Sony MDR V55 Review

Sony MDR V55 Review
This is an excellent purchase. I’m not simply stating that, I genuinely think so. I occurred to review this headphones on YouTube. I in fact purchased these in December of 2012 and evaluated it then through YouTube. I’m composing this to review the item for exactly what it really is after 10 months of utilizing these. Off, this is a terrific buy. I initially purchased this set for $70, in 2014, so this opting for $58 now is a take!!! I rate this 5 stars since as a passionate listener of all kinds of categories and as an audiophile I discovered these are dependable and inexpensive. They provide great sound, strong bass and great mids and I might really hear the highs.

Sony MDR V55 Review

Sony MDR V55 Review

For those of you who have not held these until:


The develop quality is great. It does not have the glossy/delicate feel of “beats” headphones. Cool thing is that the size-adjuster consists of measurements, so you can set them ideal every time!!!! The head cushioning is more grippythanpaddy. The earcups rotate, so they are excellent when the V55s are around your neck or if you’re utilizing one earcup like a DJ. On the back of your headphones, you will see a black L and a red R. which suggests your Left and Right earcups.


The earcups are comfy and in my viewpoint, in between on-the-ear and over-the-ear earphone design. Anyways, it iscomfy and I’dsaythey areexcellent. Personally, it’s more comfy than the beats solo headphones (just “beats” I’ve attempted on).


I chose these after I got $75 worth of present cards for my birthday and truly like em up until now. They sound much better than the Beats solos and about as great as the Beat studios for a portion of the cost. If you’ll discover much better sound quality for $60 than you get with these, I do not understand. When it comes to convenience, they might be much better however are ok. The feel fine up until after I have had them on for some time then they begin to harm a bit. They appear to be relaxing and not injuring as much now though considering that I have actually broken them in somewhat. These headphones see quite tough as well. I like the flat tangle totally free cable and that they fold for simpler storage. They are likewise extremely elegant, and I like the method they look. If I were to position these and the Beats on a blindfolded tester, I question they would pick the beats. Integrate the incredible efficiency with the terrific appearances and the inexpensive rate, and you have the best mix for headphones. The bass is much better than the BEATS and they sound excellent. As an ex-dj who still do some gigs when in a while I was looking for something excellent however didn’t desire to pay $300.00 for a set of headphones.

The color mix of red and black, plus the red flat tangle complimentary cable television looks actually good and makes them a really appealing set of cans. I’ve gotten rather a couple of compliments on how they look. There’s no distortion and everything sounds clear. The headphones are comfortable on my ears i utilized them for a couple of hours straightand had no pain. The thing i did notification while using them is if youreposition your head, thenthe headphones make a sound. Anyhow I believe anybody would like these, simply a matter of sound quality for the person. The design is excellent and I personally enjoy the noise. These headphones will do you simply fine, if you like a flat noise profile with perfectly tuned lows and highs. The bass on these set of headphones do not hush the greater spectrums of noise, so you get the advantages of the bass of beats, however with a better balanced and better sounding total tone. I would certainly suggest you purchase a set of these headphones, particularly at its present cost.

DON’T purchase ANY set of headphones (if at all possible) unless and until you get a possibility to check them. If you go to a shop that offers headphones butwill NOT let you check them out in advance, go someplace else. For ME, I findthem VERY comfy, however everybody’s head is different. And by golly, if Beats are exactly what you frantically desire, and you’ve persuaded yourself that just they will do, then do exactly what you feel you must. I’m simply utilizing my experience to assist you conserve a couple of dollars and still get wonderful noise, which the MDR-V55’s provide. The cups are quite flat and not too huge, so they look truly great when strolling around town. Best of all is the noise, without concern. When I use them and have them hooked up to my iPod in my pocket, there is still some cable slack hanging out of my pocket. I understand shopping for headphones can be a bit of a discomfort since there are so numerous out there, however think me you can not go incorrect with the Sony MDR-V55/ BR DJ Style Headphones. The designof the headphones is great and absolutely much better than the lightweight Beats Solo headphones. These headphones are terrific for those who are attempting to get headphones for a more affordable rate and fantastic sound quality.

Their performance is remarkable, if I set my Zune HD to max volume (30) it’s too loud to pay attention to, however not misshaped if you can take it for a couple of seconds. Great deals of bass straight off the gamer. Freakin’ incredible-. My only suggestion for Sony is that they make the hinges at the connector,making the earcups quiet. When you are moving around or changing them, they tend to creak a bit. The flexibility and sturdiness of these headphones are strong. The only concern that I have is that over the long time wear, the headphones end up being unpleasant given that I use glasses. Congratulations Sony for the headphones.

I primarily utilize them for computer system video games, films, music and I enjoy the noise! The flat cable has actually assisted a lot with tangle prevention and I like the one sided cable port. I believe every set of headphones need to have flat wires as basic devices. These headphones do not come with all the devices you may get with some other business however for the rate they are incredible for me. For numerous years I had a low-cost set of Sony headphones ($ 15 possibly). I wasn’t anticipating these headphones (acquired in other places for a couple of dollars less expensive, on a website that rhymes with “schmebay”) to ourperform those by bounds and leaps, however they did. Plus, the noise is terrific. More bass than I’ve ever got from a set of headphones (including my $300 Bose sound canceling headphones that I got as a present). The only watch out is that these are slim fit headphones, in my viewpoint. I have a little, peanut head and these get tight at times (normally headphones fall right off). Ironically (as life has the tendency to be with vitality), these headphones just broke when i in fact stepped on them by mishap. Like the brat i am, I believed they weren’t THAT costly (given that they were just a birthday present), however when i discovered them in an FYE shop, i recognized how incorrect i was. These headphones were excellent enough for me to get once again, with my own cash this time (i am short on money at the minute), I believe that assists to demonstrate how well these headphones work.

They’re a little bit larger for on-ear headphones. I want the 3.5 mm cable separated from the headphones, however with $4 for additional guarantee, if it busts from routine usage I’ll be covered. Individuals state they’re made to look like Beats, however they’re more appealing, IMO. As compared to Beats, if real (I do not really own Beats), would make them extremely well-priced thinking about the business they keep in terms of quality. These are definitely not audiophile quality, however they carry out splendidly for the categories for which they’re meant. Pondering getting a 2nd set for somebody, ANYONE, due to the fact that it’s enjoyable for me to share excellent items when I discover them.

Sony MDR V55 Review

Sony MDR V55 Review

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