Skullcandy SCS2IKHY-482 Ink’d 2.0 2015 In-Ear Headphone Review

Skullcandy SCS2IKHY-482 Ink’d 2.0 2015 In-Ear Headphone Review

The sound output from these headphones are outstanding! Certainly a great buy! I was not anticipating the quality when I purchased this thinking about the cost. My journeys to and fro work are now a much better experience due to the fact that of these earphones. I’ve had these headphones for ages and had no issue whatsoever with sound quality or making quality. Bought my gf a set for her fitness center sessions as the buds fit inside the ear and do not fall out (despite the fact that they pull it simple).

Skullcandy SCS2IKHY 482 Ink'd 2 0 2015 InEar Headphone Review

Skullcandy SCS2IKHY 482 Ink’d 2 0 2015 InEar Headphone Review

High quality and low expense, specifically compared with Drebeats, which in my viewpoint, did not offer as much bass as Skull Candy. I was at first satisfied with the output of noise, fantastic accuracy with remarkable bass. These just broke after 1 – 2 months. Recently I acquired these once again, and their noise has actually gotten even much better. Do not compose lots of reviews (and just went to compose a damaging one for a various item), however saw these in my list of products and believed they deserved note.

Would be an excellent additional security function if I wasn’t driving while using headphones!! I likewise got rid of the silicone ear buds &encased them in silicone putty &molded them into my ears (customized fit, silicone putty readily available on amazon too), and they are now much better than my sound cancelling headphones when utilized on planes, and so on. Outstanding set of headphones which lasted me an excellent couple of years (unexpected provided I do not take much care of them), and exceptional sound quality to others I’ve attempted in the very same cost variety.

I had issues about differing a well recognized brand name, however had actually heard numerous favorable reviews of Skull candy. All reviews and literature I might discover failed to cover the remote. I took a punt, and while the remote does not have volume control, it has play/pause, avoid, and call answer/end/Siri control. To sound clichéd I am discovering myself hearing tunes as if for the very first time. The material quality, sound seclusion, sound quality and total user experience is worthwhile of much more than the purchase rate.

The low density product utilized for the external of the wire is flexible and appears really not likely to break or pinch. The fit in my ears is terrific, other earphones have the tendency to work their method outwards when strolling. Noise, while more base focused than others I’ve had, is exceptional.


The smaller sized are more comfy, whilst letting in a bit more external noise. The bigger buds I discovered a small bit more obvious in the ear, with no air or external noise dripping in.


Appear well made and have actually made it through a number of drops on the flooring, stepping on and a lassoing.


Not leading end quality headphone noise. (But they’re not leading end rate) For the cash they are excellent.


I rather like them, I discovered them responsive, comfy and attractive. These ear-phones dealt with the contrast of the sweet tune of the female lead, the deep base and abundant operatic noise of the tune track magnificently. They are likewise great with the spoken word, offering a clear, life-like noise, not tinny or smothered. The develop quality is terrific, the flat wire certainly assists when attempting to untangle them from remaining in your pocket, the mic/song changer works terrific, something i wishes to see is a volume rocker, however that’s an extremely small fault.

Something i will state is that if you are trying to find a low-cost set of earphones that really sound excellent and have terrific develop quality, i would extremely advise these. These headphones are practically like other Ink’dSkull candy headphones, however the cable seems to belike an ear protector wire, so I can craftily get away with paying attention to music whilst at work. Only genuine distinction, however they are certainly worth the purchase.

Had an Ink’d one previously, never ever attempted the Ink’d 2.0. Didn’t attempt it on however, so cannot state about the quality, however I anticipate it to be like the old Ink’d. You can simplyget a pouch or a case so they do not tangled and broken. The mic works excellent, it works for responding to inbound call and hanging up, stopping briefly, playing and avoiding forward in my music – my only issue here is that the guidelines that feature state 3 presses to avoid back and I cannot get it working however it’s no significant concern. I have no significant concerns to grumble about, simply all round appreciation, for this reason 5 stars. I am utilizing Samsung Galaxy S3, most current OS and software application updates and so on for those questioning. I am not an audiophile, so I cannot promote individuals who are more worried with playback quality than real music quality, however I believe these sound fantastic and for regular individuals they will be all the earphones you require! Plus they’re comfortable too, particularly if, like me, routine earphones are physically uncomfortable for you.

Consists of a mic for getting calls which works fine on both my iPhone and my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (decadent, 2 phone owning capitalist that I am) and as a reward can be utilized to alter tracks and time out music which likewise works really well. They fit comfortably and whilst you’re out and about the music stays actually clear, since of the excellent fit you do not get the wind sound I’ve experienced with some other headphones.

Mic is terrific. It happened when I was on the phone and my partner didn’t understand I was talking to him whilst out for a walk he believed I was inside holding the phone. These earphones are really comfy, and come with 2 sizes of ear buds, to make sure a comfy fit, and boost sound cancelling. One method of making them more comfy is looping them around the back of your ears and putting them in vertically.

They have great sound quality, with a strong bass and treble. They go to a volume which is a little too loud, which I personally choose, as it indicates if you remain in a loud location, you can show up the volume. These earphones have no sound cancelling innovation, nevertheless if fitted appropriately can eliminate around 20% of sound (around). The real earphones are incredibly robust, and have a really good design and excellent aesthetic appeals. These earphones have a simple to run one button system.

This is extremely beneficial if you are utilizing these headphones on the go, as you do not need to plan to alter the track or stop briefly the tune. The only failure of this is that you cannot alter the volume without utilizing your phone or gadget. A fast note: You can get an app on Google play called “a jays”, and Sony do one too, which permits you to personalize the function of the button (which works fantastic for me), and you can change volume too (I utilized the Sony one and my other one button headsets volume works too) Just a little bit of customer suggestions.

Having actually checked out a few of the reviews on these earphones, I was delayed a little by the people stating they break within few weeks – however chose to go on with it considered that my last earphones really had actually broken and these were both quickly economical and were usually thought about to have great sound quality. Having had these earphones for well over a month now, I can formally state that they are incredible. Contrary to numerous reviews, they are really resilient (coming from somebody who does not swing them round or chew on the wire), and have really excellent sound quality. Something though I needed to put seller-tape (originally a clip) around the mouth piece, to hold the button down, if I didn’t the sound quality for music was like an echo. Because i have actually done this they work completely, i do not have to do anything with concerns to taking calls as i can still be heard, and my music is played through them with excellent clearness.

Skull candy has actually constantly been among my preferred earphone brand names. I’ve had issues with buds falling out when I run, however these constantly remain in my ear and supply terrific sound quality. This is the 3rd set of Ink’d buds I’ve owned, having actually lost some sets, however every timethey work excellent. In conclusion, these headphones have an excellent sound quality, pleasing aesthetic appeals, and robust construct. They are well worth the cost, and I highly suggest that you purchase these if you are searching for comfy headphones.

Skullcandy SCS2IKHY-482 Ink'd 2.0 2015 In-Ear Headphone Review

Skullcandy SCS2IKHY-482 Ink’d 2.0 2015 In-Ear Headphone Review

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