Sony MDRXB950BT/R Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sony MDRXB950BT/R Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones Review

The headphones are the seller and no joke is no joke, when he states “small scratches” he implies no scratches since my headphones can be found in best condition and play/preform completely. They synchronize with my laptop computer completely and can be rather a range from my iPhone prior to the signal starts slicing up. My preferred feature of them is the battery life. THEY LAST ALL DAY

Sony MDRXB950BT R Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sony MDRXB950BT R Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones Review

Because I’m not enabled to have my phone out in school and I cannot focus with silence the Bluetooth function is excellent. And because the volume up/down play/pause and quick forward/rewind buttons are on the very same ear cup I do not need to take out my phone, I simply put it on shuffle and avoid when I trigger no dispute and please with the guidelines. Other than for that these WILL shut out sound extremely well and I need to keep one ear available to others calling me otherwise I will not hear them.

When my Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 System for my PC passed away just recently, I chose I desired practical headphones that permitted me to be mobile as well as having a headset for when I sat in front of my PC to play and work, rather than a studio quality set that was corded and simply for house. I was not likewise anticipating getting both, or nearing enough for the cost to make it worth it.

+ Bass is really excellent, and with Bass increase on often expensive, however simple sufficient to toggle.

+ Music controls on set are excellent, and just sometimes have issues with my phone. It’s fantastic how I can so quickly leave the headset sitting at work beside my PC, then choose it up and press play and resume where I ended.

+ Comfortable … I am using these traits for hours a day and hardly discovering. , if I understood headphones might be this comfy I would have purchased a much better set a long time earlier.. Quite steady on the head, I do not mean to run with these (will most likely purchase another set for that), however I might see doing that if I desired with hardly any issues.

+ Highs are clear; however, mids are a bit muddled. Absolutely nothing to stop you from delighting in the music. But yeah, if you invested $200 rather on a corded set of high quality headphones, then you most likely would get something much better because regard. Still exactly what’s there is more than adequate to enjoy your library and not see after some time.

++ Battery time … have not had an issue yet and they charge incredibly quick. I do not see an issue with that duration.

+ Bluetooth connection is terrific, no issues strolling throughout my apt and still getting 95% of the noise from my phone with just little missteps. Have not even touched the cable yet and do not see a have to today.

++ Mic on these traits is fantastic thinking about that was secondary. Currently used it several times on a hectic public train without any issues being heard.

+ Ambient sound. No active sound canceling however none required. Have not flown with them yet; however, I believe even then the leak would be very little.

+ With some having a hard time got the mic to likewise deal with my PC with skype, and no issues with video games.

They sound remarkable and i like the bass increase button for tunes that i desire that extra punch. Its like bass on need without having to go and stop into settings and alter the EQ. These are my number one go to headphones.


Sony has actually made sure to magnify crisp, clear bass with the click of a button for those minutes when you would like some extra kick in your music. Within 5 minutes of purchase, I matched the headset with my mobile gadget, pushed the Bass Boost button, began up a playlist, and fell in love with my music all over once again. I suggest charging it right from the box due to the fact that I didn’t and I found it peaceful to the point where I was incredibly dissatisfied. I was prepared to return it, but I gave it a chance and let it charge put the volume up on the headphones themselves and my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge and I was blown away without the bass increase alternative. Afterwards, I turned it on and I could not assist however begin dancing these headphones are premium much better the any headphones in the $100-$ 300 cost variety and it can really compete with those above that rate variety.

Only disadvantage is that no headphone case is consisted of, and the bass increase just works wirelessly, as these do come with and can likewise run wired. In general, amazing headphones. Even if they do die, they provide you a cable to plug up like a routine headphone and do not need any juice in the headphones. I extremely suggest these over any other Bluetooth headphones you may think of. I have actually had these headphones for 1 week so far and have actually truly enjoyed them. The Bluetooth strength on these headphones is outstanding. They work much better if you listen to artists like Rush, Muse, Rap music, and especially Electronic. Now if you elegant symphonic music, jazz and acoustic, these might not be for you. That being saidd, these are the very best headphones you can purchase for the cost – they sound nearly as excellent as my Audio-Technica M50x, which is rather outstanding considering it is a bluetooth gadget.

You can absolutely hear the distinction when you change the bass on. This is an actually excellent headset. Excellent I advise this to my cousin, good friend, and sibling and they all got one. The reception variety is as excellent or much better than basic bluetooth gadgets. I would not be reluctant to suggest these as long as you’ve checked out the specifications and reviews and understand exactly what you’re getting. I will say that in the beginning, I believed the bass increase was sort of gimmicky, which I would not utilize it, however I discover myself reaching back frequently to turn it on. A disadvantage that I’ve run into with this set of headphones is that while on Bluetooth, a faint noise will be audible in between tunes or if absolutely nothing else is on. Most most likely this might simply be disturbance with other signals; not unusual for Bluetooth headphones from exactly what I’ve checked out.

They are not as “quite” or as elegant looking as the Wireless Beats Studios however the sound quality is much better and for half the cost. I would state the clearness is equivalent and the convenience level physically in between the 2 are as well, however the bass provides the Sonys the edge along with the cost tag certainly. Absolutely worth the 200$, as they are one of the finest headphones in terms of rate. If you’re a music lover and can validate paying 200$ on a set of phones, then these are the set to get at that price. They are comfortable and light and yet feel really extremely resilient. I looked into Sony’s and at very first meant to get a set of their studio headphones. The sound is best for me: complete, abundant high and midtones, and plenty of bass that’s not muddy. There’s a Bass Button, so you can pump it up if required.

If you listen to classical music, these may not be the headphones for you. These headphones will press you in your exercises, at work or anywhere you are. They are terrific quality and have the finest bass of any headphones I ever checked. I might see the distinction when using it with blue tooth and with the cable; nevertheless, the noise suffices. Extra Bass is simply incredible but can be utilized just with the Bluetooth made it possible for and not with the cable. I would value if Sony can have the arrangement to have 2 gadgets working over Bluetooth at the very same time so that one can delight in the music from a System however likewise does not miss out on any calls. These Sony head phones have a lot more clearness and bass (with and without the Bass Boost switched on). The only disadvantage is they are huge compared with Bose and Beats (I presume because of the Bass Boost) and look rather amusing on my head. However, I only intend on using them in my house.

I found it exceptionally frustrating to hear that I bought $400 headphones that sound 3x much better than skullcandys. If you’re looking for headphones that looks good, work remarkable, sounds fantastic, and that is really user-friendly (I suggest c’mon, you can still utilize these without the battery being charged unlike beats), and if you’re looking for a wow element. Give up browsing and purchase these badass headphones NOW!


Long battery life

Excellent noise


Look cool (I believe).

The capability to listen with the consisted of headphones cable is good for when you suddenly run out of battery. Extremely pleased with the headphones generally and I would advise people to get them.

Sony MDRXB950BT/R Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sony MDRXB950BT/R Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones Review

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