Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Headphones Review

Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Headphones Review

I truly like these, I have a truly huge head, and they’re really very comfy! Plus, they look cool, and the set I purchased has a material finish on the headband, which appears to help my hair to not get twisted (which has actually been an issue with other products).

Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Headphones Review

Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Headphones Review

I listen to these with Pandora radio on my phone, and I listen to other traits on my pc also, and I discover that crucial music, ost computer game soundtracks, classical, spanish guitar, flamenco, electronica, vocal and indiepop sound tidy & great, whereas a few of the pop/rock tunes with a million traits going on simultaneously begin sounding a little … muddy, I think is the word. For my functions, I utilize these while composing traits and short articles, so the type of music I listen to with them sounds ideal. They do shut out other sound to a specific degree, not entirely, but enough so that I can simply slightly understand exactly what’s going on around me without being sidetracked by it.

I have actually been utilizing the Hesh 2.0’s for about a month now and might not be more delighted with this item. The sound is terrific for any type of category of music from acoustic to heavy metal. The sound is clear and rather crisp and I have not had an issue with excessive bass and vibration like other reviews have actually discussed.

I believe it’s safe to say that the Hesh 2.0 headphones are a great option to greater final product such a Beats and Bose and the range of designs and colors make them absolutely stand apart in a crowd. The building is primarily plastic butbut appears up until now to be really durable, likewise to ear cups are rather comfy to use for hours on end and the integrated in microphone works effectively when making call.

The sound quality is great and there is no issue with absence of volume. My child will often where them off his ears, playing the music loud so we can listen in on exactly what he’s listening to.

Run down:

My ears are little and they fit into the headphones easily. This is not a con for me as this is now an additional layer of defense from spouse headphone theft.

Everything you listen to will sound remarkable. I listen to r, b & rap, EDM, punk, alternative classical and alpha wave research study sounds. I am not a sound professional so these reviews talking about lows/mids/highs most likely have much better responses that my boring “these sound terrific” review.


-Streamlined Look.
-No Sound-Leakage.
-Long Cable.
-No Batteries Needed.
-Remarkable Sound( as anticipated from Skull Candy)!!!
-Light Weight.
-Comes w/ Carrying Bag.


-Leather Around Ear Cup.
-Not Noise Canceling.
-Does not Fold for Traveling.

I’m pleased with the total quality of the head phones and the sound has to do with exactly what I believed it would be for this cost variety. Have not used the mic and I doubt I will, butbut I like that it’s there and benefit it says you can change tracks and struck have fun with phone and so on. If it works, I have not checked that out, butbut since that’s not why I purchased them, I will think about that reward.

I am no audiophile, butbut these sound excellent. We purchased them for my boy when his sibling destroyed his initial set of Hesh.

The quality is great on these with bass that’s not too heavy and clear vocals. I even used these on my PlayStation 4 and it sounds practically as clear and different as my sound bar. The cable is removable (constantly a plus) that includes an integrated in mic and manages that work relatively well, nevertheless the mic does sound a bit hollow butbut absolutely nothing I didn’t get out of a small cable mic.

The develop is extremely strong and looks great. The cooshy synthetic leather on the ears and headband is a lighter shade of brown than exactly what is revealed on the images, but it still feels and looks terrific on the ears and head. They’re quickly adjustable and do not look enormous on your head like the Crushers do.

I’ve been utilizing some sony headphones and these have a much clearer sound. I’ve not try out the greater end beats or bose headphones, as the reviews on Skullcandy’s all led me to think they’re as great a quality for a far better rate, for the $45 I paid – I’m exceptionally amazed with quality and will be utilizing these for flight in the next couple of weeks.

The product packaging was not great. I might review the product packaging and rank for this item from this supplier. The product-packaging image was appropriate for a headphone, butbut the headphones’ inside plan were different.

If it was opened several times; potentially a demonstration headphone plan and they put a band brand-new set in, the box looked as. No cushioning around the plan, which might have done issue to the headphones- thankfully it didn’t get harmed.

If it was opened numerous times; perhaps a demonstration headphone plan and they put a band brand-new set in, the box looked as. No cushioning around the bundle, which might have done issue to the headphones- fortunately it didn’t get harmed.

I simply require a set of headphones that sound fantastic, aren’t uneasy or too heavy to use for prolonged durations and will not break within the very first month. The sound is great, not too much base (which some of the Beats do have), and they are comfy and light.

When taking a trip (passive sound seclusion is appropriate for many journeys), these are strong headphones that work well. In general, these are an exceptional purchase and I would recommend them to anybody who does not wish to invest a considerable amount of cash for a fantastic set of cans. Oh, and they have a life time service warranty, where at the bare minimum, you get 50% back, whether they burned out or you ran them over with a polar bear.

As for the item itself, the center adapter bar is a bit heavy on the top of my head and the cushioning around the ear truly produces the sound but a seal is fantastic for exactly what I am doing and I enjoy that they are not simply plain black or silver. Thanks to some incredible client service, I am absolutely a fan of Skullcandy. Furthermore, if the need occurs, I will absolutely look for their items in the future as well.

Skullcandy has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. This means if anything happens to it (they get crushed or taken), Skullcandy can change them with the exact same design of something of similar or lesser value.

For individuals that wish to mod; these headphones are mod friendly and dismantle quickly like the JVC HARX900. Keep an eye on the 4 screws, they are little. The internal ear cup is rather large and it can quickly house some little pieces of dynamat.

In general the pros are:

– Headband is remarkably comfy and extremely versatile, but you have the choice to obtain a cushioned headphone for a little bit more.

– The removable cable. It includes a little bit more individual touch, and if it breaks you wont have to acquire the headphones once again.

– The sound is extremely good if you’re a bass head, the highs are missing out on a bit but it isn’t actually a trouble for a lot of.

– Feature smart it is a much better option than the majority of headphones of the exact same cost.

The cons are a couple of:

– I’ve had the set for a while, something to note is that the ear cups are artificial leather and if you utilize the set with your head damp after a while the leather will begin to remove, but the cups are like $10 so no huge offer.

– This is more of a nit choice but I wanted the cable had more performance besides simply play/pause.

The mesh on the headphones itself works but can make your ears warm after extended periods of continuous use. They have an easy design, with leather on the top and a couple of logo designs occasionally, adding to a good appearance. I check out a few of the reviews from the 1 star classification, asserting that their sets have actually broken quickly, but I have actually dropped these headphones on the ground a minimum of 50 times and the only problem is that they creak.

These are the very best Skullcandy head phones I have actually owned yet, and I have 3 other sets of different designs. The sound is remarkable and the for is best. I enjoy all of my other designs, the earpiece to these are much softer and I do not discover myself yanking at them to change from squashing my ears. When getting the jack totally and powerfully into the input they worked completely. For the rate I spent for them they produce exceptional sound, matching all the favorable reviews I ‘d discovered. I generally utilize them while travelling.

5 star for sound quality when beside cost, 4 stars for the jack not placing properly without force and making me believe I had a faulty item. They might not be the $300 headphones that everyone has but I believe they are simply as great. If you are on a spending plan I do not believe you can go incorrect with these headphones.

They have actually lasted me longer than many buds I have actually had, and sound quality is extremely good. I can hear everything and have actually now ended up being more particular about the music I listen to on locations like YouTube where quality differs a lot.

The headphones themselves just fit my head on the farthest extension, and aren’t extremely comfy to use around my neck. Given, if Skullcandy would have produced my neck/head, these would be ideal. The headphones are really comfortable and the aux cable television was responsive (the inline controls). I am looking at the anker (I believe that it’s called the anker soundline) aux cable television as that is braded nylon which would be excellent as I have actually believed that the cable television will tangle really quickly (and it’s rubberised so it will be a discomfort to untangle).

Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Headphones Review

Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Headphones Review

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