Skullcandy Lowrider On-Ear Headphones Review

Skullcandy Lowrider On-Ear Headphones Review

My kids kept breaking their inexpensive headphones and took my precious lowriders. They are really comfy for heads of all sizes, and (so far, knock on wood) have actually shown unbreakable by little beasts. They also go on every journey with us, with a y-jack so the kids can view together. Wasn’t anticipating much when I purchased this one, however to my surprise they are absolutely worth applauding.

Skullcandy Lowrider On Ear Headphones Review

Skullcandy Lowrider On Ear Headphones Review

I was searching for a reputed however low-cost headphones, come across these many times however neglected them due to the really low rate tag. Purchased them thinking about the truth that its only ₤ 9.88 (Blue n Copper) and it’s a really reputed brand name, so even if they do not sound excellent or look great it will not matter a lot. The headphones look spectacular, if not too so exceptional however they are well construct, best completing and a really good matt blue smooth texture. Plugged in immediately to my iPod and the very first tune I checked was a really low sounding heavy bass track (a Bollywood one) and it sounded extremely well. Its well tuned and the bass and treble are both synced well.

The cushioning on earbuds look a bit took apart however the result on ear is soothing rather than the hollows ones with whom our ears remain puzzled about placing the cups around the ears or over them as well as partly on both the positions and therefore the battle aggravates much. The cushioning in these ones are good to ears so the ears simply focus on the music and not the position of the earbuds.

To sum up, here are the cons and pros:


  1. Brand (so do not fret about individuals looking at them).
  2. Smooth matt surface.
  3. Removable cable (however not cordless playback).
  4. Collapsible.
  5. Well tuned.
  6. Comfy to head.
  7. Comfy to ears.


  1. If you’re reckless), too numerous fragile hinges (pulls hair.
  2. Padding fabric looks low-cost and taken apart.
  3. Band size is little, although extendible, however it must have had the ability to fit a typical adult head without extending. (Personal viewpoint, and I pull 2 levels to obtain these located).

I desired excellent sound quality at a sensible rate. At house I utilize Sennheiser HD595 phones through a NAD Amplifier and for speakers I utilize Quad 11L’s so I have a reasonable concept about great quality noise. These lowrider headphones aren’t latest thing in any location for sure, however they are definitely excellent all-rounders and I cannot think exactly what they provide for simply ₤ 15 quid! They are relatively punchy, comprehensive and constantly in control even with a few of my ‘tough’ 70s progressive rock (e.g. Yes – Going for the one). I can chuck these in my rucksack without fretting. Truthfully – for ₤ 15 provide a shot, you will not be dissatisfied.

Being a student, I was trying to find headphones of “real quality” although I wasn’t going to purchase “appropriate” high-end phones which begin ₤ 100 up. Checking out the reviews for these, and evaluating by the brand name, I chose these were the low danger financial investment I was searching for and went all out. The bass is stunning and the noise is abundant. The controller on the cable is really helpful as I generally utilize them for paying attention to music on an iPhone so I can avoid tracks without needing to dig the phone out each time. It likewise has actually an integrated in mic, so if somebody calls me while I’m paying attention to my tunes on the bus, I can simply tap the controller and take the call once again without going searching.

Being on the go that these headphones fold is definitely beneficial and they tuck well into my purse (which isn’t really even all that huge). The real phones likewise rotate so if I require/ wish to have them around my neck, I can turn the ear pieces flat versus my collar so that they fit and do not hold up awkwardly. The cable is likewise an excellent length so I seldom have concerns about having limited motions (lest I be unplugged). With my headphones the cable has a curl which was there when I unloaded it for the very first time that hasn’t come out, and likewise tends to sprawl all over the location, so I’m typically untangling myself from my bag. The sound leakage is likewise excusable, so for the level I pay attention to music at nobody else has actually ever heard it. I believe if I roared at complete volume, then I may trouble others.

Purple is also a little an uncommon color, because I’ve yet to see somebody else in public with purple headphones, and I like having something a bit unusual. I’d go with white or black if I desired to be more unnoticeable though. With all that stated, these headphones are really good for their cost variety and for a trainee certainly precisely what I was trying to find. For high-end noise I believe these fall brief of the mark. Unless cash was a problem I would not get these if I were looking for headphones for a genuinely immersive video gaming experience. They’re definitely much better than any less expensive option, now that I’ve had them for about 3 months I’m getting starving for even much better bass and richer noise.

My previous ones were excellent, nevertheless I have actually needed to purchase 2 of them prior to as they both broke (after a few years each, mind you) due to the tension on the cable television being twisted around the headphones many times, being pulled off my head etc and so on. The removable cable television concept is an extremely creative option and will avoid these issues in the future, I’m sure. My other Lowriders were over-ear; a misleading description to start with as you’d have to be a pixie for them to fit around your ears, and uneasy to use after long durations of time. The advantage this design has of the on-ear version with the “pillows” is two-fold – much better sound cancellation from the outdoors for one, and likewise it’s like having a set of fuzzy clouds curtained over your head.

Compared with my old design, these feel far better developed to last even longer than the other ones – the adjustable headband requires a bit more zest to pull apart, which is a plus; you do not seem like they’ll fall off your head unintentionally, and the hinges utilized to fold the headphones away are stronger too – the old ones flopped about. The band Imagine Dragons tune “Radioactive” has actually solitarily damaged bass woofers of headphones past, however these appear to endure it well. It’s basically the bass-iest tune I understand of, and I utilize it as the showing premises test of bass for any brand-new audio hardware. For a tenner, I believed that I may also provide these ones back. It is extremely helpful and extremely cool that they’re able to fold away, and it is even cooler that you can separate the wire. I am infamous for destructive earphone wires, so this is going to make things a lot simpler.

The noise is loud and so clear, I am so satisfied! These headphones sit extremely easily on my head, and they do not feel like they’re going to slip off, even when I move my head around an entire lot. My own reckless behaviour they’re excellent!! You do not have to fret about them not remaining in your ears and they provide you an excellent sound quality experience. When you desire them loud and stifle out background sound sufficiently, they’re loud. Their color is more of a metal pink than a dark pink, so they look extremely cool in your hands. I’ve had these Headphones for a couple of days now and I enjoy them. They have actually taken every kind of music I can toss at them and they sound fantastic.

The cable television removes from the remote control and the headphone and mic work well with my Samsung phone. The ears are covered which is a good touch as my old ones got quite dirty. They’re stiffer to be folded my old ones which readies and according to the old design, these headphones have terrific bass, fantastic volume and kick ass. Due to a wide taking a trip with public transportation I had constantly difficulty with saving headphones in my bag, just since I hesitated I may break them or they tangled themselves up and so on. Skull candy earphones nevertheless can simply be folded together to a little (I want to call it) headphone ball and stuck in the bag utilizing less area that normal headphones would. Apart from that you can merely pull them out when you want to utilize them once again, and do not have the invest ages on getting the cable televisions untangled.

Among the very best design functions of the headphones, is how they fold so they are more compact for travel on the go and relatively tough. They have actually made it through the roughness of a teen, so its doing something! Being a relatively awkward individual, I have the tendency to go through headphones rapidly, however these are still undamaged after 2 years of getting them captured on door deals with due to the fact that I wasn’t taking note. They are likewise comfortable and I enjoy the color! I have not had any significant tangling of wires, which is constantly excellent. Adjustable fit indicates they fit even my little head.

They have a typical function where they are practically collapsible and for that reason really useful to fold and stash, unlike a few of the bigger, stronger headphone variations. I discover this really helpful for when i’m taking a trip, or when I have to store my headphones when I am at work and area is restricted in my work bag. The Mic1 element makes this extremely beneficial to utilize on not only my iPod, however my phone too – it has play/pause, track control and will work on many clever phones – and the sound quality is all it is hyped up to be. The remote on the cable television enables you to pause/play tunes (by pushing it as soon as), avoid tunes (by double-pressing it, making certain you’re quickly adequate otherwise it’ll simply stop briefly the tune) and trigger Siri (by holding the button down). This appears to just work if you have the side nearer the remote connected into the headphones and not the phone (if you understand exactly what I indicate), which works and prevents you mistakenly pushing it or something.

One point I wish to make is that the detachable cable television can be extremely discouraging. Since I’m not as cautious as I might be, it comes out all the time for me. So you have to constantly have it effectively in if the cable television is just partially in you can just hear noise in one ear.

Skullcandy Lowrider On-Ear Headphones Review

Skullcandy Lowrider On-Ear Headphones Review

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