Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 On-Ear Headphones with Mic – FC Barcelona Review

Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 On-Ear Headphones with Mic – FC Barcelona Review

We all utilize these headphones, they’re outstanding! They offer a fantastic noise, they’re comfy to use & the kids enjoy the colors!! Like I’ve currently stated, the noise is extremely great from these headphones, & I would state I’m rather picky!

Skullcandy Uprock 20 On Ear Headphones with Mic FC Barcelona Review

Skullcandy Uprock 20 On Ear Headphones with Mic FC Barcelona Review

We’ve had 3 sets of these now – all various tones – and have had an issue with one set after 6 months (the noise went – most likely a loose connection) however amazon were fantastic & we switched & returned. Remarkably, the malfunctioning brilliant red ones we’d initially had were practically 3 times the cost we had actually initially paid so we switched for another shade … unusual however my child wasn’t troubled. I feel like I am listening to more pricey headphones. The bass is good, and it puts out a clear noise. Skull candy is now my preferred brand of headphones. The headphones look terrific (I have the Rasta with the green/stripes) and have a good, tight and comfy fit (they do injure your ears after about an hour of consistent usage once you break them in, you need to be perfectly alright. Sound quality is likewise respectable,

Bass is the very best part about these headphones (good, in-depth and deep), the mids are likewise quite clear (about like the Lowriders/Recruit/Gi and other headphones because rate variety), the highs are okay, however not the very best (you cannot actually get that helpful for that amount of money anyhow, so I let them off here). The headband feels quite strong and can be cute versatile without them breaking, the plastic is a cute strong plastic (not that awful inexpensive things). The cable television is likewise a good edition, it is a flat design (it might irritate some however it does not enter my method) and the plug looks well developed, so I have no concern of breaking them by the cable television. (I have actually had 2 sets of Lowriders and broke the cable television on both as it was weak and really thin on them).

I need to state, if you want headphones that are great worth for cash, comfy, sound great, look great as well as be long lasting and constructed to last, definitely get these! (So if they do break, there is absolutely nothing to fear. I desired some cheapish over ears that weren’t too heavy or huge, these are comfy and truly light-weight, they will rest on your ears for hours without any pain. I am not a sound or audio spectrum specialist however they do have GREAT bass/mids/and crisp clear highs. They likewise do get VERY loud with good broad stereo noise! There’s a series of colors however I played safe and opted for black. Truly love headphones, I will be replacing my Apple ear pods for these. Terrific buy.

These were exactly what I desired, a good plain design, well developed, have actually got excellent noise, and are not too expensive, only thing I would state is that I believed the cable television would be white, as displayed in the image, however I choose it black anyhow. I actually like the cable television, as it’s flat, and does not get tangled up, the noise is remarkable, need to take them off if anybody’s talking to me! (unlike my lowriders) make your head pains a bit in the beginning, however after a while, they’re alright!

I would not think twice to use these anywhere. The noise is pretty good offered the cost, they do not come near to the quality of my Sennheiser earphones however they are fantastic for Skype calls and other usages needing a microphone. The microphone itself has a pretty good noise and I would gladly utilize it rather of my Condenser Mic setup for calls. Skull candy is more of a style brand name in my point of view however I am happy to state they are far more than that. I now understand they not just have a terrific line of choices however likewise sound fantastic! On these Uprock’s they are a truly great noise for exactly what is paid on these.

Excellent bass with all the correct amount of treble and mid which does not sound muddy. I believe they have actually stabilized them well. The blue and white goes actually well together and I am happy to report that the develop quality is likewise outstanding! I was even impressed by the method they were loaded. Discussion is essential as you open your brand-new play thing. Liking the music controls. They even work on a BlackBerry so that is great as I thought just Apple. Package mentions “deals with a lot of mobile phones” so this is a reward. I’ve constantly brought the products of Skull candy, I presently have these in a ‘Mustard Yellow’ and brought these ‘rasta’ ones for my fiance for Christmas so I have not opened the product. The product has actually come brand-new and sealed so I question I’ll have an issue with them, as I currently have my own comparable. I can simply state how dependable and excellent these are and talk about the perfectly timely shipment.

Dazzling headphones get exactly what you desire for a little amount of cash. Excellent convenience fit almost anybody great strong plastic. Exceptional sound quality simply exactly what I ‘d anticipated dazzling for paying attention to dubstep, dance and etc.They are not so great for heavy metal due to the fact that they are so bassy, however that can be solved with an equalizer. The cable television is a strong flat anti-tangle cable television although the connection has actually cut a couple of times for about a 2nd. Terrific design the real headphones with the grey paint splatters are light grey not white. Fantastic headphones for ₤ 15 advised buy.

The sound quality these headphones produce is great, they seem like they need to be a lot expensive than they are! The microphone is an included reward due to the fact that they can be utilized with your phone or even as an Xbox one microphone! I was trying to find affordable headphones for paying attention to music & audio books & I’m so satisfied with exactly what they’ve finished with my music player the bass is bang in there however the vocals are clear & crisp without any feedback & no rattling. Even I cannot tangle the electrical wiring – something I constantly finish with linear headphones. They sit conveniently, without any genuine pressure on my earrings.

They are really comfy and the sound quality is excellent. The tangle totally free is fantastic as I was constantly tangling my old headphones. They are extremely cute to take a look at and rather long lasting, I fit them into my college bag so frequently and they come out looking as brand-new as they did when I purchased them. The shape of the electrical wiring likewise avoids the wires inside from being screwed up from very long time usage and they’re really comfy on my head and rather light, so I frequently forget I’m using them.

I’m no specialist on headphones however if you desire something that looks great, a minimum of is and has a brand name utilized for casual things like paying attention to music, playing computer game or for light travel, I extremely suggest these. I like them to bits and my bro likewise has another set in black and likes them too. I purchased these for my 8 year old child, they look truly good and the color is brighter than in the images. They have actually been utilized on a variety of gadgets and the sound quality has actually readied. They are durable and good and feel great quality.

My only caution would be that if like me you are intending on utilizing them with kids, you have to view the volume on the gadget as these headphones can go loud! Impressions are that these headphones are well made, look excellent and the noise is quite great too. They are comfy and relatively light to use. I didn’t wish to invest numerous pounds and I didn’t have to. I believe these are terrific worth. The only thing that is an unfavorable is that noise does (leakage) from them so if other individuals are near and you have volume up then they will have the ability to hear a bit of it.

When I put the headphones on my head, I discovered them to be really tight. I am typically one to go for the over-ear headphones however, these were remarkably comfy. The noise is well-rounded warm and clear as day. As they fit tight, there is no sound leak. Extremely basic to utilize, one button for 3 functions I believe it was. I discovered that when playing my music, when pushed there is a minor avoid in the music (less than a 2nd, however nonetheless a little frustrating). Another function is the incredible tangle-proof flat cable television which does precisely what it states truly. It is flat and it is tangle-proof. To this day, this has actually definitely lived up to its name.

I normally utilize them for running and they are unbelievably comfy. They hold completely for one hour sessions without ending up being uneasy. They entirely fit onto my head and do not move throughout the session. By far the finest headphones in terms of cost and noise. Noise is crisp, clear, and has unbelievable bass. The little mic control has one button with 4 functions, depending upon the variety of clicks. One click allows you to take/make calls. When paying attention to music, one click allows play/pause; 2 clicks moves you on to the next track; 3 clicks moves you to the previous track.

These headphones are the very best, I purchased them due to the fact that they were inexpensive as i break headphones a lot as I pay attention to television, YouTube and music programs on gadgets a lot, they returned much better than anticipated, they have excellent bass so you can hear every beat and the flat wire makes it difficult for the wire to tangle up.

Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 On-Ear Headphones with Mic - FC Barcelona Review

Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 On-Ear Headphones with Mic – FC Barcelona Review

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