Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphone with 3-Button Remote & Mic

Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphone with 3-Button Remote & Mic

I had a set of these about a month back up until they were lost along with the iPod, which they were connected into … These were actually the only set of headphones I had actually ever tried in the sub $40 variety, so I didn’t have an excellent basis for contrast to leave a review for these. After I lost my iPod and these headphones, I chose to venture out a bit and try some brand-new sets. After having tried the $6 Panasonics, which you can find here on Amazon, $15 Sentey’s, and $30 Sennheiser’s, I can inform you these SC Fix’s are the best.

Skullcandy Fix In Ear Headphone with 3 Button Remote & Mic

Skullcandy Fix In Ear Headphone with 3 Button Remote & Mic

If the headphones do not fit your ear effectively, it cannot form a correct seal, which permits the headphones to totally recreate bass and low-end frequencies, and as such, without the correct seal forming, the headphones have actually an extremely hollowed out sound. It sounded like trash nevertheless you might have different luck, depending on how your ears are shaped.

Skullcandy Fix’s – Definitely the most comfortable in-ear headphones I have actually ever used. With no time for burn in, the audio quality in these is simply as excellent as the CX 300 II’s after 40 to 50 hours of listening. These do have a bit more bass however, so if you’re more of a rock/ metal type of man, you’ll most likely value the audio of the Sennheiser’s more than these, but even for those categories of music, these 2 sets of cans are extremely close in quality.

The one’s I got from Best Buy lasted me over a year approximately and were still going very strong when they were lost, so no resilience problem at all. For having the greatest level of resilience, the majority of comfy fit right out of the box, equivalent to/ and/or much better sound quality to the Sennheiser’s, and the benefit of the inline mic control; these truly are the best set of headphones for under $40.

I am somewhat an audiophile, as I cannot stand bad quality speakers/earphones, and these have actually excellent sound and bass for that they are simply affordable earphones. I like that they are low-cost, but I would pay $100 more for these, had they cost this much. The only aspect of these that I am not insane about is how it can be a little challenging to click the mic button and the right amount of times to change to the next or the previous track.

This is such a little information to me though, so I do not even consider it a disadvantage. If they have not currently), I’ll most likely purchase a couple of more sets of these and stock up in case they stop making them. I completely recommend these to anybody!

Any speeds over about 40mph, all the other earphones I’ve tried start jacking and avoiding tunes volume up and down from the wind disrupting the remote that hangs on the wire of your left ear. For some reason, these do not have that concern (even over 100mph). As far as the fit, they sink into your ears and end up being sort of flushed with the side of your head.

Oh, and they sound GREAT. They sound fantastic with all kinds of music, as my shuffle consists of rock, techno/EDM, metal, rap, and even classical.

These earbuds are the only earbuds for this cost that I find totally, 100% comfy. The sound is excellent for my majorly amateur ears and the mic/volume control is good too.

The metal case is really immune to tangling or getting crushed. I wish that they had actually not ceased the Titans, but they are an excellent replacement. The only thing I do not like is the switch to a differing bag, but there is no issue with the headphones themselves and I would extremely advise them if you are desiring a quality cost effective set of ear buds.

Skullcandy Fix Earbuds are my preferred headphones !! This is my 2nd set, my very first set lasted 5 years! Super outstanding for ear buds. I have a difficult time finding earbuds that fit into my little ears, without triggering discomfort.

If you desire incredible earbuds and do not desire to break the bank, then go with these. Skullcandy has a client for life (as long as they continue making the Fix or something comparable.


Excellent sound quality and bass! Extremely comfy – have actually used them for hours directly without any inflammation and little adjusting.

Absolutely nothing like the basic ipod headphones that you need to continuously rub out and that ultimately begin to harm your year.

They provide you 3 various size ear rubbers so you get the proper fit.

They feature a good case. When I can, but it does not constantly take place often, I do make sure to keep them in the case. I am not okay with these; however, they have actually held up (going on year 3).

When it comes to utilizing these to speak on the phone – I’ve seldom done it, but when I have the caller has actually constantly heard me plainly and I had no difficulty hearing them.

Best set of headphones for their price. Prior to purchasing these (which I’ve owned a couple of set of over the years as my pets appear to consume them from time to time), I went out and put $500 worth of ear-buds on my tab.

You’ll be extremely delighted with sound quality and convenience. “The Fit” innovation is fantastic too. They never ever fall out while exercising, trekking, and even when I am riding my bike.

I purchased them up in an instant. Having constantly had an issue with apple ear buds falling out of my ears along with the severe amount of discomfort, they would trigger in minutes, I was advised to try the skull sweet tattooed series. On sale, I purchased the tattooed, which certainly offered more convenience however, I quickly found that no matter how far I put them in my ears, even my tiniest motion and even the turn of my head, would pull them out.

Now with my freshly gotten set of fix skull sweets, I found numerous things to enjoy about them:

  1. Like the package declares, they undoubtedly do fix in your ears, you can swing your head around in circles and they will still sit tight … say goodbye to adjusting or fretting about them falling out!
  2. I enjoy my music with great deal of bass, I listen metal especially more than other genre, which has a great deal of bass and drum blasts, both of which I hear with better clearness than with other ear buds that I’ve ever used before.
  3. The remote pad is another beautiful function: control play, volume, or time out, avoid to the previous or next tune. I go out for strolls with my iPod on lock to save charge, as well as while locked, the control pad in the ear buds still will manage the iPod, which is a HUGE plus.

It will choose up not simply your voice straight next to it however likewise music playing throughout the space and little ambient sounds close to it. You will not have to scream in to it, a regular speaking voice will tape plainly.

  1. They last. I have actually had my set of fix skull sweet for over 2 years now and like the majority of people, I’ve covered the cable around my iPod and extended the wires, though only simply recently has the plastic split and exposed the wires … a really little direct exposure at that.

I handled to press the plastic back to itself, thoroughly holding the wires directly as I did so and repaired the location with some electrical tape. Sounds as excellent as brand-new, though I do intend on purchasing another set when I have the cash … the fast fix on the fix worked.

The sound is good. Has some excellent low end for earbuds.

One con I can find in these is their cable. Skullcandy would be smart to take this design and make it with a cable, similar to that of the tattooed series, where the flat wire tangles far les and with inner wire design of the titan series, which was intertwined to make it harder for the wire to divide or extend, like my fix has actually simply done. That modification in cable design would make the fix best in every way.

Still, they are worthy of a 5 star … Great sound quality and control pad runs gadgets even on lock or hold. Convenience for hours, in some cases, if it weren’t for the cable hanging in front of me, I would not even remember I was using ear buds.

Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphone with 3-Button Remote & Mic

Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphone with 3-Button Remote & Mic

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