantastic headphones is in between $300 and $500. However, it came with an integrated amp, 1-button controller, and bass slider. On top of headache causing, eardrum-bashing bass, you hear good mids and highs.

If you are into listening to dubstep, techno, or heavy electronic, these are the headphones for you. That double bass pounding through the headphones drowns out the “singing” and everything else in the music. Headphones are wearable and exceptionally comfy for long durations of time.

The sound quality is terrific if you aren’t a snob. Certainly not Bose quality but it’s damn great. I’ve never ever, and I mean NEVER, come throughout headphones capable of this much bass without lowering the audio to a lot of jumbled sound.

I’ve had them about 3 months I utilize them for video games, television, music, and YouTube they work fantastic and for music there is adjustable bass so if your not noting to rap or hip-hop you do not need to have it on. The headphones are likewise long lasting I’ve dropped my headphone two times but had a lot of would be drops if it weren’t for the removable wire so if you drop your phone u keep your headphones a minimum of.

Since it was bad but since I broke it when I dropped my laptop computer sideways onto the flooring but headphones still sound fantastic, I in fact had to change my wire not. Absolutely suggest these to any person who desires quality music without costs big money on something like beats.

These headphones truly are remarkable. They sound AMAZING and they have bass that will actually shake your head when turned up all the way. You can change the bass setting and you can change the size of the crushers.

Compared with beats, I would state that they have much better sound quality and certainly more bass. They delivered quickly and they included a battery as well. If you are looking for headphones that will last a long time and are excellent quality; in general, these are fantastic headphones and i extremely advise these to you.

My primary pros are: lightweight, extremely comfy, bass increase, clear sound and excellent integrate in mic with remote.

My cons though: not extremely resilient, they offer considerable amounts of battery power for the additional bass, significant sound leakage above 55% volume and I finded a small peeping sound whenever the bass shut off or whenever it was utilizing the last little bit of the battery.

In general they are among the best starter headphones for any music enthusiast. I would extremely suggest these.

These are the finest headphones I’ve ever had. No one must state these headphones draw due to the fact that of course 500 dollar headphones are going to be better than a 60$ headphone.

If you like simple listening, the bass practically total eliminate, or fades in and out and you need to change the slider to obtain back into the bass zone. You’re golden if you like to rock out at 75% max column.

The bass these headphones put out will have your eyes bleeding in no time at all! I actually like mine and I’m delighted I got them. They’re simply as clear if not clearer than my Bose headphones.

They look and feel fantastic. Even on low volume I cannot hear outdoors noise.

And these headphones shed away more difficulties than any other headphones I’ve tried. These headphones do not have terrific bass frequencies. I never ever would have believed I’d enjoy a set of Skullcandy headphones.

I was definitely surprised when I heard how incredible they sounded, and the bass wasn’t even turned up! I do not listen to pop/rap; I listen to punk rock/ metalcore music, and when the bass is turned up, the tunes sound definitely fantastic!

If you like loud music and excellent bass, I would not suggest any other headphones other than these. Due to the fact that I understand I would absolutely laugh at the horrible sound quality offered by any other headphones, I decline to listen to my music with any other headphones. I am really delighted with them, and I am really delighted I decided to by them!

I now have the whole stereo system loaded inside this fantastic set of headphones. Another great thing is, if you do not desire too much bass, you can change the bass level with the control situated on the left side of the headphone, and it’ll sound simply as excellent as other so called high end headphones.

If you are looking for bass, purchase these headphones !!! If you turn the bass all the way up, it is like having 2 little subwoofers pounding your head. I have actually been looking for headphones with genuine bass reaction for years and have actually lastly finded a set that is worth the cash.

The single finest set of stereo headphones I’ve ever bought, which there have actually been lots of. The main professional to these headphones is their abundance of Bass, which is, in my viewpoint, the single most uninspired location for the majority of headphones on the marketplace. I own 7.1 surround sound corsair H2100 headphones and truthfully, I choose the sound quality of these over those.

These headphone take place to be the very best headphones I have actually ever had!! I’m was never ever a fan of the bulkiness in headphones but when I got to check them at finest buy I simply needed to have them! When I had actually purchased them and opened the box I saw a battery and for a 2nd I was like WTF CHEAP !! But when I put the battery in and plugged it to my phone … WOW THE SOUND AND BASS WAS AND DAM STILL IS AMAZING!!! I’ve constantly been a big fan of Skullcandy ™ and now I’m even a much better fan!! So that’s is all individuals these headphones are the very best in the market!! Better than the beats!

With the bass down or off the noise is still outstanding. Enjoying motion pictures with these headphones feels like I’m sitting in the film theater. These are seriously the finest headphones I’ve ever had.

If you like Bass you require these headphones! Absolutely nothing I have ever experience with any other headphones on the market!

I have had the Skullcandy Crusher headphones for a month and they are terrific! My other half has actually even utilized them and enjoyed the sound quality and base. When you are listening to music, it actually makes you feel as if you are apart of the motion picture or at the performance.

The mic works extremely well. I’m comfy talking at an uncomplicated volume with these. The other music treble tones can get quickly muffled by the bass, but with equalizers on phones and mp3’s now, it’s not a problem, and the bass adjuster has an excellent variety of modification.

The bass is remarkable. You can turn the bass up and down to your requirements which is amazing.

These are not the ones if you are looking for top quality headphones for recording. As an expert artist, i extremely recommend something in the Yamaha or Bose department for that. These are not noise-cancelling.

I will state this, though: They benefit daily ipod/laptop usage, as they do provide quality sound, in addition to that heavy “Subwoofer in the trunk” sound.

The bass is extraordinary and they have good sound quality and keep in mind there under a hundred dollars for an over ear great quality terrific sound and feel headphone! Could not ask for more from this headphone. Would recemend these for anywone but alerting the bass is a little severe when turned up all the way they will litterly vibrate off your head!

I have to state I’m extremely pleased with the total sound quality, it’s an excellent offer much better than I had actually even hoped, let alone anticipated. For 100 dollars, these are an exceptional alternative, and I absolutely suggest, specifically over beats headphones or even my Monster Ncredibles.

They most likely do not have the clearest audio but if you are desiring bass then there is no other headphone to go with for the rate. If you do not like bass these most likely are not the headphones for you.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier Review

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier Review

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