V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone Review

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone Review

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 earphones are definitely awesome. Finest sound I have actually ever had the opportunity of listening too. Spectacular artisanship on the V-Moda Crossfade M-100. These headphones are extraordinary. Sound is outstanding, clear; like you’re in the room when they tape-recorded it. I’ve got Bose as well. Got my new M-100’s 2 weeks back and have actually been putting them through the speeds. In general, the headphones are well created, sound fantastic (great deals of bass), and look fantastic especially with the customized shields sold by V-Moda. The M-100’s are comfortable but not as comfortable as my Bose QC-15’s when I’ve had them on for 2hrs+. Construction is solid and I anticipate these to last a long period of time. Due to the fact that they were bulky and caused pain after I had them on for 2 hours+, I as soon as owned a pair of Dr. Dre Beats professional, which I ended up returning. I would highly advise the M-100’s. For the DJ’s reading this review, a curly cable will be orderable in two weeks approximately according to V-Moda. Furthermore, the cups do not rotate horizontally so if you’re like me and like to use your headphones with one cup on the ear and the other behind the ear, then the M-100’s might take a little getting used  to. I wanted a set of earphones that looks great, sounds excellent, and is built to last. These headphones easily satisfy all three of my criteria. The headphones themselves likewise fold up into something smaller sized than I thought possible and comes with a hard-shell case that fits it like a mold.

V MODA Crossfade M 100 Over Ear Noise Isolating Metal Headphone Review

V MODA Crossfade M 100 Over Ear Noise Isolating Metal Headphone Review

Durability – If I’m going to pay $300 for a pair of headphones, then they better last. These have practically no plastic in their building. Steel is used for the frame of the earphones and the collapsable joint is incredible. I read somewhere that the washer used is entirely custom-made and It definitely works like a beauty. All the cables that come with it are braided and seem very resilient. The case is definitely outstanding.  Sounds quality – I’m no audiophile, and these are definitely not because market, but I would say if you like pop music and want to hear crisp highs and deep but smooth lows, you cannot fail. The sound stage for these in unbelievable, however I would certainly suggest an equalizer to obtain the most out of them if you are using a streaming service like spotify or pandora.

Features – I have used the mic cable that comes with the headphones and everyone said its fine. One disappointment with these was that the ear cups were way too little and caused pain in my ears after long hours of use. They actually let you buy and install XL ear cups, which is the type of function a $300 set normally does. Why all produces don’t sell this is beyond me. While they were a discomfort to install, as soon as in, the headphones simply became that better. I definitely enjoy them and have no grievances. I am a club DJ who required a resilient, terrific sounding and trendy set of earphones. These are by far the very best pair I’ve ever purchased. Sound quality is really clear – bass sounds wonderful and mids and highs translate well through too. Padded ear pieces make it comfortable to use over extended periods of time and they are developed like a tank. It would take a lot to damage and even break these earphones. Likewise they look terrific. I purchased the white ones with blue side plates with my logo design engraved on them and I’ve gotten numerous compliments. Only one problem I had with them. When they came in among the cords was broken, however not an issue. I called customer support and the delivered me a brand-new one within the next few days. Besides that, I LOVE THEM! Thanks V-Moda.

The develop quality is leading notch. There is nothing chinzty about the accessories or earphones. The wires feel more like extremely high quality thick shoe laces than speaker wire. The cabling in the whole earphone setup is something that should have much appreciation and interest. I never ever understood how exceptionally beneficial it is to have 2 inputs into a headphone. Comparing the sound quality between earphones is incredibly simple, as if the V-Moda M100s are bold you to do simply that. I bought these headphones (v-moda M-100) to have a more travel friendly, rugged set of headphones with the high fidelity. I’m an earphone man and in your home I pay attention to music with my audio-technica ATX-1000X which are an excellent pair earphones able to pick up every detail of the sound. The breath of the voice, crisp highs and every subtlety. But I cannot take a trip with those as they are Too big and are primarily to be enjoyed in a chill listening session.

Love these earphones. Great for those that go to the health club and have people who scream while weight lifting, completely cancels them out and lets you rock out without disturbance. Metal construction so far has actually kept them in great shape without any breaks and barely a scratch. Except, rather of bass being ever-so-slightly self-important (example: V-Moda Vibrato earbuds), these headphones offer a low punch in a more refined way. I have discovered that pairing these earphones with an amp minimizes that issue. V-Modas are styled to be the Mercedes-Benz of headphones. I took the suggestions of lots of videos and short articles I check out that say getting a AMP and DAC is key to good sound so I purchased the Modi and Magni from Schiit and they arrived today. I was so overwhelmed with the sound my mind could not manage it I guess.

The best overhead phones I have experienced up until now. Outstanding for listening to your music. The entire product is best from the buying, packing to shipment. Everything is detailfully exercised including the little screws and alan key to replace spare ear shields. I am very satisfied. Best investment for music gizmo so far. Really high quality feel to them, I’ve been asked about them a lot every time i wear them! Individuals grumbling about the memory foam being too hot are really quibbling, sure they feel warm however I exercise intensively with them on and never ever have I seemed like I had to take them off because of the heat. I started my V-Moda experience with the lp crossfades a year ago. The m100s sound amazing. Thank you V-Moda for a great item!

Overall the earphones are well designed, sound great (lots of bass) and look terrific specifically with the custom shields sold by V-Moda. I desired a pair of earphones that looks great, sounds fantastic, and is constructed to last. Comparing the sound quality between earphones is incredibly easy, as if the V-Moda M100s are daring you to do just that. I bought these earphones (v-moda M-100) to have a more take a trip friendly, rugged set of headphones with the high fidelity. I’m a headphone person and at house I listen to music with my audio-technica ATX-1000X which are an extremely good set earphones able to choose up every information of the sound.

I really simply got these and since I already have the Beats Studio over ear set I wished to do a side by side for myself as I’m sure many individuals might be considering beats considering that they are all over and marketed heavily. I had actually been utilizing beats items for many years, constantly been happy with them and usually discovered them much better than contending Bose or likewise priced products. I bought these earphones mainly for traveling. I can’t stand the noise cancelling earphones as they offer me an actually bad headache, and went trying to find something with excellent sound and fit for long airplane journeys. V-Moda knocked this from the park. These earphones may have the very best sound out of any headphone (minus open ear) on the market. When compared with similarly priced Beats, you’ll question how Beats handled to convince many individuals that they were even in the very same category. These earphones have superior construction, the sound quality is off the charts, and the memory foam cushions are fantastic even on 3+ hour sessions. The only gripe I have is that they’re a little tight on the head at first and my ears get a little hot while wearing them. That’s more of a personal issue. You will definitely not be disappointed if you prepare on purchasing exceptional headphones look no more and order these.

These headphones are wonderful. My spouse takes a trip a lot for work and for at least 3 years now, he’s requested these earphones for his birthday due to the fact that he, regretfully, loses them about every 8-10 months. I did a lot of research before purchasing these headphones as well as returned a set of Momentum headphones that I had tried before this set. The sound on these is incredible – really the very best I’ve had. It includes 2 detachable, material cables – one with a microphone and one that’s just an easy AUX connection. These are extremely well constructed and seem extremely long lasting. The case that is consisted of is pretty remarkably strong. Overall, I am extremely delighted with the purchase I made and would advise these headphones to anyone that cares about having quality sound and a well created earphone. I cannot stand the sound cancelling earphones as they give me a really bad headache, and went looking for something with fantastic sound and were comfy for long plane trips. These earphones may have the finest sound out of any earphone (minus open ear) on the market. I did a lot of studio before buying these earphones and even returned a set of Momentum headphones that I had tried before this pair. Overall, I am really happy with the purchase I made and would advise these earphones to anyone that cares about having quality sound and a well created headphone.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone Review

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone Review

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