Sony MDR-J10 H.Ear Headphones Review

Sony MDR-J10 H.Ear Headphones Review

Let me start by stating that if you have “little ears”, purchasing these headphones is most likely a gamble. My sis acquired these and they were too huge for her, so she tossed them away. In the beginning, I felt they may be too large around my ears and they would bobble around; however, this was not the case at all – they rest on my ear completely and do stagnate (for referral, I am a 6′ 1 200 pound male). They might be low-cost, and they might look delicate, but these traits are long lasting as anything. The little traits that go around the back of your ears are difficult rubber, they flex perfectly, and fit your ears well. The entire design is likewise extremely compact, the headphones fit quickly in a pocket.

Sony MDR-J10 H.Ear Headphones Review

Sony MDR-J10 H.Ear Headphones Review

The headphones lock onto your ears and cover your ear canal completely – I was so stunned at the quantity of sound that was canceled even without music on. There have actually been some grievances about the chords tangling quickly, however I believe that is just a problem right after you take them from the box. I run about 5 times a week and after the very first week they never ever twisted/tangled by themselves while running. My very first taught was that it looked a little unusual when i opened the box. I was stressed that it would feel bad in my ears, however it was tight. The product feels a bit lightweight however at the very same time, sort of versatile

When i very first chosen to utilize it, i was blown away by the sound quality as compared with my Coby headphones, which i paid near $25. I was anticipating much worst audio quality. BTW i utilize it with my ipod touch, simply in case you might be questioning the mp3 gamer I’m utilizing. I brought them back in January, when I opened them up and attempted them out on my Sony Walkman they sounded remarkable! If you’re going to purchase these for some kid that’s like just 7 years old do not purchase it.

I currently have one in my belongings; however, I required another headphones for my kid. The quality of the speakers is fantastic. I was utilizing some earphones that sit in the ear canal, and I had to change them every 10-20 minutes due to the fact that they ‘d move around. These do not have the exact same kind of seal inside the ear, so they do not produce the exact same level of bass; however, the audio quality is really high. With the in-ear buds, it sounded like the music was stemming from the center of my head in between my ears, which is quite outstanding. With these, it feels more like the sound comes from around the top of my brain, which is still rather enjoyable. The bass is simply great provided that you really have a cd/mp3 gamer with a great increase, or you understand the best ways to correctly change the EQ to obtain a great bass level. (some individuals grumbled that the bass was terrible, however they need to either be tone deaf, or not understand at all exactly what they were doing. I discussed that i have actually gone through 2 sets of these currently, however it was not due to item failure.

The very first set i smashed the right channel quite hard and it stopped (so it was my own fault) and the 2nd set i inadvertently set my mp3 gamer’s alarm and let it go off with the volume level to max (Long story, however needless to say, both channels had distortion and fixed). This set of headphones is the one for you if you’re looking for A+ sound quality for fairly low-exercise activities. Theses remain in your ears much better however do not look as excellent. Much better than headphones, but not as excellent as earbuds.


– Price

– Very comfy for all activities or sleep.

– Stay on my head, and my better half’s consisting of throughout workout.

– Attractive.

– Less most likely to trigger hearing loss due to the fact that they do not plug the ear canal and do not intend straight at the eardrum.

– Allow hearing surrounding noises. When strolling around traffic, this is important for security. For security, please DO NOT use any headphones while cycling.


– Volume is lower than earbuds.

– Sound is not fantastic however sufficient.

I have actually had this type of ear phones for a couple of years now. For the rate they are exceptional, they are ideal for sports/gym activities or even labouring.

I checked out numerous reviews about these ‘phones’ that ranked them terribly … somebody stated they felt like ‘rocks’ in their ears? I cannot envision how they were attempting to stick these in their ears! Earphones cannot be created to grip your ears too securely. It does not have much bass as some other headphones, however in total, the sound quality is remarkably well for the rate. The plastic grip will avoid the headphones from getting loose and falling to the ground if you are doing sports like running. An effectively design set of headphones made by Sony, a brand name that I can rely on for its excellent quality control.

The sound was really great for the cost and they fit comfortably in the ears. I like the fact that the little earbud speakers are placed towards the eardrum for a clearer noise. When I’m looking for them, they are not where I left them. They fit into the ear so the efficiency is boosted and they are more comfortable than the kind that sits on the exterior of your ear with the foam cushions. I utilize mine in the courtroom and not only do they monitor my tape recorder, but they magnify the sound as well. This makes my work simpler and the way they fit around the back of the ears, they are less visible.

They do not fit my ears and they continuously fall out my ears. They fit completely over my ears and they are comfy. There is no requirement to purchase a pricey headset for your i-phone, this headset has terrific sound quality, and it does the task. The noise is great, not the best … however, I indicate, they’re just 13 dollars … you cannot grumble. Plus, they’re quite comfy … after using them for 2.5 hrs, they do not trouble my ears at all. These headphones are terrific. The bass leaves something to be preferred, however that is typical for headphones in this rate variety. They still have the best bass of all comparable headphones that I’ve attempted.

While certainly they didn’t obstruct the sound almost as well, he said they had an excellent adequate noise that he might complete composing a tune on his laptop computer. Excellent for me, excellent for him, and excellent all around. The ear hooks assist to keep the ear buds in place. The sound quality is excellent. I do not believe that you will be dissatisfied if you buy these headphones.

The sound quality is remarkably great and is perhaps much better than the iPod ear buds (at least while working out) if just due to the fact that they remain in location much better. I likewise like how the cable is not as heavy and thick as the iPod buds, which suggests it does not bounce around as much and tug on the real buds.

I work in numerous storerooms and had a difficult time with earbuds remaining in location, or something pulling on the cable triggering them to either get tugged out of my ears or out of the iPod. Another good function is that there’s an adjustable part to the cable if you desire the separation of the ear buds to occur at a particular length. If you have little ears, I do not believe these will work for you. They appear a small huge on me, however work fine and I have typical size ears.

Sony MDR-J10 H.Ear Headphones Review

Sony MDR-J10 H.Ear Headphones Review

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